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Spooky internet content – You know, the type of website, video, webcomic or otherwise that sits in the back of your mind once you’ve mentally digested it. Spooky and scary aren’t one of the same – However there is a lot of overlap between the two. To determine what we’re considering ‘spooky’, it’s got to have something that’ll make you think, or some element of the supernatural. So, without further adieu, here is our Top 10 Spooky Internet Content.

Top 10

10) Salad Fingers

He likes it when the red water comes out. (That means blood!)

Salad Fingers is one of those early internet shock videos, which really made the waves back in 2004. Indeed, by 2005, it was being referenced everywhere – Even on TV. Salad Fingers was truly one of the first shock videos that took the internet by storm and it was created by the genius called David Firth. The first episode was all about how our titular character is stimulated by anything rusty.

Bizarre, strange and in an off-colour throughout, Salad Fingers is everything we’re creeped out about. A man who inflicts pain on himself, who enjoys it immensely – who isn’t concerned about anyone else. There’s no societal norm that Salad Fingers won’t break, because he doesn’t know about norms. Indeed, he’s terrifying and he’s an internet legend at this point.


They crawl up the mountain, bare hands on the sharp volcanic rocks. The sun beats down on them. It is a grueling test. The island has a secret that it doesn’t want to reveal.

They draw close to the man at the top of the mountain, keeping their guns trained on him. He has no weapon. His body is fragmented like an image in a broken mirror, various pieces floating without connection, the brightness of the sky shining between them, the blood of his insides bright red. His head is like a balloon floating several feet over the rest of him.

I’ve remarked upon this particular Redditor before, who intrudes upon random boards with twisted stories only tangentially related to the content of the thread, and throughout them all some under current of a consistent narrative. There is the common theme of a great multi-national hunt for the Flesh Interfaces, drug experiments, strange mysteries, so many of which tied to real world events.

The creation that is being unravelled is a strange science fiction, at times too close to reality for comfort, pulling from across time, past and future, Lovecraftian in scope and in its cosmic levels of horror, but earning a place on our spook-list for the anonymity of the author. Whoever this is, they’re actually an exceptionally good writer, almost a shame to stretch something so wonderful far and wide across one of the internet’s broadest platforms.

8) Dear David

If you’ve frequented Facebook enough you’ve doubtless stumbled across the comics of Adam Ellis, there some good, wholesome, slice of life, slightly left-leaning comics, good and relatable stuff that will inevitably appeal to everyone in time. Adam used to work for Buzzfeed, still makes comics, but that’s not how he’s ended up here. Wholly different to his other content, his twitter feed has been a long saga of a deeply creepy and very personal haunting.

It starts as a simple urban legend, Adam is visited by the ghost of a damaged child, and discovers the name and the myth, you may ask Dear David two questions, but if you ask a third he’ll try and kill you. The creepy behaviour of his cats, the photographs of the chilling entity, the odd darkness from his hallway, all told with a rather convincing style, and drawn out for far too long to be a mere failed-prank. Either Ellis is genuinely being followed by a murderous spirit, or he’s one hell of a committed story teller.

7) SCP Foundation

So far as horror goes, the Secure Contain Protect Foundation have covered everything from cosmic, to slasher, delved into freakish comedy, and encompassed harrowing personal elements with strange sci-fi and fantasy, all painted with elements of the uncomfortable, the strange, and in many cases, the spooky. The Foundation are an X-Files type group dedicated to protecting us from what we may never see, may never understand, those things that might destroy us, might have destroyed us before, and worse.

On the spooky side (keep things on form here), how about SCP-106, “Old Man”, 965 “Face in the Window”, or SCP 1810, “Mr Pierrot”? There are deeply haunting tales of the end of the world that we have been made to forget, or the small British town warped and abandoned in the aftermath of a cosmic war, or a colossal deer-god locked in a deep labyrinth in which terrible rituals are performed to keep it from distorting our world beyond recognition. Or what of the church that crawls into the ocean? Or the cabinet containing a never-ending ever-changing maze of rusted corridors? Some are just plain odd… in either case, there are some great reads in that wiki, as well there should be after ten years.

6) World Births and Deaths

Birth and death – Two things that we know are certain in a born human’s lifetime on the Earth. Some people are both born and dead in a matter of moments, some people are born and live for incredible amounts of time… But no matter what, these people are all born at some point and all die at some point. This is a cold, harsh reality of the world. Now, please don’t take this sombre start to this paragraph too hard.

There’s a website that lets you watch as people are born and die around the world. NO – NOT LIKE THAT! You don’t watch videos of people being born, nor do you watch videos of people dying. Instead, it catalogues where a birth is registered and where a death is registered. It displays them with quantifiable information such as location, time and religion.

Now that you’ve finished reading up about this, check out the website here. It’s equal parts fascinating and terrifying.

5) Bongcheon-Dong Ghost

This one actually caught me out when I first found out about it, roughly 5 years ago. I was up at about 1am, having finished a night’s work and was gaming. I finished gaming and went on Twitter, reading about, when I read about the “Bongcheon-Dong Ghost”. I saw there was a link to a webcomic, which, at the time I was really big on Creepypastas. As such, I chortled and clicked on it.

All I can really say with this one, is once you’ve read it, you’ll understand what’s so special about this particular webcomic. It requires Flash to read it, so make sure you enable that. There are special sounds as part of it, which really adds to the experience. Once you’ve finished, you may find that it ends in such a way that it makes you question how they to think about ghosts and demons.

4) The Sun Vanished

Another twitter thread, this one begins simply “Help”.

