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Hidden Bath Geek Gems

Bath is a city that is so close to Bristol and yet in the three years that I have lived in Bristol, I have only been there a few times. I decided to go and explore the city in search of a good destination for geekery and after some searching, I found such a destination. So, I persuaded Nathan from LevelUp to come along with me on a miniature adventure.

Chapter One

I’m a big believer that when you explore a city, you should go off the beaten path and by doing so you are often rewarded. The pub known as Chapter One is certainly well worth the walk outside of the main city, away from the tourists. We arrived on a cold wintery day, and as we passed through the door into the warmth of the pub, we were joyfully greeted by one of the owners, Emma.

Behind the bar, they have a great selection of ales that regularly rotate and they have choices that don’t include alcohol too. I was almost immediately drawn to the small cabinet next to the bar, which had a selection of traditional games on it. Chapter One already has a group of people who meet to play D&D at their beautifully large table at the back of the bar. They also have a great range of traditional board games available, but they will not be upset if you bring your own.

Another feather in its cap, is that it’s a family-friendly pub. They allow pets and children in the bar, which can be something of a rarity these days. Although they don’t serve food directly, the owners do allow you to bring in your own or even get food delivered directly to the bar at no extra cost. You can imagine how good this is for a long gaming session. If that was not a good enough reason to get out to this bar, did I mention that the menu is powered by a Raspberry Pi and the owners had a great deal of knowledge about geek related things like cosplay etc?

Opening Hours

  • Wednesday – Friday – 5pm to close
  • Saturday & Sunday – 2pm to close
  • Bank Holiday Mondays – 2pm to close

You can find Chapter One at Corner London Road & Hanover Street, Bath, BA1 6PL also via their relevant internet presence

American Dream Comics

On our way back into town, we almost walked past this slightly hidden old school styled comic shop. Nestled in between two other shops and up the narrow staircase, it feels a bit like you are entering an Aladdin’s cave (albeit a cave upstairs). American Dream Comics has been around for at least 20 years and has a shop that is generously stocked with all sorts of comic books, graphic novels, t-shirts, posters, CCG, toys, action figures, statues and the popular pop vinyl.

I spent some time just browsing the comic books and their collection of graphic novels, they do have some nice books in there. If you’re the kind of person that wants to subscribe to a regular comic, they offer a pull list service. This is where the shop sets aside the comics the customer wants each week. All they ask is that you come in once a month to clear it. They will (for a minimum postage fee) even post your comics to you that you buy in store should you not have the means to take them home.

Now let’s keep my personal opinion about POP Vinyl’s out of this, but I will say the selection that American Dream has an impressive range of stock. The people behind the counter are really knowledgeable and are very happy to help you find something or order it in for you.

Opening Hours

  • Mon-Sat – 10:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • Sunday – 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

You can find them at 72 Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BD and via their internet presence

If you’re heading out to Bath, go check out these places and say hi to the owners. As ever though, let us know your thoughts in the comments or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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