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Snitch – by Slight Games – Kickstarter

You may remember a that some time ago we attended UK Games Expo and during that time, we came across quite a few Kickstarter projects that were due to launch this year. Snitch is one of those projects I found, where I was lucky enough to play it with the creators. It’s a fast-paced social-deduction style game, that now has been released on Kickstarter and at time of writing, is well underway to getting funded.


  • No of Players: 3-5 (5+ requires 2 packs)
  • Age advisory: 8+
  • Approx play time: ~15 mins
  • Price: £12 (plus postage)
  • Kickstarter end date: 4th November 2018
  • Estimated Delivery date: May 2019
  • Board Game Geek
  • Kickstarter link

Background & Gameplay

You and your friends play gang members, who have just entered a new city. You plan a series of heists, each requiring a different skill in order to make your way to becoming the richest crime lord. Your choice for every heist is simple; Do you supply the right member to the team, or secretly snitch on them?

At the start of the game, all players receive ten cards and three coins. The cards will be made up of seven random thieves and three snitch cards. The main game then takes place over the course of eight rounds. At the start of each round, one player draws at least two and up to the total number of players from the deck. These cards determine the requirements for the heist to go ahead. Players then take it in turns to claim which of the requirements they are going to fulfill, before submitting a card, face down. Once all players have claimed which role they will fulfil; players then turn over their cards in unison and we then get to see who was lying. In this we have several outcomes.

Heist is successful

For this to be true there must be at least one card of each of the requirements. If the requirements state that there be at least one Muscle on the job and two are provided then the job is still a success and all crime lords who contributed to the heist receive a coin per requirement card. So in a job that has four requirement cards, players would receive a payout of four coins. Any player who played a Snitch card in this scenario does not receive a payout.

Heist is not successful

Players submitted cards that did not meet the requirements and therefore the heist has failed. In this scenario, nobody will get any money, providing nobody played a Snitch card.

There is more than one Snitch

You dirty rat, but more fool the other gang members for believing you. Any honest players lose one coin back into the coin into a pool to create the winnings, which are then split equally between the players who played a Snitch card. If there are more snitches than there are thieves, you can issue the coins from the bank. Similarly if there are too many coins, then round it up so that all snitches get an equal amount of coins and take any extra you need from the pool of coins.

There is only one Snitch

You’re a sneaky genius. Not only have you knocked down your fellow gang members a peg or two, but you also get to steal one coin from all other players.


When I sat down to play Snitch at UKGE, I admit that I knew nothing about it. I was impressed by how fast the game was to pick up and get to grips with. It’s great as a filler game, or a starter game before you take on something that might take hours. You could easily play several sessions of the game in any one sitting. The artwork is clean and simple, with a great sense of style. It’s well worth a £12 investment in my opinion and if you play with a larger group, you can pay £20 and get two packs.

You can keep up with all the activity going on with Snitch by looking in on the Slight Games website. They also have a FacebookTwitter and Instagram account. If you have any feedback about the game or indeed this article don’t hesitate to get in touch in the comments below, or over on our own Facebook and Twitter pages.

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