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Bunnies! Rabbits! These little hopping critters are everywhere and they typically make up fodder and small distractions in video games, but nevertheless, they are a much loved type of creature. With their cottontails and their floppy ears, a bunny is a creature which is often depicted around Easter time, as they represent reproduction. In this Top 10, we’ll celebrate the bunnies that make up video games, anime, film and more.

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Bunnies! Rabbits! These little hopping critters are everywhere and they typically make up fodder and small distractions in video games, but nevertheless, they are a much loved type of creature. With their cottontails and their floppy ears, a bunny is a creature which is often depicted around Easter time, as they represent reproduction. In this Top 10, we’ll celebrate the bunnies that make up video games, anime, film and more.

Top 10

10) Lopunny – Pokemon

The first bunny on our list is Lopunny from Pokemon – A bunny that must have confused a lot of teenagers. This bunny is elegant, sleek – dare I say it, feminine? As such, there are a lot of people who see it somewhat as a bit of ‘eye-candy’, which confuses me greatly, but there we go. Unfortunately, Lopunny doesn’t have much else going for it – and even the ‘eye-candy’ curvy bunny trope had been filled before (You’ll see more of this later in the list).

Lopunny’s stats aren’t exactly great, along with the fact that it’s got an abysmal typing with just Normal. It looked rather grim for Lopunny, until it eventually gained a Mega-Evolution, when suddenly it became a real contender for the revenge killer slot, adding Fighting to it’s typing. From the least used tier, to overused in Smogon’s competitive scene, Mega-Lopunny can seriously kick a hole in the opposition!

9) E. Aster Bunnymund – Rise of the Guardians

The hardened lopear from Down-Under, the spirit of spring and wonder, and best version of the Easter Bunny to make it to the big screen. He is a mighty warrior, agile, stealthy, wielding heavy boomerangs, and commanding an army of… well eggs – because easter – the events of the film cause Bunnymund to confront the hard-exterior he’s put around himself and embrace what he was always supposed to be.

He’s also at the helm of a complex demiplane of warrens that can take him across the world in moments, filled with grottos of light, brimming with the joys of his season. He is considerably less joyous generally speaking, but give him time, he’s got some stuff to work through, and doesn’t have Santa’s publicity team, or the Tooth Fairy’s funding.

8) King Kazma – Summer Wars

Avatar of our hero Kenji Koiso, the tall white rabbit dressed as Marty McFly crossed with a Digimon must fight in the virtual world of OZ against a vicious new viral entity known as Love Machine, not just to save his reputation as one of its greatest warriors, but to stop the shadowy sadist behind Love Machine from stealing accounts, corrupting the game for its own purposes, and destroying everything.

Love Machine takes the shape of a great swarm of accounts in the form of a shadowy rabbit, and begins having an impact on the real world, infrastructure, economy, everything controlled electronically. A war of avatars commences both in and out of OZ, and (spoilers) King Kazma finally emerges victorious, but he could never have done it alone.

7) Judy Hopps – Zootopia

When you think of a hairy situation, it’s rare you think of a hare being the one to save the day. You think of stories such as the Turtle and the Hare, of which the over-confident hare takes a nap, just to lose to the turtle. Well, Zootopia takes the idea that bunnies are just fast, over-confident and over-abundant and turns that on its head, giving us a strong female lead that everyone wants to see succeed.

It’s amazing to think that originally it was going to be Nick, the low-class sly fox of the film, that was going to be our lead protagonist. Indeed, originally, Judy was going to be the cynical sidekick and she was to be almost indistinguishable amongst the other bunnies of the film (Referenced in The Art of Zootopia). Truth is, there’s a lot more to Judy’s character than just another bunny.

6) Bonnie – Five Nights At Freddy’s


We here at GeekOut Media have had a bit of a fun history with Five Nights At Freddy’s – It’s a great franchise! Love or hate a jumpscare, with a few too many games in a relatively short space of time, Five Nights At Freddy’s, or FNAF as we typically call it as a collective, was a trendsetter for creative horror gameplay ideas. The jumpscare was back and it was scarier than ever!

Amongst the classic animatronics of the franchise, Bonnie sits on top as one of the more pleasing designs. A purple bunny, Bonnie is, perhaps surprisingly, a male bunny rabbit! Bonnie tends to come down to the left door and is quicker to move off, but seems to come around more frequently than right door equivalent, Chica. Bonnie is persistent, but is probably one of the easier animatronics to deal with, meaning you’ll see him more often.

5) Max – Sam and Max

He’s crazy alright! Max is the crazy sidekick bunny of Sam and Max, who ultimately is a bigger star than the big pooch. He’s unpredictable, with a half cute, half menacing grin at nearly all times. Max is probably one of gaming and comics most iconic bunnies, as well as being one that breaks the mould for bunnies everywhere. From the cuddly, cute creature we all know, to… Well, Max.

Max is psychotic, violent and crude – And he’s the perfect partner to the much more reserved Sam. He loves guns and he loves to be in the freelance police, as it means he’s able to use guns.  He’s been the president of the United States, also having been re-elected as well. He’s one of those characters who comes from a criminal family, but then turned to the side of the law.

