Top 10 Explosive Weapons

BOOM! That’s the sound of how much power these weapons have as a collective. Individually however, they’d still make a loud bang. Indeed, we’ve scoured far and wide for the best explosive weapons in video games, film, anime and TV. We’re not stipulating that it has to be a specific type of weapon, but instead we’re just focused on the explosive power that the weapon provides. Let’s check out our Top 10 Explosive Weapons!

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BOOM! That’s the sound of how much power these weapons have as a collective. Individually however, they’d still make a loud bang. Indeed, we’ve scoured far and wide for the best explosive weapons in video games, film, anime and TV. We’re not stipulating that it has to be a specific type of weapon, but instead we’re just focused on the explosive power that the weapon provides. In the spirit of Bonfire night, with all of the impending booms and bangs in the sky, let’s check out our Top 10 Explosive Weapons!

Top 10

10) Boomer (Tristana’s Cannon) – League of Legends

Boomer is the Yordle Tristana’s trusty cannon, as she roams outside of the safety of Bandle City more than most Yordles. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really an odd pairing seeing a teeny tiny Yordle with such a comically oversized weapon, but Tristana wouldn’t have it any other way. Made out of the finest drakewood stock, Boomer has gotten her far and her ability with the cannon is impressive – Thoroughly impressive.

Tristana is deadly with her cannon, packing more oomph than the likes of Jinx. Naturally, in a list of Top 10 explosive weapons, we had to include a cannon of some kind! With a passive called Draw a Bead, Tristana is able to fire further and further away as she levels in game. Her Q ability is Rapid Fire, allowing her to increase her attack speed for 7 seconds, her W ability is Rocket Jump, which allows her to deal damage in an area, whilst also making a great escape. Next her E ability allows her to place Explosive Charges – This acts as both a passive enemy explosion on death, as well as an activatable bomb placed on a target. Finally, her ultimate ability is Buster Shot, which fires out a massive cannonball which explodes on impact.

You bet that facing off against a Tristana is going to be an explosive encounter!

9) Noisy Cricket – Men In Black

Nobody said it had to be fire and flames. This little pistol from the arms locker of MIB headquarters looks innocuous enough, hell, it looks downright fragile, but damn the Noisy Cricket packs a punch.

One shot at long range – not only has the kickback to throw the shooter back with enough force to smash a car windscreen – but it’s precise enough to knock out a tow truck’s chain at one hell of a distance, and sonically destroy anything else in its path. Who’d have thought it? Just a little chirruping pistol with the power to wipe out glass, steel, and the person holding it. You’d think after the second shot he’d have learned to adjust his footing though.

8) Fat Man – Fallout

Because living in a radioactive wasteland is dangerous, you need to be equipped with the best arms and armaments you can scavenge to keep you safe. How about keeping a highly radioactive miniature nuclear bomb in a glorified catapult on your shoulder? Nothing says “This is my radioactive land!” quite like nuking the trespassers on your lawn.

Officially the M42 Tactical Nuclear Catapult, it has appeared in some variation in six Fallout games including the board game. Some iterations include explosive bowling balls, and the Nuka-Cola brand Nuka-Nuke launcher, enhancing the destructive power of explosions with quantum force and good branding.

7) Junkrat’s RIP-Tire – Overwatch

Junkrat is one of the original cast of Overwatch, who is sort of portrayed as a bit of a madman. He’s an Australian anarchist, a demolition expert and a scavenger. This strange combination leads him to be one of the most dangerous opponents you can face in Overwatch, especially when he has enough charge stored up, as well as a good place to hide. While he’s vulnerable, his ultimate weapon certainly is not.

The RIP-Tire is a massive tyre which is ripped out from Junkrats location. Once fired, Junkrat can remotely control the RIP-Tire, which hurls towards a target of the players choice. The tire does massive damage on impact, as well as having a blast radius of 10 meters. All in all, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of this massive explosive tire that hurdles towards you. It only ends with a huge headache. Great defense line breaker, though!

