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  1. This was insightful. As a fellow blogging who is just starting out, I am currently struggling with keeping up with a schedule and trying to determine what is the best time to post. This confirms what I was thinking about maintain some sort of schedule. It is rather hard not to compare yourself to others who are posting each and every day, multiple times a day and think you should be doing the same. Navigating this sphere is a bit interesting but the learning experience is worth it.

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    1. So whilst we put out a daily article, there are 2 full-time writers here and a part-time writer. To do daily between the three of us is, hard, but doable. There have been periods where I’ve done 20-30 days in a row, as I have written for other blogs too.

      My advice is to write for you, not to replicate a model from somewhere else. You are your own best selling point, because you are the reason people read your blog. So for arguments sake, if Tuesdays are impossible for you then don’t do content for then. Alternatively, take advantage of scheduling articles in advance.

      If you wanna chat more about what you’re looking to do with your blog, I’d be happy to discuss this further and help you come up with a content strategy? :) We’re rooting for you!

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      1. Oh mah! You guys really know how to get straight to a man’s heart. I will most definitely heed the advice you have given me here and I would be more than happy to talk with you guys. Any help is greatful!

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