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Five Year Anniversary of Rogue Legacy

Five years ago, Rogue Legacy was just released. The game was amazing, if you ever played it back then. It didn’t change, for many years, before it finally came back in a fifth year anniversary update, surprising many people in the process – Me included. I mention quite frequently how I like to get a game to completion, then to go ahead and mark it as 100%. With the update, Rogue Legacy became one of the titles I was at 100% complete on, to nearly 100%. If you’ve never heard of Rogue Legacy before, read on for a bit of a summary of what the game’s about, as well as some information on the update.

Rogue Legacy was released in June 2013 and was the first game on Steam I vowed to complete all Steam achievements for fully. It was a genuinely an excellent experience, a Rogue-Lite, as they called it. What they meant by this, is a Roguelike game that is less unforgiving. In a Roguelike, if you die, you start everything again. No if’s, no but’s. In the case of Rogue Legacy, a Rogue-Lite is the same, except when you die, all progress you made is then transferred onto your next character. This means you can get further and further, without really losing any progress made up until that point.

When Rogue Legacy came out, it was lauded with compliments. It was beautifully well made, cleverly designed and all in all, a joy to look at. It took a 2D art style and perfected it, combining a bit of action with a lot of bullethell principals, all whilst mixed into their Rogue-Lite concept. All in all then, Rogue Legacy was a breath of fresh air… And it’s been five years since the game was released. Five years since anything new happened to it – and now they released a whole new element to the game.

There is now a new achievement in the game called Thanatophobia, where you have to beat the game in 15 or less lives. This is a ridiculous achievement, but for those of us who had previously 100%’d the achievements, there was a quick and easy way to earn the achievement if you already had. You simply had to press down Left Alt + Caps Lock + T at the menu screen. Once you do this, you’ll earn the Thanatophobia achievement, but this is only on for a limited time so uh, if you had previously got all the achievements, go do this.

Right, so what else is in the game, other than a new, pretty tricky achievement? Well, the game finally allows cloud saving, which is awesome! It was one of the biggest weak points of the game previously, but considering this is one of the biggest flaws of the game, that’s not exactly that bad a thing. Anyway, they’ve added that now. They also added the ability for players to use their mouse with their keyboard, because apparently people a person wanted this – and with over 2000 comments on that one thread, it just made for an entertaining addition. I don’t think it’ll play well that way but hey, more power to you people who swear only by mouse and keyboard.

Other than that – Two new traits have been added and a few bug and UI fixes. That’s about it! Nothing groundbreaking, but hey, if you’re into your action platformers, do go and check out Rogue Legacy now that there is this new patch. If you’ve never played it before, I implore you to go and play it. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you’ve played this before, or if this game sounds too hard. What do you think about games that add achievements in many years later? Did the developers, Cellar Door Games, do a good job by adding in the keybind to auto-grant the achievement to players who had previously earned all achievements? Or should I not have been lazy and re-do the whole game from scratch?

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