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GeekOut Shrewsbury August ’18 – Tengen Toppa GeekOut Lagann

August, that long awaited Shrewsbury meet, a whole six weeks have elapsed since last we gathered and the enthusiasm has not faded, nay it has grown. Although it’s notable that with the encroaching term-time, and so many of you retreating back to university our numbers have taken a small blow, so too will our growth from month-to-month subside for a while. Still, there is ever more to look forward to.

This month’s theme was Tengen Toppa GeekOut Lagann, which will make very little sense to those not at least vaguely into their anime. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a ridiculously over the top anime about robots fighting moons and smashing together to make walking boat-swords. You can see the appeal. Our mechs will not be fighting anyone with boat-swords…


A far quieter affair than I was hoping for, with only myself an Murray to get our Magic playing out of our systems over a bagel and some mac and cheese. Probably no bad thing, we had a small table that rapidly filled with merfolk and walls.

But if Dough and Oil was so quiet, where was everyone? Well apparently the idea of going somewhere nice to eat didn’t sit well with some of you, so we arrived at Monty’s to find…

Fine, I get the hint, we’ll stick to coffee places in future then shall we?


Check in the gallery for some interesting firsts and GeekOut records. Fish’s never-before-seen roll of thirteen brains in Zombie Dice, with only one shot, the first time we’ve ever had to refill the cup! Tallest tower in Rhino hero as a definite possibility, first ever draw and first ever four-way-wipe-out in Tsuro (in two separate games) and as a special treat, the first time we have had some of Bristol’s poster supply!

A huge thanks to all of you who bought posters, you will help support and perpetuate GeekOut Shrewsbury meets, and help make them bigger and better. And to those of you who tell your friends, drag in acquaintances, show up month after month, or show up at every opportunity, thank you for making all the effort worthwhile.

Toilet Roll Mechs

This month’s competition, build-a-mech with a single toilet roll! Extra cardboard permitted, along with enough tape, glue, and sharpie marks to make something spectacular from a single cylinder of cardboard that still has little bits of toilet paper stuck to it. The results were as wonderful as ever, some hastily made, some exquisitely assembled, and woe unto the late entry by Harley and Fish that could have seized first prize from Cal, but I think they reaped their rewards from the joy of creation.

Next Month

GeekOut West-Midlands returns on the 27th with Harry Potter and the Shrewsbury Geeks, after all, it’s back to school with some of you, and there’s a quiz to give y’all some schoolin’. But if you’re not all that into your Potter fandom and info then have no fear, the quiz categories will be based on Hogwarts subjects, not necessarily on Potterlore. Swat up on Divination, Potions, Charms, and Defence Against The Dark Arts among others, and I’ll see you in a few week’s time. Keep an eye on Facebook and Meetup for the details.


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