6) Flak Cannon & Rocket Launcher – Unreal Tournament

The Flak Cannon is mostly known for its powerful spread-like pellets. It acts in a similar capacity to a scattergun, or a shotgun – Except the spread is a lot more random and can basically reduce an opponent to giblets. Whilst this is all well and good, this isn’t what we came here to chat about. Indeed, the Flak Cannon’s Right Click command shoots out what is effectively a mini cannonball. These can be used to knock your opponents about when they explode on impact – Very useful if they’re near a ledge and you need to get a tiny bit of fall damage, or if you can knock them off the map completely!

Further to the Flak Cannon, Unreal Tournament is home to one of the best, or at least one of the most iconic Rocket Launchers in all of gaming. You can use these to help blast yourself up to ridiculus new heights, or, the more natural response, you can use them to blow up your enemy. Hold down the fire button with the rocket launchers to let off up to three rockets in one single shot, for huge damage. Unreal Tournament is one explosive, action-packed FPS. Personally, I am very partial to a bit of Unreal Tournament 2004.

5) Bakugo’s Sweat – Boku no Hero Academia

Nitroglycerin-like sweat.

Just think about those words together in one sentence for a moment – A boy can produce nitroglycerin-like sweat, which allows him to manipulate said sweat to become explosive. Couple this with the fact that because of how much control he has over his Quirk, Bakugo had a hero outfit designed to help him produce more sweat in his hands. All in all, he is a genius, albeit a hot-headed, explosive-tempered, violent type of genius. He’s a damn good hero, whose heart is in the right place, even if his feelings get in the way sometimes.

Bakugo is one of the top students of Class 1-A, along with protagonist Izuku Midoriya. These two are also fierce rivals, who manage to propel each other forward as they both had a similar vision – But with completely different paths to get to where they are. Bakugo’s Quirk was naturally born into him, a combination of his parents Quirks in a unique way. Izuku’s Quirk was granted to him by the hero that both Bakugo and Izuku looked up to as kids – All Might.

All I’ll say is that this is, technically, the only biological weapon on the list.

4) Blue Shells – Mario Kart

You know exactly what I’m talking about here. Sure, this weapon doesn’t kill anyone, somehow, but my god. You can be racing along in Rainbow Road quite happily, winning the map, because you’re the best Mario Kart player ever*. As you’re in first place, you’re pretty happy, but lo and behold, what’s that annoying warning sound approaching you quickly? You take a quick look at the rear view and see this extremely fast blue shell come flying towards you and – It’s too late.

The Blue Shell comes crashing down on whoever is in first place, stopping them dead in their tracks, spinning their vehicle out of control. The Blue Shell is honestly one of the most annoying weapons in Mario Kart that takes a lot of getting used to. Like all weapons, it’s somewhat lucky to get it if you’re behind, but if you’re out in front, you’d better bet that it’s going to hurt you if it’s coming your way. Be prepared to put the umbrellas up, as it’s raining shells tonight!

*No, naturally, you’re not the best Mario Kart player ever, just like everyone else.

3) Torgue Brand Weapons – Borderlands

“–BOOOOOOOOORING! You don’t wanna hear about that, Vault Hunter! You wanna hear about LOOT! AND PECS! AND EXPLOSIONS! I’m Torgue, and I am here to ask you one question, and one question only: EXPLOSIONS?!”

Mr. Torgue guarantees bigger boom for your buck, because what’s the point in having enemies if you can’t paint the walls with little pasty enemy chunks?

Assault rifles that are mini rocket launchers, rocket launchers that are like huge rocket launchers, even the pistols shoot tiny flying bombs, and the shotguns fill the world with beautiful lights, scattering explosive buckshot everywhere in sight! Ok, so you won’t be setting the world on fire… or melting it, or electrocuting it, nothing so clever. But it’s hard to argue with freshly redistributed body parts and rubble.

