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Archive for August 21, 2018

Review – Disenchanted

As The Simpsons draws to a much needed close and after the moderate success of Futurama’s reboot, in many ways I’m glad to see Matt Groening try something different, although in a handful of ways I’m trepidatious. On the one hand we’re applying the beloved comedy that took cartoons in the west to prime time television for decades, to a genre that I have always had a weakness for. On the other hand, that comedy has been getting a little tired after three decades of dominating television.

Nevertheless, I sat and watched Disenchantment. At just a handful of episodes, the whole thing took me less than a day, and gave me a respite from the constant – and I mean constant – marathon of Critical Role I’m currently on. And it also took me by surprise, because I genuinely laughed. I shouldn’t be surprised that a Groening creation makes me laugh, and yet I can’t remember the time I had to double back to watch something because I laughed out loud through some dialogue.