Top 10 Embarrassing Character Deaths

Come one, come all, to our gallery of heroes and villains who have fallen; except this wing of the gallery has a little twist. Every one of the heroes and villains we’re about to show you have fallen in some embarrassing manner. So whether or not these characters have been caught with their trousers down, or whether they just died because reasons, here are our Top 10 Embarrassing Character Deaths.

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Come one, come all, to our gallery of heroes and villains who have fallen; except this wing of the gallery has a little twist. Every one of the heroes and villains we’re about to show you have fallen in some embarrassing manner. So whether or not these characters have been caught with their trousers down, or whether they just died because reasons, here are our Top 10 Embarrassing Character Deaths.

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10) Maude Flanders – The Simpsons



Let’s start off with a fairly iconic death that took place on The Simpsons; a show where death isn’t all that common, except for their Halloween-inspired Treehouse of Horror episodes. People are used to The Simpsons being a good chuckle, all a bit lighthearted. Indeed, deaths in the aforementioned Halloween episodes are usually comical and all a little bit lighthearted in the long run.

So why pray tell did they decide to kill Maude Flanders off, especially in such a shocking, but somewhat humorous way? Okay, so Ned is a great character who developed a lot before and after the event, but Maude was a nice supporting touch for Ned. To make him a widower would have been fine, but when you think of a death, it’s hard to even remember how Maude died. So how did she die?

… She had some t-shirts launched out of a cannon at her. Eesh, awkward start to this list.

9) Cucco’s Revenge Squad – Legend of Zelda

Arguably one of the most well known embarrassing deaths we could think of, this is such an iconic way to go that people kinda like to do it. It’s rare that you would think of a chicken as a harmful little creature. Indeed, the Cucco’s of the Legend of Zelda franchise are known for being incredibly violent, but not for no reason. Normally, they’re relaxed, they don’t even mind if you accidentally smack them once or twice.

If you hit them too often however, you’re going to get hit a lot back in return. Indeed, it’s very possible for Cucco’s to kill you in the game. They may not look like a lot, but they have numbers and they can fly down across the screen better than most of the enemies in any dungeon. Considering how Cucco’s are all practically immortal, this is one of the most embarrassing ways to go – From being cruel, to being Cucco’s next meal.

8) Mecha-Frieza – Dragon Ball Z

Frieza is a name known across all of Dragon Ball as a character of cruelty and violence. He relishes in any pain he can inflict upon others. He’s evil, he was the primary antagonist of the Namek saga and yes, he was all in all Goku’s biggest test to date, making all previous antagonists look painfully weak by contrast. So where would the franchise go from here? Frieza was so much more powerful than most enemies, we’d need enemies even more powerful than that.

A ship came down to Earth, bearing both Frieza and his father, King Cold, the former of which had been pieced back together basically as a patchwork version of himself. He was projected to be even stronger and his father stronger still. However, when Future Trunks came to Earth, he just pulled out a sword and slain both of them in less than an episode, making for quite a dramatic turn of events. From the most fearsome warrior of the universe, to fodder for someone who came to ask for help from people who struggled with Frieza previously.

7) Meredith Vickers – Prometheus

If you’re familiar with the phrase “Prometheus school of running away from things” then you’re already familiar with the tragic demise of one Meredith Vickers. Charlize Theron played the Weyland Corporation representative who has the intelligence to represent an interplanetary corporation in a scientific endeavour, but not smart enough to serpentine when a colossal spaceship is rolling towards her in a straight line.

I mean it’s certainly dramatic, but you’d think that even in those moments when the “monkey brain” takes over in pursuit of our own survival, the smart move is still to dodge rather than trying to outrun the damn thing, or waiting for the convenient gap in the ring. Oh yes Elizabeth Shaw! Don’t think you’re escaping remark just because you survived by running in the same stupid direction!

6) Getting Wasted by NPCs – Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is an action/adventure ‘crime’ franchise, allowing you to feel like you really are some bad person. You are free to roam a pretty open world; jumping into and hotwiring cars, gunning unsuspecting victims, mugging and worst of all, farting. But with that said, just because you’re a criminal, doesn’t mean you don’t have rough days of your own. Sometimes, the victimiser becomes the victim.

In a weird way, this is sort of similar to the Legend of Zelda Cucco entry, insofar as both are a response to the immorality of your decisions. You expect the police to take their turns wailing on you, but what you don’t expect are the little old ladies that turn around and kick you to the ground after you attempted to get them. This happens so often, it’s just sad! Jump into an IT professionals card and watch them rip you back out of it and just call you an expletive for your troubles.

5) Russell Franklin – Deep Blue Sea

This is more a case of bad timing. Aside from the surprise of watching Samuel L. Jackson die in a film, or at the very least that early in a film’s kill list, the most humiliating part for sure is the rousing speech he’d just been giving about keeping level heads in a crisis, taking sensible courses of action while all about him are losing their cool and turning on each other.

“First, we’re going to seal off this ho-” As the hyper intelligent drug-test shark emerges from aforementioned, unsealed hole, to tear him in half. That’s gotta hurt just that little bit more, right? Now, mock Deep Blue Sea all you like, and we will, it did a wonder for turning horror expectations on their head. If you thought you knew who was going to survive to the end, you were wrong! More surviving was the number of acting careers that made it out alive.

Congratulations to Deep Blue Sea for it’s fifth appearance in a Top 10 here on GeekOut, most of which have been this scene. It’s just too good.

