Roll On The Adventure Podcast

I was recently a guest in a podcast. It’s nice to be asked, and Roll On The Adventure piqued my interest.

In the podcast, the panel create, playtest, discuss, and publish a quick role playing system. It’s a great little quick-fire collaborative effort with bad singing and excellent

Dave is a figure of no small renown in the role-playing event circuit, Dimitris is a published designer and gamer, and Chris – in addition to being a prolific player – will be joining me to host a panel at Amecon this year. The first arc of the series created a game called Temporal Stereotype Zoo, a game about time travel, kidnap and/or abduction, and stereotypes throughout history.

The call for this series was for player-vs-player action, and Dimitris suggested going down the fantasy route to keep things classical, Dave suggested players taking control of an entire fantasy race, Chris suggested social conflict over combat, I threw into the ring the notion of a new world in which the fantasy races are meeting for the first time. Conversation continues, bringing together ideas and refining notions and the end result was Primordia!

In Primordia we took the roles of leaders of races, forced together by their gods, insisting that they work in unison against an ancient and terrible evil (classic), despite the mistrust and backstabbing between us. Political allegiances were raised and broken, champions were made heroes, and sacrificed as martyrs, an entire world was scrapped and we began again. Using decks of cards to populate themes of stories and the world around us, we allocated cards in strategic play to elevate or undercut the efforts of our “allies” and position ourselves on top of the pile. In game terms, we wanted points, while also not wanting to be beaten by the game, represented by the ancient evil.

Not to give too much of the content of the podcast away, but in the time we spent discussing and playing, we created an interesting world, two amazingly rich worlds, both of which ripe for more in depth role playing in the more classic sword and sorcery style, all shaped by the political morass of our creation. Primordia could be an excellent way to get a world created and filled with history in a very short space of time, in order to write and play in with other games like D&D.

I daren’t say more! There’s a great deal that I could tell you that won’t actually be revealed until the final episode is released in about two weeks time, the grand aftermath and post mortem of the game. If you’ll be present at Amecon this year you might get a chance to play with some of the creators of the game of which I am very proud to say I am one. I’m not sure how much I contributed, but it was a great joy to guest host and to be invited as such.

Check out Roll On The Adventure on their FacebookYouTube, and Bunkzilla, they will be creating more games in the future, all of which they release for free, including the newly made and playtested Primordia.