Dungeon Situational – An Item Set

Items sets have been a classic component of RPGs for many years, perhaps most commonly in ARPGs. Groups of lootable items brought together by a shared history, each powerful in their own right, but together immensely potent. They might have been crafted together to work in unison, or perhaps they were brought together once and never again can be divided.

In this, as in most other Dungeon Situational articles, the items below are written with the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition rules in mind, but can be modified to suit any edition or system you choose. Presenting…

Skyguard’s Honour

In a children’s story told to you by a beloved parent, a sibling, a teacher, a colourfully dressed bard, or written in the first book you learned to read, the tale of the Skyguard is a hero whose name was forgotten by everyone, but her deeds sank into the history like stain into wood. Heroes gathered beneath her rainbow wings to fight by her side, lightning rang out from cloudless skies at her command, and not even a god-slaying monster could stand before her might. But she is only a story, told to children before bed.

Skyguard’s Honour is a set in four parts, best used by a cleric or paladin, but most classes will find some or all of its components useful. The items include a unique weapon, a pair of boots, a holy symbol, and an oath that does not physically exist, but conveys a permanent bonus.

Set Rules: Each individual part of the of the Honour requires that the user spend 24 hours to attune to it to activate its magical properties. Attuning to more than one item in the set unlocks the abilities of each according to the number of items to which you are attuned according to the list below each. Being attuned to any number of the four parts of the set counts as being attuned to one item for the purposes of attunement limits.

Rainbow Ranseur

This spear of golden wood and gleaming steel has a sharpened crossguard below the tip that curves forward like arched wings. It is lighter than its materials might suggest, perfectly balanced, and it gleams with energy as it moves, sparkling in a brilliant array of colours.

The Rainbow Ranseur is a spear that has the finesse property, and you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls made with it. When you hit a creature with an attack using the Ranseur it deals an additional 1d4 fire, lightning, radiant or thunder damage, the type of damage is decided at random when you first find the Ranseur, however at the end of a long rest you may change the damage type to any of those listed above.

2 Items: The Ranseur deals an additional 1d4 damage of a type other than the one you picked for the first (i.e. it may deal 1d4 fire damage and 1d4 lightning, but not 2d4 of one or the other). You may change your choices of damage type at the end of each long rest.
3 Items: The Ranseur deals an additional 1d4 damage of another damage type as above. It’s bonus to attack rolls is now +2 instead of +1. Its thrown range increases to 60 ft. normal range, and 100 ft. maximum range.
4 Items: The Ranseur deals an additional 1d4 damage, one of each damage type, fire, lightning, radiant, and thunder. Its thrown range increases to 100 ft. normal range, and 200 ft. maximum range.

Wind Rider Boots

A pair of soft brown leather knee-high boots, with a line of glorious feathers leading up the outermost sides, concealing the steel buckles. When you find them they are sized for a small creature of sleight and supple build, but attuning to them causes them to reshape to fit the new owner.

While wearing the Wind Rider Boots you add half your proficiency modifier to Animal Handling checks made to control a flying mount. Attempts made to unseat you from your saddle while you are riding a winged mount have disadvantage, and you have advantage on saving throws made to resist any such effort. Flying at steep angles or even upside down does not unseat you from your mount.

2 Items: You are considered permanently under the effect of the Jump spell. While you are riding a flying mount opportunity attacks against you and your mount have disadvantage.
3 Items: You are considered permanently under the effect of the Feather Fall spell. While you are riding a flying mount, if your mount moved its full flight speed on your last turn, all attacks against you and your mount have disadvantage.
4 Items: Your physical weight and the weight of any armour you are wearing is halved. You may ride a flying creature if it is your size or larger so long as it is not burdened by your weight. While you are within 15 ft. of your mount you have a flight speed equal to your speed.

Loyalty’s Insignia

A gold and silver pendant on a chain that looks weighty for its burden, and yet the whole is shockingly light. The pendant is inlaid with slivers of precious minerals to create the semblance of a rainbow, and yet textured like serpentine scales winding around the simple arrowhead shape.

Loyalty’s Insignia has 1 charge. You may expend 1 or more charges to cast a spell from the Insignia’s spell list at a level equal to the number of charges expended, whether you have them prepared or not. It recovers all of its expended charges at the end of each long rest. You know all the spells from the Insignia’s spell list if you did not already, and you always have them prepared; they do not count towards your limits of known spells or the number of spells you can prepare.

At the end of a long rest you may designate an ally you can see within 30 ft. of you. For the next 24 hours whenever you target that creature with a spell or spell like effect (such as a Channel Divinity effect) you may increase the range of that spell by 100 ft, even if that spell would normally require you to touch that creature (such as Spare the Dying or Lay on Hands).

Spell List: Ceremony (XGE), Guiding Bolt

2 Items: You may designate up to 2 allies at the end of a long rest. The Insignia has 2 charges. Add its spell list: Gust of Wind, Protection from Poison
3 items: You may designate up to 4 allies at the end of a long rest. The Insignia has 3 charges. Add its spell list: Call Lightning, Life Transference (XGE)
4 items: You may designate up to 8 allies at the end of a long rest. The Insignia has 4 charges.

Oath Of The Skyguard

They may appear engraved at the foot of a statue, scattered amongst the text of an ancient tome, overheard in a secluded chantry, or written plainly on a scroll hidden in a mountain of a thousand rolls of paper. Anyone can read the words, but to swear to them and abide by them requires that one truly believe.

Once you have sworn the Oath Of The Skyguard your alignment shifts one step towards good (i.e. if you are evil you become neutral, if you are neutral you become good, otherwise you are unaffected) and no force can cause your alignment to become evil. Gain the following personality trait:

I am sworn to stand by those who would fight beside me. From the air I watch over them, and yet I never once leave their side. I am sworn to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. They shall forget my name, and yet I would die for their sake. I am sworn to bring low all who would reign with cruelty. They shall learn that none may rise above me.

Gain enough experience to advance to your next level. Once these benefits are conferred to a creature the Oath is “expended” as the forgotten deity can only anoint one champion.

2 Items: Increase your Dexterity or Strength score by 1 to a maximum of 20.
3 Items: Increase your Wisdom or Charisma score by 1 to a maximum of 20.
4 Items: Increase your Dexterity or Strength score by 1 to a maximum of 22. Increase your Wisdom or Charisma score by 1 to a maximum of 22. If you have the Channel Divinity class feature add the following option:

Channel Divinity: Call Forth Toltecatl
A Couatl named Toltecatl (tol-teh-CAH-tul) appears in an unoccupied space within 30 ft. of you, summoned from a plane of existence belonging to ancient and forgotten gods of light and justice. She is loyal and friendly to you, and is willing to act as a mount, but is not subservient to you, and will therefor act as she believes will be to your benefit. Toltecatl remains on this plane until dismissed as a free action, or until she chooses to dismiss herself.

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