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Reload, Relive, Replay – New Gaming Event in Bristol March 30th-31st

2018 has already been eventful and it looks as if there’s another contender on the market. At the end of March 2018, there is going to be a transformation taking place in the heart of the centre of Bristol, inside of the Bristol Hippodrome Theatre. The theatre will be turning into a gaming hub for the first time!

Sounds good? Read on for info on what the event’s about, how to get there along with parking information and more.

About Reload, Relive, Replay

Reload, Relive, Replay is a gaming event taking place over two days, from 8pm Friday 30th March, until midnight Saturday 31st March. A ticket will give you four hours access to video games, including retro, modern and even a spot of VR; to board games, being run by Chance and Counters in their Help-Your-Shelves area of the event. There is a plethora of activities to take part in throughout, along with refreshments and so much more!

Find out more on their official Facebook Event Page.

Activities at Reload, Relive, Replay

During the event, you will get access to over 160 machines and over 100 board games, of which are set up in the following sections:

Retro Zone: Featuring video games from the past 40 years, on a number of consoles and computers.

Virtual Reality: Dedicated to some excellent Virtual Reality games, you will get access to two PSVRs, an HTC Vive and an Oculus Rift! (Psst, organisers, if you’re reading this, you really should see if you can get Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes!)

Rhythm Games: A selection of rhythm games for everyone to join in with. Be prepared for the best AND worst covers of songs you’ve ever heard!

Minecraft World: There will be a Hunger Games inspired map where players duke it out for survival!

Next Gen Gaming: Where they will be showing off all of the biggest titles for only the sharpest machines.

Help-Your-Shelves Chance & Counters: Where the Chance & Counters crew will help you choose a game from over 100 board games and teach you how to play it.

Social Escapism: RePlay Bristol is delivering an immersive experience, bringing creative thought, counting and play together.

There will also be more surprises on the day!

Competitions at Reload, Relive, Replay

Chance & Counters will be running a daily Klask tournament, where the organisers promise there will be a chance to win some seriously good prizes.

How To Buy A Ticket

A ticket will get you into one of the four-hour time slots for the event. You can click one of the below links to take you to buy a ticket for yourself. General admission is £15, regardless of time slot, making it £3.75 per hour of play – Not bad, given all you’ll get access to!

Click Here To Buy Tickets For Friday 30th March: 8pm – Midnight (18+, Adults only*)

Click Here To Buy Tickets For Saturday 31st March: 10am-2pm

Click Here To Buy Tickets For Saturday 31st March: 3pm-7pm

Click Here To Buy Tickets For Saturday 31st March: 8pm-Midnight (18+, Adults only*)

*ID Required for the Adults only events.

Where Is The Venue

Source: ATG Tickets

Bristol Hippodrome takes place by the fountains in the centre of Bristol. If you’re travelling in from anywhere in Bristol, the Hippodrome is easily accessible via bus (just about any of the 70 line busses will take you there, as well as many others, please check your local bus listings to Bristol City Centre).

If you’re travelling in from afar or would like to drive to the event, there are a couple of NCPs nearby which charge typical NCP rates. I’d recommend Queen Charlotte Street which is a short walk to the Hippodrome. A word of caution – the parking bays are quite tight and there are limited spaces at this particular NCP. Take care if you are going in with a larger vehicle!

The Bristol Hippodrome has heaps of history, so soak it all in when you enter the building. Built at the end of the Victorian era, the Hippodrome is a fantastic example of a grand west-end styled theatre. During the event, the Hippodrome will allow you to go to parts of the theatre you wouldn’t normally be able to venture to, such as sitting on the stage for some gaming and access to many halls you wouldn’t normally go down.

Jake and I will be attending this event on Friday 30th between 8pm – Midnight, so we’re hoping this event will go down well! We’ll get snaps of the event, along with writing an article live when we’re there. Perhaps we’ll run a Facebook Live video of some of the activities? Come say hi and join us, as we enjoy games in the Hippodrome. If you’re going to be there following reading this, let us know when you’re going in the comments, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

Can’t wait to see you all there!

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