2) BFG – DOOM & Quake

With a name that’s effectively an expletive description of what it is, the BFG is a huge energy based weapon. The sheer power of the energy is simply staggering – So much so, that it causes a massive explosion effect in an area, typically wiping out most of the enemies in the vicinity. Just because we figured it’d make more sense to do so, we’ve combined both the BFG 9,000 from DOOM and the BFG 10k from Quake in this one entry – They’re nothing like one another either, but they both are models of the “BFG”. We won’t make much mention of the DOOM movie version, which was renamed to “Bio Force Gun”. Uh huh.

You know exactly what’s going to happen when you fire one of these charges off. With the original DOOM version, you sent off a charge of 80 plasma balls with every shot. If you hit this at point blank range, most enemies would die in one hit. There were no repercussions for you for using this in a close range. However, when the Quake version came out, you had to hold down your charge, but if you hold it too long, the weapon would overheat and naturally explode. All in all, the BFG is a powerful weapon, so treat it with the respect it deserves.

… And that’s why we didn’t give it first place…

… What?

1) Most Of The Weapons – Worms

“Most of” not “All” because prod does not cause explosions itself. That’s not to say that it can’t; it’s just unlikely you’ll poke someone and land them on a mine, or drop them so hard they die, which also causes an explosion. Possible, but unlikely. Shotguns can always blow up barrels and the like if you’re desperate to cause something to explode.

But among the rest of your armoury that includes grenades, bazookas, and dynamite, you also have livestock rigged to blow, self-detonating old folk, weaponised bananas, and the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. The landscape is fully destructible and has been since game 1, and worms are lightweight and high flying little invertebrates that go one hell of a distance when they stand too close to a bomb. How lucky for you that you have so many to choose from.

Honourable Mentions

Some explosions give out a little more than a puff than they do a bang. Others aren’t natural explosions, but magical manipulation of the elements. Sometimes, knowing a bit of science can make all the difference in the heat of battle. These next two honourable mentions are both relatively scientific, in their own unique ways.

Combustion Bending – Avatar

A minor villain relative to the rest of the Avatar series, the Combustion Bender doesn’t even get a line of dialogue. Nevertheless, the ability to cause enormous explosions with only an eye tattoo on his forehead is a terrifying thing to behold. Two little warning bangs, and your world is tipped sideways from great distance.

Sadly disqualified because this is really more magic than a weapon, but it’s one more way of making firebending scary as hell. Combustion benders are rare, rarer than lava or lightning benders, and almost always seem to go a bit… murdery. The first combustion bender we see in the series is an assassin for the evil Fire Nation, the second had to be held in a prison of ice for her crimes. Dangerous folks.

Goblin Bangchuckers – Magic: the Gathering

So far as implementing explosives into a fantasy setting, it was either this or the classic Fireball. I think we made the right call here. Goblins in Magic vary wildly in appearance but typically fall within a very narrow philosophical bracket. They are the quintessential representatives of the ethos of Red Mana, the ferocious, remorseless, ever moving, never resting, all powerful destructive forces of the world.

Goblins are pretty small, and so resort to bombs. They are not clever, so goblins often fall victim to bombs, mostly their own bombs. This is utterly hilarious, and is best exemplified in the risky business of deploying a Goblin Bangchucker onto the field.

A quick nod to those Magic: the Gathering explosives considered but not present: The Bronze Bombshell, the Ratchet Bomb, my personal favourite – the Origin Spellbomb (artifact token decks all the way) and the always dangerous Day of Judgment.

Fortunately, we appear to have emerged from the combined effect of all of those explosions as if nothing even happened. Unscathed, but with a landscape that has now been blasted to its core, the world will never be the same – But at least we’re okay! It’s just as well we had these portable explosion shelters! Anyway, whilst we start work to repair the world around it, it’s over to you to help us decide what should be our Top 10 list for next week.

Now that the repair work is well under way, we wanted to say a massive thanks for joining us through this explosive war. As ever, if you have any comments, or if you think we got our order wrong, drop us a comment below. Did we forget any important explosive weapons? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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