4) De-Veganised – Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Todd Ingram, evil ex #3, only reaching #4 on this list. Of all the many deaths in the film there are worse, there may even be more humiliating (looking at you Roxie, but this is a family friendly site), but Todd looked all set to tear Scott Pilgrim a new one, Superman style. To be knocked out on a technicality after such a decisive looking fist fight and bass battle must be utterly excruciating.

Because no Todd, Chicken is not vegan. So your psychic powers can be all too easily revoked due to the sheer amount of meat and dairy swimming about in your system from that one time you ate gelato. Having your powers revoked, your hair diminished, and your whole body reduced to coin in a single strike is the least fate you deserve you disgrace!

3) Chef – South Park

Don’t upset the South Park boys. If you can’t take a joke at your own expense then you only poke that particular bear, and it’s worse by far if you worked for them.

Isaac Hayes famously left after an episode mocking the “religion” Scientology, to which he belongs. After he departed, taking with him an audience favourite character – Chef – Parker and Stone made a mockery of him shortly thereafter, using audio clips of his voice badly edited together to cast him in the role of a dangerous pervert in another, only slightly stranger cult.

I’ll keep the more unpleasant details out of this post, suffice to say that Chef himself was dropped from a rope bridge, and shredded by wild animals. Shortly thereafter he is rebuilt Darth-Vader style, but he has not yet returned.

2) Prod – Worms


Let this be a lesson to you all on the matter of sensible troop placement in a game with such maddeningly soft weapon options. In an arsenal that includes air-dropped concrete donkeys and super-powered explosive sheep, being poked into open water from a precarious position is about as humiliating an end as it can get.

Made all the worse by the inevitability of the slowly creeping worm, and all you can do is to watch and wait. It’s bad enough you threw yourself into oblivion earlier with a badly timed ninja rope. It’s terrible that you randomly teleported into a little corner where your friends can just drop grenades while you can only hope for another blowtorch to drop. But being poked into nothing with a single outstretched digit, losing the one worm you had left at full health? That’s gotta hurt.

1) Yoshikage Kira – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

A little bit of context as to why this one gets to number one.

Yoshikage Kira is the primary antagonist of the fourth arc of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Diamond is Unbreakable. The protagonist, Josuke, finds out about Kira from his older nephew, Jotaro. Kira is elusive to both of them to begin with, as Kira is a serial killer who leaves no trace of his victims. He enjoys his life by turning those he despises into dust – And he went unnoticed for a long time, thanks to the power of his stand, Killer Queen.

On the first encounter with some of Josuke’s team, Kira was bested. He escaped, managed to change his identity and continued to live his life. The team were onto him now though, so during their final encounter, the team tried to find out what Kira’s new identity was by using a lead in Hayato. Kira, however, had obtained new powers which he used.on the team. His new power allowed him to kill people remotely by having a mini version of his stand on another person, which he chose Hayato. The new power meant that if anyone attempted to learn Kira’s identity, it’d kill them… But Kira had to know who was killed, else the time would keep looping.

This meant that many of the team were killed several times; until Kira himself was drawn out. Once it came to blows, Kira was a lot more dangerous… However, it all ended suddenly. Kira was knocked into the road and he turned around when he met his fate…

… He got ran over by an ambulance and that was that. Oh and the spirit of a girl whom he had murdered many years ago managed to send his soul into the afterlife, so he would never come back. He went from a perfect killer, to being found, humbled and killed by a foreign object. Finally, he was reduced, ironically, to nothing – Just like his victims. What a way to go.

Honourable Mentions

Our hons this time aren’t specific character deaths, but rather some, uh, embarrassing ways to go. These are dumb ways to go in the real world, so if you’re thinking of doing something daft, then you might want to check these next two mentions first.

Dumb Ways To Die – Australian Rail Safety Advert


It’s catchy, clever, actually rather good, and serves an essential public service; warning the public of the dangers of eating old pie that has not been properly preserved. Oh! And don’t jump in front of trains and stuff like that I guess, I dunno, that part didn’t rhyme.

Dumb Ways To Die spread like wildfire quite some time ago, and has seen several loving parodies emerge, like a movie version, a Critical Role Version, and a fun version, a surprising number of which are rather well animated, if not so well written as the original. It’s surprising how cheerful a song about death can be, nevertheless, neither GeekOut or the songs themselves condone dying. Especially if you’re going to be an idiot about it.

Darwin Awards

The Darwin Awards are a cruel entry to put on here, but in all honesty, it’s hard to not mention embarrassing deaths without bringing up this list. This is a list that has compiled a bunch of abnormal, strange deaths that have happened for real. They also include some honourable mentions, which are people who didn’t die, but did something unbelievably stupid nonetheless.

There’s really not too much to say about this one, but it was named after Charles Darwin, known for his theory of evolution. Have a read through if you’re okay with reading about people’s deaths, it’s an interesting website that’s collected a lot of strange ways to go.

Please readers, be safe out there and don’t do anything that’ll get your name put on this site, okay? Promise?

That’s it, these folk have all died in some of the most embarrassing ways imaginable. But death is rarely final in the realm of media; these characters and these deaths live on in our hearts. But, whilst we remember those who have departed us today in our list, we need to pass this back to you. Next week, we’ll be back again – But we need your help picking a suitable list to write about, so get choosing!

That’s it, we’ve written the final chapter of these characters lives. What do you think of our list? Did you like how we included dumb ways for video game characters to die in this list? Do you think this should have been just characters that have died? As ever, share your thoughts and opinions below – and let us know of any embarrassing deaths that should have gotten in this list – in the comments below or over on Facebook and Twitter.

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