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In the first part of my UK Games Expo Kickstarter roundup, I mentioned a game involving Goblins by Room 17 games called Miremarsh. Now that the Kickstarter is live I listened back to the play through that I recorded at UKGE this year and wanted to give my full opinion on it. As per usual, we would like to remind you that this is a Kickstarter Campaign and as such things can change, so some of the information here may be out of date by the time the game is published.

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  • Number of players: 1-5
  • Approx playtime: 40-60 mins
  • Investments Range: £1 – £1500
  • Cost for a copy of the game: £45
  • RRP: £55
  • Kickstarter end date: 30/07/2018
  • Expected delivery: Aug-Sep 2018
  • Status: Funded!


The main core of the game revolves around your Goblin character. Each Goblin has a specific plastic model and an attribute card that tells you what types of dice you are allowed to throw. There are four types available:

  • White Dice – focussed on looking at and perceiving the next task
  • Blue Dice – can be used as wildcards
  • Green dice – focussed on movement
  • Black Dice – focussed on fighting

Once each player has a Goblin, their dice, and some fish to eat on their journey, they can start the quest to become the next Goblin King. First of all the player rolls the dice and can use any dice that has a foot icon on it, in order to move to another hex tile and take on the challenge that lies beneath it. If you’re a cautious goblin you can use any dice with an eye icon, to peek at any tile to see what it contains, to ensure you don’t die on round one. You are allowed to re-roll any dice that are not used in your first move, to try and improve your chances of survival.

The marsh is full of things that want to eat and it’s also full of things that want to kill you, so when you turn over the challenge you normally have at least one mandatory task to fulfil, which usually involves spending some of your dice. You can then spend more dice (if you can afford it) to attempt to defeat the challenge and therefore remove it from the board, gaining some sweet loot. Loot comes in the form of money that you can spend in the shop, or an item that will give you additional dice to roll. Money can be spent in the shop to gain items like a map to give you another white die to roll, but they can also be used to buy yourself a pet. Pet’s give you even more dice to roll which then increases any chances you have of finishing the task.

Visuals and whatnot

There is a lot I can say about the artwork that I have seen for MireMarsh. Having done a bit of research and briefly met Mary Safro at UKGE, I can say she has a hell of a lot of talent in my opinion. Okay, I’m no critic but looking at the comic that she has on Kickstarter (until Aug 4th, 2018) called Drugs And Wires and the work that she has already put into Miremarsh you can probably see that she has a very varied and quite beautiful talent. You can read a bit more of an in-depth interview with Mary over on the Room 17 games website.

Artwork - Source - Room 17 MireMarsh Kickstarter
Artwork – Source – Room 17 MireMarsh Kickstarter

Inside the box for the base £45, you do get a whole batch of miniatures which include 13 plastic Bog goblin miniature, a swamp monster, and a Kickstarter exclusive Fenlord. Added to this are a whole batch of cards, tokens, a full-colour board and 23 custom dice to play with.

Goblins - Source - Room 17 MireMarsh Kickstarter
Goblins – Source – Room 17 MireMarsh Kickstarter


In the interest of complete transparency, I need to say that I have already paid for a copy of this game. I admit that £45 it’s quite a bit of money to shell out for a game but I think you get a lot for your money and I really enjoyed playing the prototype at UKGE, which ultimately lead me to invest my money in it. I also need to say that the models that I saw at UKGE were really highly detailed, now sure these may not have been finalised but if the preview was this good then the finals will just be better surely?

During my playthrough, I went through at least three goblins but I never really felt deflated by this. In fact, I would say it actually gave me a more rounded opinion because I got to try several of the Goblins characters. I love the tense atmosphere the board sets. Do you risk just turning over that next time, or play more cautiously? Take too long in obtaining and completing your quest and you’ll run out of food and starve. Along with the potential for mischief that you can get up it does tend to makes feel small and chaotic, which is every bit like a Goblin.

If you’re feeling flush then it would be worth spending £75 to grab the already planned expansion called MireMarsh – Undermire, which comes with its own board and a bunch of other stuff to make the game longer. Room 17 is also planning a bunch of extra content for all investors when they reach certain goals. You can follow the progress on Kickstarter or with Room 17 Games Twitter, Room 17 Games Facebook and the Room 17 Games Instagram account

Do you feel like questing to become the next Goblin King? How do you feel about the price point on this Kickstarter? Will you be investing or have you already invested in Miremarsh? Tell us what made you say I’m in or even I’m out? Drop us a comment or talk to us via Facebook and/or Twitter.

All hail the Goblin King

– Chris

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