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Board Games at Tobacco Factory – July 10th

Board Games are still on the rise as of late, where popularity has surged thanks to a hugely changing market. From small games likes Exploding Kittens, through to much larger, more complex games like Catan. In Bristol, a new(ish) shop has been set up, called Rules of Play. Based over in St. Nicholas Market, Rules of Play stock board games and tabletop gifts. However, tomorrow, they’re taking on something much larger. They’re running a gaming session over at The Tobacco Factory – And everyone’s invited!

So, a small admission before I continue with the article. I was due to put this one out yesterday, however I didn’t manage to get it up in time – However, considering July 10th is tomorrow, I figured now is the best time to share this. To Rules of Play, sorry I’m a bit behind in putting this up! I hope you can forgive me! Right, on with the actual article now.

Today’s article is a small piece, just to share the love of some local groups, doing great stuff. Rules of Play were originally based in Cardiff, opening their Bristol branch at the end of last year. Now, they’re running events and taking part in other events, such as the Reload, Relive, Replay event earlier this year. They’re bringing together games, beer, food and more in a fun and friendly environment, for one day only, between 6pm to 10pm. Just bring £3.50 with you and you’re in! So for 4 hours of gaming, that’s 87.5p per hour. Not bad going, especially since the staff there will also act as teachers for games.

So if there’s a game you’d really like to play at the event, they’ve got lots to choose from. Set yourself as “Going” on their Facebook event and let them know of a game you’d like them to take and they’ll try to bring it with them. It’s honestly worth it and whilst you’re at it, check out their other events. Best of luck to them on their new event venture.

That’s it today though – Share your thoughts with us in the comments below – and if you end up going to this event, let us know how it went! As ever, share your thoughts below or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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