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Airecon 2018 Gallery

Last week, Chris wrote about his time at AireCon 2018. Last week, we only had one image. This week, we have all of the images from Chris’ trip to AireCon 2018. For the board game fans out there, this convention looks like a right blast! Bringing people together over a good board game, as well as great conversation is truly something that we here at GeekOut Media believe in. To see the spirit of AireCon in all of it’s glory, check out the full gallery below, along with an interview Chris managed to find the time to conduct there. For the serious fan or the casual observer of board games and what it means to be an analogue gamer, this convention looks like it’s a must!

The event looks like it was absolutely buzzing with activity; from serious board games, through to quirky and new titles, AireCon looks like it had an excellent selection to chose from, as well as a lot of gamers eager to play. Chris also was able to grab an interview with Mark from AireCon, who spent some time with us to chat about board games. He talks about how it all started from his house; then how it scaled up and how it became the excellent convention that it is today. Later in the week, I’ll be sharing a video on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as on the sidebar here, sharing the love that is AireCon with all of you.

Think AireCon sounds like a good idea for a convention? Can board games carry a whole event? If you could see something else at the event, what would you want to see? As ever, let us know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter! Don’t forget to check out AireCon who will be returning next year (more details in the upcoming video).

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