This one tells the story of a “survivor” in a place where there is no sun. It opens with a compelling piece of news footage that tells us that the sun is indeed gone, but does not explain any of the terrifying events that follow. Strange predatory lights, chilling figures who stand in the dark and stare blankly, and the screams, the horrible screams. There’s a deeply troubling stream of texts from a personal friend, and the growing terrible realisation that colder places are safer places, even as the planet is starting to die.

Ok, this one is a rather well made hoax, that’s a given, but credit where credit is due for some high quality story telling with minimal tools, and the author really knows how to drag you into his dark and dangerous world. Of course, one must wonder how the internet and twitter have remained functional in this apocalyptic time, but take a moment to suspend disbelief in order to get scared.

3) Behind You

A recent-ish comic series that caught some attention lately, Behind You by Brian Coldrick is a series of small pictures of animations in which the subject is always blissfully unaware of the threat that always looms over their shoulder. A woman vanishes from sight as a shadow slips across the lampposts overhead, a man walks through a gate saying “Keep Closed”, and may never learn why, a solemn worker is not as alone in his office as he thinks, the only other passenger is not so innocent as she seems.

It’s well drawn, well animated stuff, but suitably cartoonish that you can separate yourself from the subject matter, and not fall prey to that creeping fear that there are always places you cannot see, places that lurk closeby, and even on an infinite, blank, radial plane, there’s always a place just out of sight… just beyond your vision… just behind you…

2) I Feel Fantastic

Let’s address the elephant in the room with this one: This video was not created by a serial killer like many people seem to believe. At least, there’s never been any proof of that…

Rumours around this video spread very quickly, without any evidence to back it up. The man who created this song and video, at least from what’s been found out by other YouTubers, is or at least was an Android enthusiast. In all honesty, what the guy has created is nothing short of awesome, when you consider the location of the video. But now let’s go back to talking about the video.

Yes, this is as spooky as it gets. It’s a singing android, which, to many people, can be a cold voice to hear. Couple this with the relatively low-quality camera and the strange shots of the garden, you have to admit that it is all a little unnerving. But, don’t you worry, Tara the Android certainly does Feel Fantastic! …

… Hey, hey, heeey!

1) Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

What’s your favourite idea? Mine is being able to watch Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared!

When I first found out about Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, hereby being reduced to DHMIS, I thought it was a bit clever. It was a bit of fun, a great shock video to send to friends. Nothing beats watching what is effectively a bunch of puppet characters go through a shocking, traumatising experience. To think that it all started with a little notebook deciding that green is not a creative colour.

Indeed, our puppet friends learn a lot about the world. They learn about the important things in life, such as creativity; time; love; a computer; eating healthy; and dreams. Our puppet pals have seen some of the best – and worst – that the world has to offer. Not too long ago, it was revealed that there is going to be more DHMIS content, so get ready to be taken back into the misplaced cheerfulness of their world.

Honourable Mentions

Now that we’re done sending you Spooky Scary Skeletons, it’s time for us to stop reflecting on the above list. It’s indeed been a menagerie of spooky content, but we’re not finished just yet. We’ve got two more picks that we decided deserved a nod, because of what they’ve become.


Not exactly horrifying, kind of adorable in a misunderstood but-would-still-eat-you kind of way, the webcomic by Brandon Santiago tells the story of a phantasm in the Grudge/Ring fashion of long-haired empty-eyed girl with classic monster powers. She can fly, pass through walls, puppeteer her toys, cause shadows to twist and writhe to her command, and grow tremendous claws and fangs. She’s the kid who dragged the monster from under the bed and made it drink pretend tea with her and the monster from the closet.

As adorable as she is, she’s still a little unnerving. Her attitude towards saving a cat is to swallow it, and vomit it into safer hands, and her preferred pastime is driving babysitters into mental asylums, but ultimately she just wants to be accepted. If you ever thought Garfield lacked teeth, or Calvin and Hobbes should have been scarier, try Erma for size. And kudos to Santiago for his Rats in the Walls story line, and I look forward to the end of his new Family Reunion saga.


This may be the easiest one to discuss on this whole list; Creepypastas are synonymous with the creepy and the spooky. They have everything, from stories about haunted Pokemon cartridges, through to Slenderman and even skeletons popping out. All in all, if you have a spooky, scary story, there is no doubt that Creepypasta has not only heard of it, but it likely was the origin of said spooky story!

As such, I thought it’d be great to give a nod to Creepypastas in all. For anyone unaware, Creepypastas are effectively stories intended to make you feel scared, uneasy or hey, creeped out as the name implies. You can visit the Creepypasta Wiki, which has easy access to many of these stories written out. There’s a lot of untapped potential for interesting new story ideas waiting for you!

Ominous warnings, disturbing thought provoking texts and videos featuring terrifying music. What more could anyone ask for on a Saturday? Now don’t forget to sleep with one eye open tonight, making sure to check behind you as you walk… Oh and don’t worry, dear reader – We’ll be back again next week for another Top 10. As ever, help us decide what next week’s list should be on, unless you want the Top10Demon to forever haunt your dreams?

Now that you’ve successfully pushed away the infamous Top10Demon*, it’s time for us to consider the spooky list above. Did some of your favourite spooky internet content make the list, or did we forget the spookiest of them all? Did our order make sense? As ever, share your thoughts in the comments below, or over on our Facebook or Twitter pages. Have a Happy Halloween folks!

*The Top10Demon is, of course, completely fictional**. We promise. Honest.

**He’s behind you!

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