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An Update on our eBooks

Jeez, with how much we’ve been doing recently, we almost completely forgot to fill a spot here today. So uh, I guess we should talk a little bit about what it is that we get up to, when we’re not finding out about the latest geek trends; or writing reviews of video games, films, anime or otherwise. Ultimately, you, our readers, are the most important part of why we do what we do, so we’re looking to provide you with even more content, in even more ways. To come up with something new, we’ve been getting on with work on different mediums – And today, let’s discuss our upcoming eBooks.

GeekOut Top 10s

To begin with, this article is basically my way of say “oops”! I completely missed my slot, so I wanted to at least give you a “behind the scenes” idea of what goes on in our day-to-day affairs. Admittedly, I’ve been writing a lot recently, which I expect could rise to a lot more. Don’t worry, there’s no burn out, but I certainly dropped the ball here. My bad.

Right, on with the meat of this article then, let’s chat about our upcoming eBooks – There are three in particular we’d like to release, but one’s actually had progress made on it, with the other two up in the clouds at the moment. We’ve begun work on our first ever eBook, which is called GeekOut Media’s Tome of Top 10’s. Catchy, I know. There’s not a whole lot to say, but hey, let’s chat about what we’re doing to make it, then what we’re doing about the other two.

The Top 10 eBook will effectively be a compendium of what we’ve done so far; a re-worded, re-written bunch of thirty of our Top 10 lists. Then, there’s a further ten exclusives, along with two Top 20 lists. One of the Top 20’s will be one of the previously written Top 10’s, but expanded – and the other will be a completely brand new list. We’ve loved putting the Top 10’s together, so hopefully you enjoy the content we’re coming up with.

There’s not a whole lot to say about how we’re making the eBooks – We’re writing the book, by getting all of the existing lists together and updating them as we add them in. We predict the Top 10 eBook’s going to sit between 210-260 pages long, which is colossal, so uh, I hope it entertains? Furthermore, we’re looking to keep the costs down for our readers, so we’re doing a PWYW scheme – Pay What You Want. If you don’t want, or cannot afford to pay for a copy, then whatever, you can have a copy of it. Alternatively, if you wanted to chip in for our work, we’d certainly not shy away from a donation of some kind. We’ll announce how that’s being set up, once we’re there.

As well as our Top 10 eBook then, we’re hoping to do one for the Beginner’s Cosplay Guide series I ran a while back, as well as hopefully one day a DMing 101 eBook. If there’s anything else we’ve written about that you think should be done as a compendium of some kind, then let us know. All in all, this was just a quick update post to let you know that, oops, I did indeed mess up thinking today was a Tuesday – and I hope you all have a great week ahead. As ever though, share your thoughts about the news of our first upcoming eBook in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Hey – Why not give us some feedback now? What sort of price would you pay for a 210-260 page long eBook? We promise, it’ll be good quality and it’ll be thoroughly entertaining!


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