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Cosmic destroyers, world eaters and Earth shatterers – Oh my! A good world destroying monster doesn’t need to be above mortality, but it certainly helps! An antagonist who offers grave consequences for those who don’t manage to defeat them, the world destroying monsters of fantasy, sci-fi and legend are always amongst the toughest enemies. Ignoring just how tough these bad guys are, it’s time to check out our Top 10 World Destroying Monsters.

Top 10

10) Exdeath – Final Fantasy V

Bottom of our list is Exdeath, the main antagonist of Final Fantasy V. Now, I considered if we should have put Kefka from Final Fantasy VI in the list, but he is human… Then I thought about Necron from Final Fantasy IX, but he was fairly strangely introduced. So then I had to think about any villain that wanted to destroy – and y’know, Exdeath kind of fit that bill quite nicely. Afterall, there isn’t a huge amount behind his motive.

Basically, he just wants to see everything return to the void. There’s not particularly much more to say about what his motives are, but here’s a fun fact! This giant knightly looking fellow isn’t human at all – Instead, he was actually a… Tree. Hmm…

… Wooden you believe it?!

9) Godzilla

The big lizard himself had to make the list, as we all know and love Godzilla. Without the behemoth stomping around the place, we’d not have a strong warning about causing uh, too much pollution? Anyway, Godzilla is a freak of nature, literally, that we accidentally made with our ineptitude as a race. Whoops! But in no films has Godzilla been portrayed as a destroyer of planet Earth.

Godzilla is honestly one those characters whose had so many iterations, it’s hard to figure whether or not he really could. I had to read into this but apparently Godzilla really does have the power to destroy Earth. Thankfully, he’s not always maverick, so he’s not likely going to destroy his own home, but hey, if he ever felt like it, you can bet your sorry behind that Godzilla will shred the world apart.

8) Reapers – Mass Effect

In order for life to continue, occasionally it must be wiped out. It wasn’t that long ago before that was the entire basis for our agriculture, but the synthetic organisms called The Reapers apply the principle on a galactic scale. Created and tasked with protecting life at all costs by a race of progenitor beings that dwarf us on a cosmic level, the Leviathans, but the incredible artificial intelligence behind the Reapers interpreted the order a little strangely, reasoning that sapience is a danger to life, and so should be exterminated to allow life as a whole to thrive.

Reapers are capable of controlling the minds of lesser species, manipulating us to enact their will. If that’s not enough, how about the troop-carriers that drop hordes of zombies? Lasers then? Or how about the fact that they can be up to two kilometres in length and have limbs capable of hugging buildings to the ground? And all of this force, and their incredible numbers are what they bring to bear after manipulating lesser beings to their will, and ceding our societies with their technology to make conquering us so much easier.

Man, I’ve had a lot spoiled for me but I should really play Mass Effect at some point…

7) Giygas – Earthbound

The greatest evil, looking to suck away all of the PSI in the world, Giygas is one of those characters whose attacks you cannot comprehend! (See what I did there?) Giygas is truly the most terrifying experience, at least for anyone who goes into the fight unprepared for what they’re about to face. Giygas at least doesn’t have a great experience when it comes to listening to specific pieces of music… Or watching Paula pray.

Nevertheless, Buzz Buzz crash lands near Ness’ house in Earthbound and explains that Giygas is going to destroy everything. Ness must go and make some new friends who will help him in his quest, to go and put an end to the evil Giygas. If only all quests were this simple to understand?

Hey, a New Age Retro Hippie! Just one of the many sensible minions of Giygas.

6) Eldrazi – Magic: the Gathering

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, the Endless Gyre. Kozilek, the Great Distortion, Butcher of Truth. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, the Promised End. Three titans that defy reason and comprehension in a world where magic is just a thing, and stealing a god’s weapon and hopping to another world is a B-plot. Endless droves of minuscule drones and twisted giants go before their mighty progenitors, scouring all life before them, spreading the infernal corruption, before eventually the world collapses in a blinding flash, and horde and masters move on.

Lovecraftian to the core, being beyond reason and above the cares of mortals, their shapes are the barest mockery of humanoids and beasts, a handful of recognisable traits such as limbs, heads, torsos, or in the case of Emrakul, a passing resemblance to a mountain and a jellyfish. That B-Plot I mentioned earlier? Skipping over the intricacies of the story, the Merfolk Planeswalker Kiora stole a weapon capable of summoning and manipulating krakens to her will for the sole purpose of combating Eldrazi on her home world of Zendikar. It appears her plan was successful.

5) Alduin – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The World Eater himself, Alduin is the big bad of Skyrim. Interestingly, previous main antagonists of The Elder Scrolls have never had such a worldwide interest from the offset, but Alduin just wants to destroy Nirn. There’s nothing particularly fancy about Alduin or his motives, but that makes him a perfect antagonist filling the world-destroyer role. Afterall, he is a massive dragon, so who’s going to argue?

Well clearly the protagonist is going to argue against it, but hey, at least fighting Alduin isn’t too bad. Just be prepared to hide behind a rock, because the World Eater’s voice cannot be heard behind a rock, apparently. Seriously, I’ve been replaying Skyrim recently and beat the main story not too long ago – All I did was hide behind a conveniently large rock and I survived all damage against him. Take that, Alduin!

4) Azathoth – Lovecraft

Of course we weren’t going to get through the whole list without one of H.P. Lovecraft’s menagerie, we’ll be lucky if we can escape only a few references. Of all the uncaring creatures that dwell in the infinite silence of space, creatures that we can only comprehend as gods, the only one that could make it to the list was the blind idiot, Azathoth. Its description is omitted even from the dread tome, the Necronomicon, but it is painted as a coiling mass surrounded by madly piping demons whose music keeps their Sultan from awakening.