This is one bunny who doesn’t need batteries to stay energised!

4) Lord Frith – Watership Down

Frith is the sun, who created everything by scattering his little round turds across the night sky, because what else would you expect from a creation myth spawned by rabbits? The deeply involved mythology of the rabbits, their heroes, their legends, the ancient messengers of Lord Frith is laden with exceptional and memorable rabbits, but who amongst them could we choose for the list over the Godrabbit?

Frith is an old English word for freedom, something that all rabbits would embrace, especially after their heartbreaking experiences. He has, for many generations, refused to interfere with the matters of mortal rabbits, sending messengers like the Black Rabbit of Inle, but generally leaving his chosen people to live their lives free of his own meddling.

3) Roger Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was an incredible film, featuring cartoons taking over the real world. This isn’t the only instance of Roger Rabbit, of course, but it is arguably his most famous appearance in any medium, even if we don’t really focus on him all that much in the film. Instead, we focus on him being the victim of being framed, which he hires Eddie Valiant to help clear his name.

Roger Rabbit is a goofy character; the ultimate depiction of a weird, strange looking guy who happens to get with that girl who is way out of his league. Roger is attuned to the feelings of humans when they watch cartoons, but he’s so timid and frightened most of the time, coupled with a huge bout of stammering, that you can’t help but pity the poor rabbit.

How could he have committed murder? He couldn’t!

2) Bugs & Lola Bunny – Warner Brothers

Bugs is a social icon, a stalwart of television, the cocky deceiver and trickster who runs rings around the rest of the WB cast of cartoons. His mastery of disguise rivals Shaggy and Scooby, his brazen lies outclass Loki, and you feel that even pitched against a sharper witted opponent than Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, or Marvin the Martian, he’d still shine. Hell, he’d probably pull the wool over Ultron’s eyes, but he’s got a serious weakness.

Lola was introduced in Space Jam – we won’t discuss the age difference that creates – as a merchandising counterpart to Bugs, but she’s listed as a sexual icon up there with Jessica Rabbit. What is it about rabbits that make people think of sex? She’s remained a regular of the cartoons, but her arrival was pretty dramatic, and left a lot of young men in the 90’s deeply… perplexed.

1) White Rabbit – Alice in Wonderland

He’s late, he’s late, for a very important date. To save his head, that slugabed, he must expediate… that’s not bad, I should write that down.

The time obsessed yesman to the Queen of Hearts inadvertently drags young Alice behind him into Wonderland as he hastens to his undisclosed appointment, and she trails in his wake experiencing this world of splendour and mystery, while he bustles along frantically consulting his pocket watch.

The White Rabbit is a symbol, a cultural phenomena that has become a metaphor for going blindly into the unknown, and as is so often the way we cannot help but put such an important literary figure at the top of our list. Sadly he can’t stay there long, he’s got somewhere to be.

Honourable Mentions

We’ve raced through this list like a bunch of hopping hares. However, now that we’ve reached the end, we thought we’d show off these two snoozing bunnies who we felt deserved a nod, because neither of these are unique. Indeed, both of the next two examples are ones where an individual bunny does not make it a list-worthy entry.

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing – D&D, Rabbit On A Stump

Amongst the various categories of Mimic, such as the Roper who appears as a rock formation, and the Trapper which is most often an entire carpet of predator, there is one that takes a more perverse approach, taking the shape of a rabbit sitting on a tree stump. Like the terrible angler fish, this twitchy bundle of adorable fluff is merely a lure to encourage the curious to step closer.

You are being watched from the undergrowth, and from beneath the soil a great maw of teeth awaits, as does your sadistic Dungeon Master’s wicked grin. Worst of all, if you die you risk becoming the newest puppet, as the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing can discard its rabbit in favour of a different small creature. This is the Sarlacc of the flowery meadow.


Rabbids are Nintendo’s way of being a little bit wackier than usual – Allowing them to let off a lot of steam and just generally enjoy their craft. Rabbids are bizarre creatures, which seem to not mind being hurt, knocked over or otherwise. Indeed, they’re weird creatures which are too numerous to count. They’ve mingled in with some of the best Nintendo has to offer, including Mario, Peach, Rayman and many more well established characters.

With the extreme popularity of the Rabbits franchise being apparent, I went through to try and find a single example of Rabbids actually being a selling point for a game… And whenever the Rabbits were the sole focus, the games were often met with a mixed reception. They’re the Minions of video games, but without the popularity associated to the Rabbids themselves. As such, they couldn’t quite make it on our main list.

Ah, now I can finally stop thumping my foot on the ground like Thumper and start to actually catch up with the rest of you. If you think you’ve had enough of all of these little cottontail-bearing creatures, then make sure to stay tuned for next week’s list. With all of these rabbits counted, it’s time to hop to it and vote for next week’s Top 10.

Now that we can finally rest and stop being as energised as a Duracell bunny, it’s time for us to reflect on what we’ve seen today. Do you think we put the right bunnies in the list, or did we forget a hugely important rabbit? Do you think the bunnies we mentioned are in the right order, or were we rather harebrained about it? As ever, share your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

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