Mobile Game Review: Pac-Man

Everyone knows how Pac-Man plays and what Pac-Man is, but I saw that there was an official Bandai Namco app available for Pac-Man. So, naturally, I had to download it as I’m a huge fan of Pac-Man and all to do with the yellow gobbler. But, like everything in this day and age, there had to be something new the game brought along. There had to be something that separated this version of the classic maze-game and the original, so if you’ve eyed up this app, check it out in today’s review.


Developer Bandi Namco
Platforms Android, iOS
Worldwide Release
Unknown (2017?)
Genre Maze
Price & Ads
£Free (with occasional ads)



Anyone who has never played Pac-Man before needs to seriously check themselves out, but for the interests in ensuring that everyone is on the same page, I’ll give you a general rundown on how Pac-Man plays.

You play as the titular character, Pac-Man, as you go around a maze trying to gobble up as many Pac-Dots as you can. To do this, you will move up, down, left or right. In four corners, there are larger dots, known as power pellets. Eating one of these power pellets makes the ghosts who chase you through the maze turn blue and try to get away from you, for a small amount of time. These ghosts each have their own personality and will interact with you in different ways. Blinky will tackle you head on; Pinky will tackle you through a different route; Inky will run away from you and Clyde will copy one of the other ghosts personalities.

This app however offers you two modes: A joystick mode and a swipe mode. I found the joystick mode to be pretty poor; it didn’t respond properly, sometimes getting me stuck in positions I shouldn’t be. However, the swipe mode is incredibly intuitive, even though it can sometimes be a little bit oversensitive. The two modes are truly down to personal preference, but if you’re going to use the joystick mode, I’d seriously recommend that you get yourself a little stick-on joystick that interacts with your phone. Alternatively, just use the swipe motion as that works really well I would say.

The game gets you to play through maps by giving you daily quests. Complete the quest, get coins. Coins are used to unlock custom maps. The more of these maps you complete, the more tournaments you get access to.


Ever played Pac-Man before? You’ll be used to the sounds of the ghosts making weird bleeping noises as they run away from you. You’ll be used to Pac-Man’s signature “Wakka wakka” noise and you’ll be used to the music. You’ll know that when you complete the second stage, you get the chase music. Well, Bandai Namco knew to keep all of this in the game, not altering any of it. Although, a funky remixed version of the classic Pac-Man music is in the title screens.


The game looks exactly as it should do – and no better, no worse. There are also Sonic stages, but really that’s the only surprise element to the game. Sometimes the fruit have different images, instead of being fruit, but that’s about it. As ever though, seeing is believing:


If you’re a fan of Pac-Man and are looking for a really good version for your phone, then definitely get the official Bandai Namco app. It’s not particularly large in file size, nor is there anything too fancy. For a free version of Pac-Man that plays well, looks and sounds good and has some interesting extra maps, this is definitely a must have for anyone who suffers Pac-Mania. However, this doesn’t improve upon the normal game of Pac-Man in any way; it does, however, give you a reason to play through the maps as much as you can though. If you’ve ever played this version of Pac-Man, let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook or Twitter.

Author: Timlah

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