The Shropshire Dungeon Master Update IV – Call To Action

This is about as close as I may ever come to an actual diary, this catalogue of my efforts in attempting to turn my hobby into something productive, something that entertains and educates, and allows me to make a living and leave a lasting mark on the RP community.

A little of the future and a little of the present, while I work on tomorrow’s GeekOut…

Dungeons & Dragons at the Ironworks

At the end of May I’ll be hosting another open-day for players at the British Ironworks Centre in Oswestry; an open-air art gallery featuring an incredible collection of metal sculptures, most prominent, a field filled with a vast array of animals like giraffes, antelopes, and hyenas. They offer a wide variety of experiences, including smithing lessons, school activities, and for one day, me.

Posters and leaflets are currently being printed, based on the work of the Ironworks’ highly skilled graphic designer (above) Joanne, although by the looks of activity on the Facebook event page they may be purely for the look of the thing. I will not want for players if even a quarter of the “interested” people show I’ll neatly fill a day of gaming with very little wiggle room. Already I have a near-full table at 15:30, and a very fine structure has had to be built around it for the day: games starting at 9:30, 11:30, 13:30 and 15:30, maximum of seven people to a table.

Now I may have a means to accommodate more people, a gracious interested party from an Oswestry social gaming group who might be willing to open up a second table if I can secure space, or perhaps a second day of gaming on the Sunday. I’ll be heading to the Ironworks this week to discuss such a possibility, who knows what else the leafleting operation may bring.

In fact the Ironworks are not just offering a venue in the name of a charitable effort, Clive Knowles, a chairman at the Centre, also put me in touch with another rather encouraging group of people:

The Shropshire Youth Support Trust

What follows is not geeky.

SYST have been an incredibly supportive bunch. Dedicated to supporting and tutoring entrepreneurs under the age of 30 – a category into which I astoundingly fit – they’ve been attentive, quick to communicate with me and offer me a vast array of opportunities to learn and advance my business concept and skills. Since taking my details I have been in meetings, attended a tutoring session that went on far longer than I anticipated, and I’ve already received more advice and things to work on than my current workload can allow for.

Most recently, the tutoring session with one Tom Newall, whose teaching methods I’m not usually a fan of, but I think his unrelenting approach may be exactly what I need at the moment. He’s made me confront a few things about where I currently stand in terms of what is conceived and what is real and factual. A great deal needs to be written down which is currently only theoretical to help organise it, and give me something to focus on.

I’ve been remiss in some of my duties on that score and I cannot lay that entirely at the feet of the other demands on my time. My workload has been daunting of late, but the idea of DMing for hire goes nowhere without a great deal of hard work and effort, much of which will have to wait until after tomorrow’s grand exertion.

If you are between 18 and 29 and considering starting in business let me highly suggest contacting SYST and heeding what advice they can offer. I already get the impression that I am highly a-typical for them, but they have been incredibly helpful in a very short space of time.