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GeekOut Bristol Meet – October 12th: Spectre Waltz Gallery

October, a month for the spooky and the macabre. A month when children dress up like the little monsters they are, whilst asking for sugar to make them even more energetic. However, it’s not just the kids who get into the spirit of Halloween. Us grown adults still love a good excuse to throw a costume on and to decorate the place, making it a spooky spectacular for all involved. Yeah, alright, I didn’t have much in the way to make the place spookier, but we certainly did have the right people come along, helping us by making the place a Halloween haven – And we were just under three weeks early!

As ever, here’s our usual rundown of figures and the likes. We had another 53 people turn up to the event. Some who came and stayed for just an hour to come and say hello, some who stuck around for a few hours, some who stayed from start to finish. I think it’s fair to say that approximately 50-55 is our rough average, however that doesn’t matter so much. What does matter is the type of quality conversation and friendships to be made from the event. Thankfully once again our group proves why we’re such a warm, welcoming event for newbies and even for people who came to the pub, just to enjoy themselves.

We turned the conservatory area into our own little Halloween haven, where we had board games and long conversations. We held our usual competition at the event, where this month the prizes were a Werewolf card game, £20 in Coscraft vouchers and a 2kg tub of Haribo! Trick or treat indeed – All that people had to do was arrive in a costume, have their picture taken and boom! They were in with a chance for a prize. Unfortunately, the weather did kind of ruin this a little bit, as it was absolutely blasting it down with rain before we all got to the Old Market Tavern, so that kinda sucks. Nevermind, we still got four very capable entries, which took us some time to decide the winners for!

Ah, enough from me – Our full gallery is below!

Now that we’re another day closer to Halloween, expect the site to get some visual changes at some point, just for a little while. As ever though, if you attended our event, share your thoughts in the comments below or over on Facebook and Twitter. Now go on out there and get ready for Halloween!


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