E3 – A Brief Moment To Get Excited

My interests over the last few years have rather shifted onto tabletop rather than video gaming, a trend you might have noticed. And after years of false promises, over promising, console spitting-fights, and months and months of disappointing results, E3 is starting to get something of a yoke over its shoulders. What should be a time of exhilaration and optimism is held down by burdensome negativity that is simply not the fault of the expo.


I like to get the negativity out of the way early. Can we please talk about how obscenely exciting ten seconds of Elder Scrolls VI is? It was a panning shot of a landscape, a title, and a theme tune, and yet all of a sudden Facebook is alive with the news, seven years later, one revamped rerelease, and one mildly successful MMO to fill the gap – oh, and an app CCG that I enjoyed for a few months – and finally we get an announcement for the sixth formal game in the series.

A moment to speculate, a lot of us are talking a 2020 release date, personally I hope they stick to it, or even take a little longer, let’s not rush anything here. I’m not saying ES6 needs to be an immaculate specimen of fantasy role-playing, a perfect translation of my every tabletop freedom translated to screen in a world we have come to know and adore, gravity defying horses and the erratic arrest procedures of Tamriel’s finest are a staple of the series. New and interesting bugs and glitches in a rich and intriguing world, that’s all I ask, a whole new world of memes.

Norman Reedus in a Hideo Kojima project! In 2014 we had that dream cruelly snatched from us in the guise of the Silent Hill title hidden behind P.T. Now we have Death Stranding, a game that’s shooting right for the seriously grotesque, a gorgeously long trailer that… ahh, how do I say this. I’m not normally a “trigger warning” guy, but when it’s feet, and gratuitous amount of particularly gross feet? Oddly that weirded me out more than final revelations. No spoilers for the trailer, it’s actually worth a watch.

Cyberpunk 2077, the new game and possible franchise from CD Projekt Red looks like it’ll be offering up some incredible world building, twisted visuals, and cool narrative. It’s a bit more depth than we got in the original glimpse. Fallout 73, Agent 47, new Smash Brothers, new Spider-Man, yet more Assassin’s Creed (now featuring 300 memes, keepin’ it fresh there Ubisoft)… it’s been a busy year, and an interesting one. A lot of that footage looks very promising, and I’m still digging through it all.

No Borderlands 3 though.

Time is not on my side. Any trailers you think I should check out? Anything of particular interest to you, consider this a free space to discuss trailers, and E3 as a whole, I have busy work to do if you Shrewsbury folk want another GeekOut this month.