A Busy Calendar

Apologies for the late and short article, but between the recent heatwave and the workload I’ve taken on, it’s occasionally a struggle to keep up with everything, but here’s a short list of excuses.

19th July: GeekOut Shrewsbury Steampunk’d – Next Thursday, the poll for the premeet will be up shortly, there will be TWO COMPETITIONS! in case you already missed that announcement. Part of today’s job will be hastily throwing a pub quiz together, or at least starting the process. The other competition will be the “Stick Some Gears On It” Inventors Fair, present an object that has been adorned with Steampunk paraphernalia, cogs, gears, vents, pipes, and valves, then justify your invention to our panel of judges (me in different hats).

That, and the usual parade of fun and games, with Munchkin Steampunk and Great Scott taking central stage as the most steampunk games in my collection.

22nd July: CoxCon – Telford! For one day only, out of the two days that CoxCon will be running, I will be present in theory running a couple of games including a D&D one-shot entitled The Crow of Shellag, and a first attempt at Era: The Consortium, all under the banner of The Shropshire Dungeon Master. If that opportunity falls through, come find me anyway. I still intend to go and distribute business cards complete with new logo, catching up with old friends, and generally socialising.

26th – 30th July: Amecon – Drawing ever nearer, two weeks before the enormity of Ame hits us in full. There have been some room changes that have hit the panel I will be sharing with Lynsey Swift and Chris Burgess, we will now be in Helen Martin, usually the cosplay holding area but will be decked out with chairs and a projector which I didn’t think we needed, but as it transpires a friend of Lynsey has been working on some stuff that makes me suddenly rather glad we have a screen.

Tim and I will be recording the decision making process on another Top 10, which means another double vote for next week, and a hell of a lot of work for us, a lot of cramming so that we can have a relaxing weekend, followed by several days of writing about our experiences. Amecon is hard work for us, almost as hard as it is for cosplayers, and we do it all for the same reasons. It’s worth it. No doubt we’ll see many of you there.

4th and 18th August: D&D in Oswestry – Mentioned this once or twice lately. Two games a day, and a very enthusiastic crowd showing up for both days. One place remains on both A Parade For Thieves and Death on the Wandering Pass, the under 16s games are still open for business.

30th August: GeekOut Shrewsbury Tengen Toppa GeekOut Lagan – However will the good people of Shropshire and the West Midlands survive without a GeekOut meet for a whole six weeks? Well I’d better pull out all the stops for August’s event, time to bust through to tomorrow with the spirit of geekliness! Ours is the dice that will re-roll the heavens! Do we want to build a mini-mech? I think we do…

So that’s my next month, that’s one hell of a calendar, one hell of a lot of work, and somehow I have two books to write, another to work on, and a full time job to hold down.