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Video Game Review: Turmoil – The Heat Is On

We’re coming back to the oil-grabbing game, which sees you playing as an oil tycoon trying to make some quick cash off digging up precious oil reserves. Last time we played Turmoil, we had oil, gas and stone, along with Diamonds. This time however, we’re back and we’ve now got to contend with magma and precious stones of different kinds, all in the name of earning plenty of dosh. However, will our oil barons be able to handle the heat, as we’re back with the first DLC for the game, simply called ‘The Heat Is On’.


Developer Gamious
Platforms PC (Windows, Mac & Linux), iOS
Worldwide Release
March 2018
Genre Resource Gathering, Simulation
DLC Only: £3.99 (Steam link)



The gameplay hasn’t changed much from our previous review of the game; instead the game includes some new elements – Literally. You’ll now be met with Magma, which is a danger to your oil-mining operations. Magma means you can’t put your drills through it, similar to how you require a stronger drill bit to go through solid rock. Magma can be located via the Scanner, a Mole (once it’s been trained to locate Magma) and of course, by drilling to it. Further to this, Moles will let you gather resources as well, other than oil. You can gather a variety of rare stones, of which you can sell to fetch a fair price.

Another little change to the game is the addition of pipe connectors underneath Left Co. and Right Co. This means you can directly connected pipes to Left and Right Co., which allowing you to pump gas to the companies. This means the company will rise the price when they wish to buy your oil, no different to how the game was before. This is just a convenient way to progress through the gas collection process, allowing you to optimise your profits accordingly.


The music in Turmoil is still very relaxing, but along with the soundtracks we’re used to, there’s a few new tunes to boot. It still fits the peaceful theme of the game, but ultimately you wouldn’t have wanted anything more than just some additional extras, right?

There are no OST videos of the new tunes, but hey, here’s a Let’s Play of the game!


The game hasn’t really had any graphical overhaul, so it looks practically the same throughout. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it is visually charming as is. There’s a very slight western influence over the artwork, along with the character designs… But overall, that’s kind of all there is of note. It’s nothing special, but it doesn’t need to be, as this is ultimately a timed-resource gathering game. As ever though, we say that seeing is believing:


In terms of added value for a DLC, you don’t get a huge amount added to the base game. So if you already have the base game and are wondering how much extra is added, you effectively get a new campaign, a few new resources to deal with and the Higher/Lower card game, allowing you to always have a way to earn money in the game. However, getting the DLC at the same time as the original title isn’t a bad shout, as it just extends the games life by a little bit. Again, it’s not really a lot, but what it does add is equally charming and entertaining. Basically, if you enjoyed the base game, the DLC isn’t a must have, but it’s certainly a nice to have. It plays very well, even with the new mechanics to deal with. However at just £3.99, it adds enough for a couple hours extra entertainment – Certainly cheaper than renting a film!

As ever, we now pass it over to you. Have you ever played Turmoil, or the DLC? What did you make of the new features? How much would you pay for the DLC in question? As ever, share your thoughts and opinions below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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