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Mobile Game Review: Happy Glass

Ever wondered what a game of filling up a glass of water looks like? Yeah, well, neither did I… And yet, that’s what it’s come to ladies and gentlemen. However, don’t think that this is a bad title, indeed it’s a rather fun little game about filling up a glass of water. How can that be? Well, you turn it into a sweet little puzzler title and suddenly you’ve got water flowing everywhere, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. If you’re a bit of a puzzle fan, then you should come check out Happy Glass with us.


Developer Lion Studios
Platforms Android, iOS
Price £Free (with plenty of ads)



Simply put, your goal is to fill a glass with some water. It’s not a case of picking the glass up and putting it under some running water though – Instead, you have to draw lines and let physics help you out. Water comes out of a fawcet of kinds, which you then have to help navigate to your glass. Naturally, as the game is called Happy Glass, you want to make your initially sad glass happier by filling it up to the required amount. This may not sound like a riveting concept for a game, but trust me, it works really well as the glass always looks genuinely miserable when you start a level off. Poor inanimate object.

To get the water to the glass, you simply have to draw lines that’ll move the flow of water to the glass. If you draw a flat surface underneath the water, it’ll try to go to both sides. If you make a slope, the water will follow the slope. It reacts as accurately as it can do, but it’s fairly limited due to the technologies used. Having said that, in terms of it being a puzzler, it works exactly as you’d expect it to, making it a very simple puzzle. Along with the lines you draw, there are shapes/terrain, which affect how your drawings sit in the world.

Furthermore, there are a few other features. The glass can tip over, pouring out all of the contents. The glass can fall off the map if the map has no walls stopping it. There are free-falling objects and obstacles, these will sometimes need to be moved first. There is also a red heat platform, which evaporates the water before it can fall the whole way. There’s a lot of little strategy involved with getting the water to the glass.


Simple. Very simple. It looks exactly like it should do, but the game is still fairly hefty on the download size, which is bizarre. The only real graphics of the game are the pencil and glass assets, which still aren’t exactly the most exquisite looking pieces. Nevertheless, the game does look good for a mobile game, giving a very clean, simple look. Don’t mistake simple for bad though, as the game looks exactly like it should. As ever, seeing is believing, so check out our gallery below:


Simple, audible, not too annoying. It’s a pleasant piano arrangement, which you can listen to for a fairly long time without getting annoyed at it. All in all, it works for what it is. It doesn’t overstay its welcome, but it also doesn’t try to be too ambitious.


I really enjoyed Happy Glass. It’s nothing special; not a game that’ll change your perception of the world, but as a nice little puzzler, it serves its purpose nicely. As a free game it works very well, although there are an excessive amount of adverts unfortunately. This can be a bit of a turn off, however if you’re like me and are happy to just wait between levels occasionally, then you should give this a go. It’s fun, it’s simple and all in all, it’s all about making something happy. Even if that something is an inanimate object. But now over to you – What other water based puzzle games can you think of? Share your thoughts on Happy Glass below or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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