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GeekOut Bristol Meet – November 10th: Literally Literature Gallery

We always love to share how our events went, especially when we had a genuinely excellent time all around. We went to the Old Market Tavern, many of us braving the incredibly unpredictable weather of the day (I would know, I was drenched). We gathered in the pub, bought a pint or two, or ten – and we met plenty of new people and familiar faces alike. Whilst we don’t have too many pictures of this one, the competition was awesome and as ever, we’ll detail what happened at the event. So, check out what happens at one of our GeekOut Bristol Meets.

Let’s begin with the usual – The stats. The day started with a quick trip to the Old Market Cafe – We’ll certainly be going back! At £16-£17 for 2 breakfasts and 2 drinks, it was excellent. The food was just the right amount too. Well worth it if you’ve never been there before, also only a stones throw away from the Old Market Tavern. All in all, for our first time in a while having gone away from Cabot Circus, I’m really happy to have put this choice up and for it to have won. There were 5 of us there, along with a little one. Of course, the little one couldn’t join us for the main event, but let’s talk about that next!

Approximately 45 people joined us, ignoring the disgustingly bad weather. This time, I put a little hand-written sign up, stating that anyone was allowed to pick up a game to play. This sort of worked in our favour, as it meant that more people then asked us who we were, why we had all the games with us and so on. As such, we were able to get a few converts out of it, which is awesome. We love to spread the word and to get people to join in. There was a small group who, at the end, I had to approach to get the game back – and they were very thankful for even being allowed to play the games (Unusual Suspects). Some people came in as couples just to play a game or two, as well.

The competition was, as ever, pretty awesome. It started slow, to where we were worried we would only have three entries, but it ended up with a number of them. This time, people were writing insults. They could insult a thing, if they wished to, but no person in particular. They also were allowed to just write general insults. Our winning entry was by Jenny, who insulted the hell out of depression, which was honestly, quite a stong thing to read. Second place went to Alex, who wrote all of his insults in haiku. Finally, in third place, we had Jon, who had written an exceptionally large number of insults. Jake and I judged them all and we were completely in agreeance to the top three spots. In fourth place was Ed, who we happened to have an honourable mention prize for. If you want to read them for yourself, then check out the event page for this month’s event, as I hope to attach a PDF to those event pages, as I’m going to type it all up.

From us here at GeekOut Media, thanks to everyone who joined us for another awesome event. Thanks to the Old Market Tavern, especially Rich, Mike and Sky, for just being awesome! All in all, it was another excellent time, which we hope we can make even better next month. Speaking of next month, we’ve already scheduled next month’s event, so make sure to join us for that one on Friday 7th! As ever, if you were at this month’s event, share your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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