Even asleep it can impress its power onto the universe at large, mere knowledge of its existence drives mortals to the brink of sanity, a journey that has almost certainly taken them beyond it already. For it to awaken would surely mean the end of all things, though it harbours no malevolence – Azathoth barely considers us in its writhing and devouring – we would be beneath notice as it consumes us.

For more information, read The Gods of Pegana, as Azathoth and MANA YOOD SUSHAI have a lot in common.

3) Kaiju – Pacific Rim

A catch-all term for those city destroying monsters like Godzilla, King Kong, and the like, but in Pacific Rim they take a distinctly more menacing role. Instead of appearing for long enough to obliterate a metropolis or two before being toppled by a rival monster or cunning ploy, the Kaiju that emerged from deep beneath the Pacific Ocean came repeatedly, assaulting all of humanity in a progressive effort to exterminate us. We fought back with mechs, the incredible Jaeger program, a unified defence program, the just about managed to ward off the samplers…

Humanity categorised the Kaiju like storms, forces of nature, barely knowing that the worst was yet to come, multiple incursions, bigger beasties, Jaeger counter-measures like organic EMP generators, and finally the titanic Slattern. We are in the way of an alien intelligence and their need to expand, they have sent monsters to our door, and we have cancelled the apocalypse!

And any hope of a future for the franchise.

2) Lavos – Chrono Trigger

Jumping straight into our second place spot is the genuinely terrifying Lavos; a parasitic alien whose whole intent is to destroy the world. Ten year olds across the world had to witness as Lavos would succeed if they failed to defeat him, one of those rare cases of a SNES game showing such major consequence. Hey, I’d argue this is one of those rare cases across all of video game history!

Lavos’ name is explained to be amusingly built up of La – Fire and Vos – big, but honestly, I can understand. If I saw some massive extra-terrestrial being capable of destroying worlds, I’d probably also call it Big Fire. Nevertheless, the second place has to belong to Lavos, even if just for the fact that this creature actually manages to destroy the world (if the player loses). Be prepared and make sure you’re well levelled!

1) Galactus – Marvel

No living thing dares ignore my call. For I am that which has always been, since this Universe was birthed from the ashes of the last. I am the hunger that dooms worlds. I am he who is beyond such frail Concepts as good and evil. I am Galactus.

Of course the Devourer of Worlds had to top the list, a humanoid creature who walks the cosmic gulfs and simply consumes entire planets, older than known time or space, vast enough to hold planets in his hands, so magnificent that he even sends forth a herald of impressive cosmic power, to announce to sapient beings “Congratulations, you’re on the menu.”

Galactus has had no small amount of difficulty with Earth. We keep sending him away, or killing him, or in one particularly memorable moment in Marvel Zombies, eating him, obtaining the Power Cosmic, and going on an inter-galactic feeding frenzy. To his credit, Galactus these days is a good guy, bringing life wherever he goes in his new shiny golden suit, but that’s never going to stick. He is Galactus.

Honourable Mentions

Not all world destroyers have the same effect; okay, so destruction of a world is pretty bad, but there is always the question of the very definition of a world destroyer. What is a world? What is a destroyer? As ever, these questions and many more will remain open – But here are some more questionable world destroying monsters.

20th Century Fox – Firefly

I think this speaks for itself, but I’m going to speak anyway.

A single season became a cult legend, and its torturously short run and barely adequate associated film continues to break hearts sixteen years later. And how, prey tell, did such a legend die? 20th Century Fox executioners cough I mean executives killed it. Probably the same tools who tried to kill Futurama.

Badly advertised as a comedy, shoved into a forgettable time-slot, moved around, played out of order, and finally, prematurely dropped altogether. Six planned seasons snuffed out by incompetence. Firefly’s “verse” is not the only beloved world the trampling idiotic beast of Fox has destroyed, and I think their news outlet are working on a real-life apocalypse event.

Zeeky Boogy Doog – The Demented Cartoon Movie

Zeeky Boogy Doog!

And just like that, the entire world explodes through the sheer force of the explosions. The Demented Cartoon Movie was a terribly great animation from back in the 00’s. It was uh, something… And the recurring themes and jokes were, admitted somewhat hammy, but always amusing. If you like purely random internet humour, this may be an animation for you – But it was long.

Above is just a small snippet of the amount of carnage this little bomb could cause in the animation… Yeah, this was a strange time on the internet.

… Damn it, I enjoyed this terrible animation more than I should have. If the creator ever somehow comes across this article, great job! This always made me laugh for some reason.

Thankfully, we’ve yet to meet the world destroying monster that’ll end us all – But let’s be honest; humanity itself will do that. N’aww, aren’t we sweet? In hopes that we can keep the monsters of the world at bay long enough to survive in this world, it’s time for us to draw our curtains, so you don’t see the hellfire and death outside. Hey, look below this paragraph dear reader – There’s a vote you should totally put your mark on.

That’s all for another list – We’ve survived the most Earth-shattering attacks from these baddies. We’ve bested the greatest, we felled the mighty, we overthrew the powerful. But perhaps you think we didn’t quite get our list right? Let us know if we forgot your favourite world destroying monster, or if we managed to get the order wrong? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Some nice inclusions (I particularly liked the inclusion of the sad death of Firefly as a mention at the end). I’m not really big on world destroying characters, though I would probably throw Sailor Saturn in there as at least an honourable mention (though technically she never actually destroys the world, she potentially could).

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    1. We included a few who could -potentially- destroy worlds, such as Godzilla. Technically that beast –can– destroy worlds, but y’know, he’s a guardian and all that jazz (when the story fits!) So Sailor Saturn really isn’t a stretch for the list :)

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