Geek Proud, GeekOut.

Our Design Philosophy

One thing I have had a number of compliments about are our posters, our website’s appearance and all of our design. Honestly, whenever I hear good things about these, I actually chuckle and shrug a bit. “Nah, you’re just saying that,” I’ve often said to myself. Well today, I thought I’d share with you why our scheme is black, grey, red and white. These four simple colours, or shades, are each hugely important to our identity. Here’s how and why.

Our Website Background Image

Let’s begin with the background image used on the website – Something we’ve often been told is nice to look at. It’s not going to make you go crazy; it’s not going to make you go screaming home about it. Indeed, it’s simple, it’s soft to look at and you’re not going to have the harshness of light shining brightly on you. Indeed, the dark colour scheme was to try and help people with eye problems.

I have a condition called Coats’ Disease, which effectively makes me half blind. It’s a rare condition, which means that I want to do everything I can to protect my one working eye. Because of this, I like to look at darker colours, because they’re softer on the eye. I always find Google a painful website to look at, with the bright whites – I wanted something dark, without feeling ‘edgy’, or ‘moody’.

So along came black and grey – Which in colour theory, the message between our colour choices mean as follows:

  • Black: Mysterious, powerful and unknown
  • Grey: Unknown, calm, questioning

With this in mind, I wanted something strong and contrasting to go as our logo. Something somewhat more optimistic – Something to represent the main word I wanted to have in the forefront of the lifetime of GeekOut South-West. I wanted people to be able to feel like we’re as passionate as they are about their fandoms. We want to learn more about different geek fandoms, so to do that, we started to write about them.

Our Website Logo

Our logo is built to be as simple as it can be. I wanted red, a colour of, you guessed it – Passion. It’s the colour of intensity, passion, love – It’s aggressive, but it can also be one of utmost belief. It’s such a powerful colour, which when complimented the “unknown” colours of black and grey, you get the sense of going deep in adventure. You get the idea of something to search for, through the unknown – Something to be passionate about.

The GeekOut Button, as we’ve come to refer to it, was built because we wanted a very simple shape. I learned early on that the simpler a logo is, the more effective. Look at Google’s – It’s just their name, with different colours. Facebook is just an F, Twitter is the bird – We’re this big red button. The question is – Will you push the button to find out more?

By taking the more positive messages out of otherwise “moodier”, more “aggressive” colours, I’ve found people have been responding nicely to this. People seem to understand that’s the motif we’ve gone for and I’d say most people reading this site would get that. We’re going to continue this design philosophy over to the new website, which we’ll show more of, the closer we get to release. But what do you think? If you could design a website, what colours would you employ? Be honest with us – Does our scheme work? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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