The Shropshire Dungeon Master Update II

It’s been a month or two since I discussed this last. “What are you up to?” you may ask, and I might shift my feet a little and not quite catch your eye when you say “You haven’t done anything have you?” which has a question mark but is not in fact a question.

Side note: This isn’t the only article from today, if you’re not in or around Shropshire, or just don’t want to listen to me talking about myself, I have another article today about Magic: the Gathering’s recent comedy set, Unstable. Check it out here.

I got a little carried away with a couple of book ideas, the Pokenomicon has a bunch of new entries and some new art, and there’s a new (more super secret) book (that I still tell everyone about) in the pipe that’s somewhat born of the Dungeon Situational series, arranging for other projects and things to get under way, a holiday this very month, and the GeekOut meets which get progressively bigger and more elaborate, and yes, harder to run as more ideas are required.


That’s a whole lot of excuse making that misses the key point, doubt. It was inevitable, mental illness aside for a moment, I have uncovered a world of competition that has made me look to my current pricing ideas and consider a radical alteration that would gouge rather deeply into the possibility of doing this for a living. Similarly, I look to my own work and have to ask if my own campaigns are worth paying for. Despite the excitement born of the new books, it’s counterpointed by my enthusiasm for the Shropshire Dungeon Master.

… but!


Part of making things like this happen is ignoring doubt, throwing caution to the wind and shooting it down like some kind of cautious clay pigeon, and getting out there. Doing something – even if you don’t think it’ll work – is the only way to know if it’ll work. And so I’ve made my second, and most important step, an open day, all day on Sunday 25th of March in the basement of Big Orbit games. If you, or someone you know would like a game of Dungeons & Dragons, or if you’ve never played and want to try it out, come to Shrewsbury on the 25th, because I will be taking on all comers from 11:00 until 21:30, with sessions lasting between 1.5 to 2.5 hours for all experience levels. Get in touch if you want to book a time.

There are a couple of other items in the works, nothing I’m willing to discuss until some of the harder to organise components have been taken care of. Secrets within secrets…