Conversation Time: What Games Do You Keep Going Back To?

What Game Do You Keep Going Back To?

Have a long, good think about it and check out my answer in the process!

Some of you may have realised that we didn’t post at our usual time, which isn’t like us – Well, the article scheduled for today for some reason didn’t publish. So, in the interests of keeping a conversation going, I thought now is a perfect time to introduce a new series of articles.

Conversation Time will be a monthly article going forward, which looks to explore my personal answer to a question, before reaching out to all of you for yours. If you’ve ever read Later Levels, you’ll know of their Question of the Month series, which inspired this discussion series.

So, make sure you pay them a visit from us!

What Game Do You Keep Going Back To?

A lot of you will be aware of my history with video games; I’ve always been a keen gamer, playing and completing many now-classics. I grew up with an Amiga 500, a Sega Megadrive and later a PlayStation. But there’s one game away from all of these which I’ve returned to, time after time.

You may expect me to have said Monkey Island, or perhaps Final Fantasy IX. You may think more recent with my interest in Clone Hero, or Tekken 7. Perhaps you think the game I keep returning to has never been mentioned on the site before? In all of these cases, you would certainly be wrong.

No, the game I keep returning to is Pac-Man; a game I’d argue I’m fairly good at. Perhaps I don’t always revisit the original, but since I first played it, I have gone back to it on a yearly basis without fail. It’s so simple, but so satisfying to play – and if the version you’re playing is familiar with the original personalities of the ghosts, then it becomes a fun game of outwitting the AI.

I’ve played at least 30 different versions of the classic, but few beat the original. The original was made to not have an end, but there is an unofficial final level by way of the kill screen. Anyone uninitiated in this should check out a video on what makes the kill screen happen, but for the long and short of it – The game had a specific amount of memory, so when the level went over the max level in memory, it wrote a garbled mess to the screen. It’s still playable, but good damn luck!

So now our question is extended to you – What game do YOU return to? Why? What makes that game so special to you? Furthermore, if you have any thoughts on the format of these posts, share them with us! Let us know your thoughts and comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

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    1. Tetris is another one of those classic games that’ll never cease to be fun. I also love the clever iterations of it that are out there now. Games like Tricky Towers are awesome!

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