Unstable Plans

Since Wizards of the Coast announced the return to comedy form with the Unstable set, I knew that I had to get me some of that action. If you’re a GeekOut Shrewsbury attendee or just like the pictures then you’re well aware I already bought myself a box of boosters.

So here’s a quick rundown of what I got and what I plan to do with it… one day… some time after I sort out all my Amonkhet stuff and find where the hell my mill deck has vanished to. Magic jargon incoming…

As a fan of hydras I wanted one card and one card only, and while most who know my D&D obsession thought I was looking for the Sword of Dungeons & Dragons, I wanted the Hydradoodle, and guess what awaited me in my first booster.


This mad hybrid born of the green/white faction, Hybrid Labs, has a cost of two green mana, and double the amount of dice you want to roll to determine its power and toughness. For a total cost of eight mana for example you can average an eleven mana monster with both reach and trample. That sounds pretty good, right? Let’s have a look at how we can screw with that.

Let’s assume I want to go black/green. Why would I do that? Well with a pair of Squirrel Powered Schemes and Snickering Squirrels I can ramp up the results of my dice rolls, and even if I don’t pull out the solitary Hydradoodle in the deck I have some Big Boa-Constrictors that roll dice and deal that much damage on entry, and can do it again and again if I add, say Serpentine that changes the trigger to land entering the field, or Multi-Headed that changes the trigger to once a turn if you rolled a dice. Now when might I roll dice…?

I have some Inhumaniacs that can benefit from having their dice rolls boosted, Chittering Doom and Willing Test Subjects who spawn tokens or grow stronger with almost every roll of a dice, a dice rolling deck might be in the making, especially with the “As Luck Would Have It” enchantment, which gains a token every time a dice is rolled, and immediately wins the game when it has 100 tokens on it. That’s some cruelly powerful cards that could build to a spiteful and horribly powerful deck. I also have a couple of Krark’s Other Thumbs that will double the number of dice I’m rolling at any given time, as well as ramping the results.

So a black/green dice rolling deck, right? Sounds like a given?

Well, alongside the Hydradoodle and As Luck Would Have it, I have the head of Hybrid Labs, Dr. Julius Jumblemorph, who not only does wonderful things with the new augment mechanic, he also counts as every creature type. All of them. He’s a spider, hydra, myr, merfolk, kithkin, bird, dinosaur, chimera, OH! and an ally should you have any allies you want to use crazy abilities with then you just go nuts. I naturally have a healthy collection of green and white creatures with the Augment trait that smashes creatures together…

Ooooh there’s a white/green augment deck in here… and with Teacher’s Pet in tow I simply don’t have to worry about what colours I’m throwing in or the horrible cost of some of the cards. Somebody may already have had this idea:

That’s a costly combo… but so much potential!

Success and Really Epic Punch make these monsters temporarily more terrible, proper choices of monsters can make for a rapidly accelerating deck, like Wild Crocodile to ramp mana in the early game, Mother Kangaroo once there’s enough mana to make her worthwhile, and maybe throw in the card Half-Shark, Half- as a madly expensive card, but one that can make the powers of the host creature more dependable by far.

What do I do?? So many choices, and I haven’t even gotten into the perverse contraptions that can make whatever deck I consider so much worse, faster, more devastating, more manipulative. I have some hard decisions to make, and a lot of cards on my desk that don’t have a box.

Oh, by the by, check back here at about 5-ish tonight (if tonight no longer follows today please disregard, you are living in a future too far advanced for me to predict), I will be publishing some news.

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