Top 10 Enemies With Lots of Health

From the insanely difficult, to the just long, neverending slog – Enemies that have a lot of health have been in gaming for a very long time. Indeed, so long, that some of us are still fighting them. If you’ve ever played a video game where you’ve questioned why you’ve had to fight the same battle for so long, then this is the list for you – This is our Top 10 Enemies With Lots of Health.

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From the insanely difficult, to the just long, neverending slog – Enemies that have a lot of health have been in gaming for a very long time. Indeed, so long, that some of us are still fighting them. If you’ve ever played a video game where you’ve questioned why you’ve had to fight the same battle for so long, then this is the list for you – This is our Top 10 Enemies With Lots of Health.

Top 10

10) King Statue  – Mother 3


The King Statue is an enemy we’ve mentioned in previous articles, along with Mother 3 in general. The King Statue is an optional, ahem, ‘superboss’ of sorts. If you don’t know the trick behind the encounter, then you’re going to have to fight through 99,999,999 health – Which, considering you normally hit for perhaps 9,999 at best, that’s a lot of hits. If you had nothing but your highest damage, that’s going to be a whopping 10,001 hits!

Anyway, ignoring the stupid calculations, this health is somewhat of a false notion. There’s a trick, where you buy an item called a New Year’s Eve bomb, then use that on it for 99,999,998 damage, before hitting it with a basic attack. Probably serves the statue right, as it constantly gives you the feeling of hostility! Remember to return the stares and give it some of its hostility back.

9) Reichsman – City of Heroes

City of Heroes was an amazing Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, which really was pretty unique for its time. The main criticism of the game however, was that a lot of the enemies, zones and maps were basically the same. I remember playing through to at least level 20 on this game, where it became a grindfest. I kind of appreciated that about the game however, as I got to fly through the skies!

So the Reichsman needed to get a mention here, because when we talk about Enemies With Lots of Health, we have to talk about this genetically altered supervillain. He’s not particularly hard, which’ll be a recurring theme for a lot of the entries on this list, but he has approximately 10 times as much health as the rest of the bosses. Whilst a boss may have between 30-50,000 health, Reichsman had approximately a quarter of a million! Talk about stepping up.

8) Dullahan – Golden Sun

One of the superbosses of Golden Sun, Dullahan is honestly a bit of a legendary figure. He has the highest health rating in the game and unlike many others on this list, Dullahan is legitimately one tough cookie to crack. You need to go in with a game plan for this encounter, as he’s tougher than the final boss of the game, indeed, he’s a true superboss – And not just for the health count.

Dullahan is best known for his insane stat advantage over the players, but more importantly – The fact that on top of his health, his stats and general powers, he can attack three times in one turn. This is an insane advantage for the superboss, so be prepared, equip your Djinn wisely and make sure you’ve bought all the health you’re going to need. This is one hard as nails encounter.

7) Diablo III – Ghom

First boss, act three, measuring stick for DPS characters. For the more competitive players, constant trial runs to max out stats are a must, and for those trialling their maximum damage output, a bucket of health like Ghom whose own damage can be made negligible with the right equipment, is ideal.

Ghom communicates his exact purpose with pure, flabby size. If he were slender and long-limbed you might not expect him to be all that hardy, but the lord of gluttony is a pair of weedy arms and a hood decorating a polyp of mouths and gastronomic gasses. That’s basic design work at play, take one look and know you’re in for a long fight no matter how specc’d you’ve built your character.

6) The Tarrasque – Dungeons & Dragons

D&D’s Godzilla, the sleeping engine of death that waits beneath the world’s surface. Few creatures are bigger, no manifest god is stronger, and the most potent spell in the game has only a chance at putting it back to sleep for a while.

The Tarrasque is so monstrously hard to put down that it’s become the butt of every joke going. If the odds are insurmountable, there’s only one thing the DM can use to make it worse. If the party are terrifying all-destroying min-maxing horror show, chuck a Tarrasque at them! Why not throw some templates and a flight speed on there too? Why not, the only reason to use a Tarrasque is because the table’s too heavy to flip!

