UKGE 2018 – Kickstarters – Part 2

The phrase ‘so nice we will do it twice’ comes to mind. Yep, Chris is back with five more projects that he saw at UK Games Expo that will be on Kickstarter in the future, games that he declares are worth looking at. If you’ve not checked out part 1, you simply must, as these are some exciting titles coming to the crowdfunding platform soon.

The phrase ‘so nice we will do it twice‘ comes to mind. Yep, I’m back with five more projects that I saw at UK Games Expo that will be on Kickstarter in the future, games that I declare are worth looking at. What do you mean you didn’t read Part 1? Go do so now and come back. For the rest of you, I’ve rambled enough, it’s time to kickstart this post into action (see what I did there?).


It’s time to earn your concrete boots and learn to ruffle the feathers of your players. Snitch is due to be released on Kickstarter, a neat little deception game where you try to fill contracts depicted by cards on the table. You can, and have to at some point, play a snitch card. Snitch cards can completely ruin the contract that you’re trying to fill. Filling the contract earns you money and the person with the most amount of money at the end of the game wins. It’s a simple game for 3-5 players wading in for about 10-20 minutes of entertainment. It’s really easy to learn and would be a great way to start any gaming session started. There is no firm date for the Kickstarter campaign, but they have told me that they are aiming for the end of August.

We will try and get a preview together nearer the time.

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The Old Hellfire Club

Time to turn back the clock to Victorian times and take on a persona of a member of a secret society, who sits in their non-exclusive club telling tales in order to gain pennies to buy more gin. The creators of The Old HellFire Club have made a really fun and technically accurate game, where the storytelling is totally optional. The game plays a little like Braggart where you get to challenge another players story in the hope that you will attract a benefactor to get more pennies. There are so many more combinations of cards and I can see quite a few people who come to our meets embracing the persona of a gin-swilling storyteller, myself included. Now the game is not due to be on Kickstarter until April next year, but that is not going to stop me from being really excited about it. It’s one I feel I must invest in and if the chaps who make the game are ever in Bristol, I shall certainly treat them to a nice gin as they really are lovely.

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Hero Master

When I met the creator Jamie on he was utterly fueled by the atmosphere of the show and I hope he is still buzzing from it because his stand was really busy. Hero Master was not a game I got to play, but just the sound of it makes me feel like I’m going to enjoy it. It’s basically a dungeon crawler parody, where you each take on the role of a bungling hero aiming to make their fortune. They might think they’re contributing to a solid adventuring party, but these heroes are so inept, they’re more likely to trip one another up than use a teamwork take-down on a monster! It’s due to go on Kickstarter in September and we will be arranging with Jamie to play a game via Tabletop Simulator, so look out for that as soon as we can arrange it.

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Crime Writers

I might have a slight bias here because I do write, but this game is intriguing. You play the part of a crime novelist and for your next novel, you are given the choice or drawing three cards from the four potential decks which will give you the crime scene, killer/victim, motive or cause of death. Then your job as a crime writer is to come up with a basic plot for the novel and scribble it down over the next ten minutes. Once everybody has a story written the other writers get to guess your story by asking you questions. I can see this being great for creative people who love storytelling. However, I can also see that it will have large amounts of dead time as people scribble the plot down for 10 minutes, which won’t work for some people. It’s one of those games that I would have to try out to see if there would be enough in there for me to invest in. But the concept is certainly interesting.

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Role Quest

This one appeals to my Improv side and is one game that might require a certain amount of extrovert to play. Players take on the roles of everyday characters and roleplay in normal or peculiar situations. They must act out their hidden personalities well, in order to collect goblin heads (victory points) to win the game. Other players are able to play curses and actions that will make the game challenging, but also hilarious. We know it’s not the sort of game everyone enjoys, but there is something out there for everyone in this wonderful hobby of ours. It’s due to head to Kickstarter on the 3rd of July but you can sign up to their mailing list for more information over on the website.

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Phew… Is that enough now? Do you have enough to keep you going for a few months? If you don’t, I apologise and will try harder, but can I do so after a bit of a lie-down? Thanks. As usual, we encourage you to tell us about any Kickstarter project you’re excited about, so once you have added as many of those suggestions to your “wanted” list, why not send us your suggestions, criticise my great pun, or give us some feedback via the comments section, Twitter or Facebook.

Love and rockets
– Chris

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