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Discord’s New Games Hub Update

For those of you who have used Discord at some point in time, you may have heard that an update that came in last week introduced a Games Tab. This hub gives convenient quick links to all of your favourite titles that you’ve got installed. Further to that, it gives you news and an insight as to what all of your friends are up to in the world of video games. Having now used it for a number of days, there are a few things I’ve got to say about it: some positive, some… not so much.

The above image is a screenshot taken from my personal Games Tab. It’s clean, easy to understand and is laid out nicely. It’s simply put a nice addition to the gamers chat application. Amusingly, for whatever reason, it doesn’t allow me to launch Tekken from it, but whatever, that’s just one weird little bug I’ve noticed (Considering it’s my most played game right now). Anyway, slight gripes about the quick launcher aside, there are a few strange things this hub does.

It tries to bring us the latest, most relevant news to us. Now that’s great! It really is – But there’s a problem. Above, you can see mention of TennoGen Round 13. I, uh, do not play Warframe (nor do I have it installed.) However, it’s in my Steam list. Okay, no big deal – I can live with that. I scroll down the list to see other peoples games and what news they’ve got – Oh, news about League of Legends, a game that I… Don’t… Play… Uh huh… But I played it for a few days once, so uh, yeah.

Wait, what’s that in my news feed? Destiny 2? Okay, now I’ve definitely not played that, so what on Earth is going on? How is any of this relevant to me? The truth is – It’s not. It’s actually just a bunch of gaming news and that’s quite sad. I don’t like the idea of companies pushing their news onto Discord to distribute to us. I am well up for more relevant news feeds for myself, but alas, as it stands, there is a lot of noise inbetween the potential good information it could be sharing with us.

Uhh… Browser?

Another thing that struck me as odd is that it doesn’t work on Browser. At least, it wasn’t working on Firefox for me… I got the above image. How strange… There are a bunch of problems surrounding the brand new hub, but that’s okay. At the end of the day, this is a brand new feature that they’re working on, so bugs I’d expect. Strange how it wasn’t showing up in the browser, to be fair. I’d have thought that would have been a major issue they’d want to have resolved early on. But wait, there’s another issue on top of all of these. You’d think I was just trying to find holes in the new section, but legitimately, I haven’t spent a huge amount of time on it.

The last issue that I’ve found isn’t necessarily an issue, as it appears to be the intended result. However, I find it most strange that we’re allow to pry into the news that should relate to people that people we don’t necessarily know. In other words, a Discord server is a public space, for the most part. As such, you might not know everyone on said Discord channels. GeekOut Video Gamers, for instance, is over 100 members and we don’t really all know one another, at least not in the capacity where we would necessarily care about what games they’re playing. It gets especially awkward when you happen to see an, uh, shall we say x-rated game in the news feed?

The announcement we all got when it came in. Admittedly, I could do with a ‘Games Tab’ announcement for upcoming updates for Discord!

However it’s not all bad news. The hub is seriously trying something new and I applaud it. If they can refine what a person sees, just a bit more, then we should end up with a relatively useful games information hub. At least, one that’s a bit better than the Steam one, which relies on developers or big media outlets to get their articles and patch notes out there. It’s strange that Discord decided we needed a Games Tab, but hey, at least the quick launchers are quite useful. Furthermore, it’s nice to see how many people regularly play some of the games. For instance, it’s nice to see how many of my friends play World of Warcraft, a game I’ve mentioned I was a huge fan of for quite some time.

Have you had a play around with the new Games Tab yet, or do you think you’ll be leaving it alone for quite some time? If you’ve used it, do you share my reservations? Do you think some of the features are a little bit too prying, especially between people who don’t necessarily know one another? As ever, share your thoughts and opinions below, or over on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think of what Discord are up to.

Oh whilst you’re at it, don’t forget, we have our own Discord channel. Join us by clicking this giant link.

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