GeekOut Shrewsbury June ’18 – Gamer’s Gauntlet

We braved the infernal heat of the British Summer (or Spanish February), cowered from the hated sky-fire-disc as though it were as loathsome as its namesake newspaper, and took shelter in the loving embrace of geekdom. Indoors, with like-minded people, desperately hoping for air-con, or at least a cold drink, and a some games maybe.

Stick around for the end of this month’s run-down for important news regarding July’s GeekOut Shrewsbury…

Pre-Meet – The Pour House

Some book keeping, of the nine of you who voted to go to the Pour House (good choice by the way, tried a Mango Mule) only six of you showed. I feel like I over-promised the good folks behind the bar, but a good time was had by all. We squeezed in a couple of quick games and some role-play discussion to get the ball rolling, an extended conversation about the dynamics of fantasy submersibles, and Kim brought along something I have wanted to get my hands on since the day she told me about it, the Critical Role art book, The Chronicles of Exandria, a thing of incredible beauty.


Moving onwards to Montgomery’s Tower, and in the absence of the HDMI cable we were unable to use the projector this month, which – given the current sporting event – was probably for the best so that we didn’t step on the toes of those other patrons who might have suddenly taken umbridge. We like this venue, so let’s not cause grief. And also I need to find that damn HDMI cable for next month.

It appears that the moment you tell people that you’re making a character, everyone has advice and opinions. I walked Kim through the process of making her Tabaxi Bard (as yet unnamed) to a chorus of “you should do this” and repeating the exact same advice while I was trying to say it. Looking at you Albert, you may have had your throne challenged by Charlotte, no need to attempt to usurp mine. It’s bigger, and has its own parapet built into the backrest.

Gamer’s Gauntlet

Between seven and nine I set the competitors to frantically cramming as many different games into an hour as you possibly could, but only a few of you realised my duplicitous ploy. Too few of you neglected to fill the rapidly vanishing minutes with rock-paper-scissors, not enough hangman, noughts and crosses, and I didn’t see nearly enough people playing win/lose/banana! Oh sure, you seized on every game from the library you thought would take only a little of your time, but so many opportunities were missed.

Nevertheless, our winners in reverse order were: Hannah, Albert, and Charlotte, all walked away with a Nerf Jolt, and Charlotte has her first place prize currently pending…

July’s GeekOut is earlier than normal, Tim and I are at Amecon for our typical week so GeekOut – Steampunk’d is already up on Facebook and Meetup for you to plan accordingly! In addition to the regular quiz there will be a second competition, the “Stick Some Gears On It” Inventors Fair! For those of you looking to get crafty, all you need to do is take an object, “Steampunk” the hell out of it, then justify your decision to the panel of judges (me in different hats). Winner shall move forward through the patenting process and win a separate, wholly non-quiz related prize.