5) Delirium – The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

This is genuinely an exciting entry for us to include, as The Binding of Isaac deserves as much love as it can get. When the Afterbirth+ expansion was added, the game unveiled the true final boss… At least until the next one, if there’s a next one! Indeed, we saw Delirium, the very definition of insanity. This fight is a pain for a lot of Binding of Isaac players, but the enemy certainly can absorb some damage.

Whilst he only lasts about 5-10 minutes for most builds, he’s possibly only second in terms of actual raw health when compared to The Hush (but it’s hard to find actual data on this). Ignoring that however, we picked Delirium specifically, as The Hush might only take longer due to the very bullet-hell feel of the fight. Get ready for a tricky battle against the games true final boss, as you’re going to be locked into this fight.

4) The Azure Dragon – Heroes of Might & Magic III

Among the more fascinating additions in the expansions for Heroes of Might & Magic are the crystalline dragons. They belong to no faction, outclass the highest ranked creatures that can be recruited from any town, and in fact have the highest attack, defence, and health of any creature in the game, ranking three tiers above them all. A single azure dragon can stare down vast armies, soaking up every drop of punishment, eradicating their most powerful units before mopping up the rest effortlessly.

For those installing Armageddon’s Blade for the first time, seeing this strange blue beastie for the first time and wondering “how tough can it be, really?” – be ready to lose months of accumulating creatures, be ready to sacrifice your most powerful hero and all for the sake of seizing control of these ultimate horrors. Their special Fear ability makes them less of a threat to necromancers, but the one who should truly be afraid is the one who sits at the keyboard.

3) The Four Kings – Dark Souls

It’d be outright wrong of us to build this list without the modern-day benchmark for punishing games getting a mention. While the game does have a few bigger enemies in terms of pure hit-point value, the Four Kings out-do them all by smashing their health together into one mass.

These guys are another test for the damage-dealing character, because if you can’t put each King down fast enough you may end up facing them all at once. Their appearance during combat is not predicated on an event, rather they are simply timed, so if you find yourself struggling to put down the first, you may find yourself facing all four. And with their shared health-bar, it’s hard to know exactly how close you are to finishing the job.

2) Blissey – Pokemon

Oh boy. You don’t have to know the depths of Pokemon to understand this one, if you’ve played Go long enough, get into a few gym fights, and you dread the sight of a wall of Blisseys more than you worry about any Blastoise or Gyarados army. Hells, if you could put the legendary birds onto a gym they’d still be less of a concern than that pink health bubble that threatens to clock you out before you can squeeze that last fragment of health out.

Blissey in the “real” game is as terrifying, if not worse for the healing powers they possess. Soft Boiled takes care of most of the effort you put into denting that mass of HP. It’s not for the sake of surviving so that Blissey can take out your worst Mon’s, but those Power Points are finite, and can run out quickly if you’re forced to piling your most powerful damage dealing powers into a smiling egg with an egg pouch!

1) Adamantoise – Final Fantasy XV

If I told you that Adamantoise shared a similar history with GeekOut South-West to King Statue, the tenth place entry in today’s list, would you believe me? Well, they were both included in our Top 10 Boring Boss Battles list, which, may seem harsh, but ultimately both are just damage sponges. There’s little real strategy – although the King Statue slipped into Honourable for that one, as you are supposed to two shot it as mentioned in today’s entry.

The Adamantoise was literally created as a gaming endurance test, which isn’t a bad thing really. It doesn’t make for an exciting encounter, but it certainly is something you need to grab some food and drink for – And get ready for a bit of a gaming session. All in all, if you can be bothered to sit through the Adamantoise fight, go do it and record it. Honestly, I’m waiting for an Adamantoise speed run!

Honourable Mentions

Alright, so the above enemies were all loaded with health, but now we’re going to move away officially from those enemies. Honestly, we’re already going to be fighting the above list for the next couple of weeks, so now we’re going to talk more generally about bosses and fan made creations.


This may be a bit of a cheat, especially considering we’ve added a couple of superbosses in this week’s list, but we had to bring this up. A superboss is a term that sorta came about from RPGs. This is usually an exceptionally hard boss, which counts as a sort of final test for the player before they go on to fight the end boss of the game. Effectively, this is the hardcore mode for most RPGs.

