RPG Supplement Review: L’gat’s Tome of Amazing Creatures

Can tabletop RPG’s and disability find some commonground? That’s what the work of Power Up Gamers wants to accomplish, as they want to bring about discussion on tabletop RPG and gamers with disabilities. Part of their goal is to produce a three-part series of RPG supplements called L’gats Tome of Amazing Creatures. Learn more:

There’ve been countless times where I’ve ran a campaign and gone “actually, I really could do with creating a custom creature”. Usually because I’ve been playing a game where the scenario is so far out there, that the confines of Dungeons and Dragons dicates I should be reaching far outside of it to get something more fitting. I’ve had grand wars between gods with my players being in the middle of the fights, I’ve also had to get people to fight off flaming dire wolves. However, sometimes, your mind draws a blank and you need more inspiration. That’s where monster compendiums such as L’gats Tome of Amazing Creatures comes in.

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