Amecon 2018 – Timlah’s Summary & Gallery

WARNING: This article is incredibly image and video heavy! Anyway, AmeCon 2018 was a roaring success, however the event started off with a few technical issues. Having said that, the crew battled on through those issues to be met with a weekend that had both roaring heat and ridiculous rainfall. The parties were fun, the cosplays were incredible, the guests were wonderful and the panels were all in all great fun. Check out my thoughts and my gallery of AmeCon 2018!

WARNING: This article is incredibly image and video heavy!

AmeCon 2018 was a roaring success in my personal opinion, however the event started off with a few technical issues. Having said that, the crew battled on through those issues to be met with a weekend that had both roaring heat and ridiculous rainfall. The parties were fun, the cosplays were incredible, the guests were wonderful and the panels were all in all great fun (at least the ones I saw). Usually at these events, I don’t spend enough time going to events, usually because I’m in costume myself. For the first time ever, I went to an event with no cosplays, which felt strange, but seriously, it was rewarding to be able to look and appreciate the craft of Cosplay and Japanese fandom as someone looking in again. Read on for more on this year’s experience.

Earlier, I mentioned how AmeCon had a few technical issues to begin with. Nearly all of these technical issues were not their faults, but rather a communication issue between Warwick University and the attendees. If you want to know more about those issues, I’d highly recommend you check out the article we released when it all happened. Whilst this meant that Joel and crew would be off-site, Jake and I, along with our good convention friend Dave, all took to our much more expensive rooms (But Jake and I seriously loved what we were greeted with. The below two pictures were of our room and the third? That was what room service looked like. If you get the opportunity to go to Warwick University and have some extra cash, DO go for either Scarman if you don’t mind a small walk, or Radcliffe, which was genuinely one of the best on-site accommodations I’ve ever stayed in. They even gave attendees a secret exit to get back to the event faster!

Right, on with the meat of this article – Let’s talk about the panels firstly. I loved all of them. From the opening and closing ceremony, through to Taskmaster and other panels we attended. Joel’s panel went down really well, with the whole room packing out. I even went into the very naughty Hentai Panel, which was genuinely hilarious throughout. Honestly, sit in a room filled with anime fans watching Hentai, it’s one of the weirdest but funniest experiences you can find. They are always so well thought-out!

Oh and what would a convention be without a Cosplay Masquerade?! Let me state that this masquerade made me feel all of the emotions! From happiness, awe, shock and even a barrel full of laughs, right until the very last entrants, who gave the event a huge moment to remember. A hearty congratulations to our Zidane and Garnet, I wish you all the best in your future together! For anyone reading who doesn’t know what I’m on about… Go on. Click through the images, you’ll see. Shush, I’m not still crying.

So, what else was there? There was the Dealers Hall and the Games Rooms (both of them). There was also a Bring & Buy, but that queue was always really busy when I went that way, so we all decided to give it some time and step back. We never did get to go into the hall, but hey, I’m sure the Bring & Buy went well. If anyone else went to it and they read this, let us know what you thought in the comments below. Oh, also the parties were great fun – So I’m lumping all of those into one gallery section right here.

Finally, I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk briefly about Kitacon 2019, which would be the next convention that Joel and I would start planning towards. Unfortunately, as the chairman of Kitacon, Phil, took to the stage, he had some bad news for us. He spoke about how Kitacon next year would be the 10th anniversary of the event. He explained how last year, Iain Boulton stepped down and was now formally off the board. But along with that… Four more departures. Amongst them departures were both Cosplay officers and Luke Dann who had been there doing just about everything for the event since the start. And then Phil explained he too was departing. Now, Kitacon has a new chairman in Bristol-based DJ Shenny (Michael Hurst). We wish Michael the best of luck – We’re excited to see where Kitacon goes from here, even if it isn’t taking place next year as they couldn’t secure the Warwick University due to the aforementioned building works.

As a last note, let me state that we’re sorry we didn’t get to record our Top 10 for this week. We had intended to, but Joel and I barely crossed paths across the weekend! We were just having too much of a good time. Thank you AmeCon 2018 – Thank you to all of the gophers and to all of the amazing staff. You guys held, in my personal opinion even with the technical issues with the rooms and the building works, a top notch convention. Joel and I are both very much looking forward to seeing where 2020 takes AmeCon!

I loved every moment of AmeCon 2018, or was it Kitacon 2018? For those of you who weren’t at AmeCon, our host, the Party Pirate, went on stage and blundered by saying the event was Kitacon, which was met with much ridicule for the Party Pirate for the rest of the weekend. Poor guy! The people, the costumes, the panels – It inspired me to get back on with my cosplays. As such, in the near future, expect posts from me featuring new costumes that I’m working on. Hopefully in a few months, I’ll put up a tutorial on making cosplay boots from scratch. Anyway, drop a comment below, or over on Facebook and Twitter – Especially if you’re in one of these pictures, I’d love to be able to credit you properly!






… Oh hey, you’re still here? Well uh, here’s some videos of various bits of the event I captured! If anyone is in one of these videos and really would prefer not to be, I’ll remove the video. These are unlisted playlists, so not public on YouTube. I thought I’d say all this here, because, y’know, you’ve got rights! Anywho, I hope you all enjoy the videos.

Opening Ceremony

Cosplay Masquerade

Impressive looking costume – This person came second in the competition! Huge congratulations to them!

Closing Ceremony Charity Auction

That’s a lot of generosity, but for such unique one-of-a-kind artwork, it’s honestly a bit of a bargain.

End of Con Rock Out – Last Night’s Party

Amazing ending! The AmeCon attendees really outdid themselves this time!

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