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GeekOut Bristol Meet – September 8th: Harry Potter’s GeekOut Return

Another GeekOut Bristol Meet has come and gone, but don’t be dismayed, we’ll be back next month. Whilst there were a number of Muggles about the Old Market Tavern, the venue helped us put on a magical event. There were plenty of Hogwarts House special drinks, one for each house, as well as a returning favourite in Butterbeer. Check below for some of our pictures of the event, as well as some preliminary information about when the next one’s going to go live.

As ever, let’s start off by talking about how great it is to see every one of you gorgeous geeks. It’s frankly amazing having you all pop by and come to chill with us, so thank you so very much for your time. Hopefully you all had a great time at the event – And hey, this was the first event I sent out a feedback form on. I’m going to start throwing random feedback forms out for different events, to see if we did anything right or wrong, what we can do better, or if things are going great. I’ll not share the data, as they are completely anonymous, but what I will say is it seems that everybody enjoyed this event – And it was basically unanimous that this was a popular theme, so thanks everyone!

We had 72 geeks come and join us for games, drinks and more. It was great to meet some new folk, as well as to see a lot of regular returning faces. What’s nice is how well everyone integrates with new folk, so seriously, a huge thanks to the regulars who help the new folk feel welcome. Below is our gallery of the event – But there’s a second gallery which I’ll explain about after you’ve glanced over these awesome images.

So our competition this month was to design three items; a spell, a wand and a house crest. We had some stiff competition with the top three being only 0.5 points away from each other. Below are all of the entries – But we had some genuinely gorgeous prizes, which you can see below as well.

Below are all of our amazing entries – Thanks to everyone who got so involved and creative for this month’s competition!

I’d just like to say a huge thanks to the Old Market Tavern and Mike ‘Dante’ Crosby. They helped us put on an amazing show on Saturday, so thank you so very much for your constant help. We’re looking forward to next month’s event, where we’re getting all Halloween-y! Yes, we like to celebrate Halloween a little bit early, so next month, we’ll be introducing our Spectre-Waltz. More details for next month’s event to follow by no later than Friday 14th (not quite an unlucky number). As ever though, share your thoughts about this month’s event and the above gallery in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

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