Most RPGs have a superboss, but other game genres are known to have superbosses. From shooters, fighting games and more – They exist everywhere in gaming. So, we thought we’d round up all other superbosses in one concise entry. Final Fantasy has many of them, Golden Sun has many more, even Pokemon has Pokemon Trainer Red to fight in Gold/Silver and the remakes. Superbosses are everywhere, so seriously, go challenge the hardest fights in every game you can. It’s super rewarding!

Saxton Hale – Team Fortress 2

In the world of Red vs Blue, there’s only one way to unite an army against a single man? Throw them up against the most glorious barely-clothed bullet magnet, the CEO from Mann Co, the thunder from down under, Saxtoooooon Haaaaaaaale!!

Yes, the man who bought England is available as a 1 versus All variation to TF2, although only as an unofficial mod, hence the drop to honourables. But who better to bring into the game than the man who tried to end the conflict between RED and BLU by adding more weapons? Hit points that only grow when you add more players, only getting faster and more powerful as those hit points diminish, oh, and a barbarian-like rage ability just to really up the ante. Nothing less from the man who fought a lion mid-haircut.

Finally, this neverending encounter has, well, ended. It’s time to put down our gamepads, leave our keyboards and mice alone for a little bit – and it’s time for us to just let out a pant of frustration. These guys had so much health, that they let us dream up three more Top 10 lists just to be chosen for next week. So, before we start the next superboss in our lists, help us choose what list we should do next week!

Did we include your favourite superbosses, or general enemies with lots of health? Did any of the above picks surprise you? What about the order of the entries on our above list? As ever, we write these articles because they’re a lot of fun, but more importantly, we love to read what all of you have to say! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Enemies With Lots of Health”

  1. Another Final Fantasy choice, Lady Yunalesca from Final Fantasy X. That fight takes forever and the dying during it and having to start all over again is the single most depressing part of Final Fantasy X. I like the game, but that fight really sapped my desire to continue my latest replay.

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    1. Oh wow, for a game to make you feel like that – That’s terrible :( A shame, as FFX is considered one of the best entries (One I’ve yet to actually play myself, too).

      If you could place her, where would she go in your version of the list?

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      1. Honestly, I haven’t played a lot of these games but for me she is the number one fight that just goes on far too long with a seemingly unkillable enemy because just when you think you might win they change forms and get all new and larger health bars. I seriously rage quit so many times after dying playing her because after seemingly fighting forever and thinking I was close she’d suddenly launch an attack and wipe out my fighters and I’d have to go back to the save point before the fight and start all over. Really frustrating.
        FFX is great, but this fight is painful.

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  2. I’d give fair mention to Hush due to how his damage scaling works.
    Both Hush and Delirium use the mechanic where the more damage is dealt within a time period, the less damage is dealt. Hush has a constant value whereas Deliriums changes over the period of the battle (it’s also only active while he is imitating a boss, while he’s in “true form” he’s more vulnerable).
    Hush also hides and can attack from hiding whereas Delirium is always able to be hit.

    Delirium is certainly the final challenge of the game for any character, but Hush is an equally dangerous stepping stone :)

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    1. I knew if anyone would know for certain, it’d be you!

      My personal argument against Hush is that a lot of time, as you state, he hides from attacks. This isn’t a health advantage, this is a time challenge. Not to knock Hush at all as a boss, as it’s simply an awesome encounter (as is Delirium).


  3. The Final Fantasy 13, mission 62, fighting dual Raktavija, was the longest battle I’ve ever endured in my life, and the highest tension.

    57 minutes, I will NEVER forget that fight, and somehow I got in a loop where I would take abuse and be almost dead, swap paradigms, heal, swap again, get a few hits in, and repeat.

    So I barely got to attack, and would almost be killed, on a loop for 57 minutes where one mistake would be my undoing.

    I guess it was more of a barrier thing than a health thing… but they had plenty of that too…

    Don’t get me started on Adamantoise…

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