The Shropshire Dungeon Master Update VIII

When was the last time I did one of these? Ok, nothing since September, a fair amount has happened since then. Around the middle of October there was an incident that slowed progress a little, and with Christmas on the way there hasn’t been a great deal of time to advance a few projects that are in the pipeline – in some cases since July – but there has at least been notable progress.

Hallowe’en at Whittington Castle

The five hour horror themed game in the castle’s gatehouse was a lot of fun, a short breakdown of what happened as I doubt the same game will be coming around next year:

In the first hour and a half I wiped out the entire party! But have faith, it was a fairly transparent shot at an extermination, some players lasted a few rounds, with the wizard avoiding so much as a scratch until I had my monstrosities throw a cart at him. After death, they awoke in a shadow of the village in which they fell, a ruin that was scarcely occupied, and caused them to question their current fate (denial, guess the theme here).

The forest that lay between them and salvation was filled with angry and lost souls that tried to hold them back (anger), they reached a bridge guarded by a creature that looked astoundingly like Gravelord Nito demanding tribute (bargaining) and a second that had crumbled, leaving only the still ocean in between them and the lighthouse, but they found it so astonishingly difficult to reach (depression, in this case defeatism). Most, not all, made it to acceptance, the lighthouse that guides them to a future that they can decide upon for themselves.

Each player had two sheets, a level 5, and a level 3 hidden in an envelope, their living and deceased selves respectively. And suffice to say that there are a lot of details I’m omitting, like the memory furnace, the village of beacon, the half-orc traitor “Silence”, a lot can happen in five hours and there’s not a chance we can cover it all.

Oh, and this game was also the debut for the screen made by Wreathen Works some of you may recall from October’s GeekOut Shrewsbury.

New Dates For Oswestry Library

While I pour over the opening times at Ludlow to work out an optimal time to start gaming in the south of the county, we have confirmation of dates for Oswestry Library and you are hearing them here first. Starting January the 12th, I will be hosting regular games on the second Saturday of every month! As usual, the Under 16s games will take place from 9:30 to 12:30, and 16+ from 13:00 until 16:00 when the library (politely) kicks us out. Full list of dates are below.

12 January
9 February
9 March
13 April
11 May
8 June
13 July
10 Aug
14 Sep
12 Oct
9 Nov
14 Dec

Among the plans for next year: A sci-fi game, a horror game, a few arena combats, and a character creation and/or Dungeon Mastery workshop, ideas I’ll be pitching to the regulars and new faces alike. The places are first come first served, all dates are provisional and subject to change, and for more information don’t forget that the full details are on the Facebook page.