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Bristol Comic Con – Event Review

As I approached Brunel’s Old Station, I managed to mostly dodge the tail of a large animatronic Raptor as it swished it’s tail back and forth through the crowd outside the station, some of who were just waiting for a bus. Somewhere inside of the large beast must have contained a person, who was no doubt sweating profusely. It approached people of all ages and was very gentle with people of a younger age, who might have been scared.

Upon entering the arena, you could already see there were people from all walks of life and of all ages. It’s always a lovely reminder that the fandoms traverse all ages and all manners of people.

Replicas and projects

The huge inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man commanded the centre of the auditorium, but that was not the only large replica item. Right at the entrance, there was a replica of the DeLorean from Back To The Future; then further in was a Kitt from Knightrider and an interpretation of Lightning McQueen, all looking beautiful and shiny. I had a little moment reminiscing back to all of the time I spent watching Knightrider and how utterly ridiculous it was as a program.

I must say I was hugely impressed by the remote control units made by the UK R2D2 builders club. They put a lot of hard work and money into their builds, but they also raise a fair amount of money for the National Autistic Society. I took a little time just to tell them how very impressed I was with the builds and I took down some details. We hope to be in touch with them later this year, in hopes to get a bit of an insight about what it takes to dedicate the amount of time it takes to build a unit.

We could not talk about projects and replicas without talking a bit more about the Raptor (previously mentioned); provided to the con by Raptors World. As far as I am aware this magnificent piece of mechanical engineering was developed specifically for Universal Studios. Again, I didn’t really get the time to talk to the owners, but let’s just say that an e-mail has been sent asking them to talk to us.

Art and Cosplay

The auditorium certainly was busy without being overpacked and a lot of the people attending were in cosplay, along with at least two professional cosplayers. First of all, there was professional lookalike MacDoogCosplay who, when you chat with him, is a really interesting character. He makes a very good Neagen, but one of his real passions is to build an accurate Darth Vader costume. It was also really good to see cosplaydave in his Thor costume.

I stuck around to watch the under 16’s cosplay competition and it’s the kind of thing that could melt parents hearts. The winner of the competition was snapped up by a young lady who was playing Rey. I managed to snap a photo of her with her mum, who was in her own awesome take on Matt Smith’s Dr Who.

Art-wise we found awesome patches made by Pink Bird Originals, some lovely work from John-Paul Bove and some very interesting comics and original art from Barry Flynn, along with some amazing body painting by Cat Finlayson.

Final thoughts

Bristol Comic Con was a small but lovely convention. If I had to criticise it, the Q&A sessions took place in the main hall and were a little drowned out by the general buzz. They could have also had a few other food options, perhaps tie the Con in with one of many mobile food vendors here in Bristol.

I’d like to thank the organisers for putting the event on; it’ll be back in October sometime and I will certainly try to attend. Did you go to Bristol Comic Con? Would you like us to follow up with some of the artists or professional cosplayers attending? We would like to know what you also thought about the event. Get in touch with us via the comments section or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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