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GeekOut Discord Server Changes in 2019

Discord has undergone some drastic changes this year, from being purely about a chat environment, to selling games. Meanwhile, we here at GeekOut Media haven’t really done a lot to ensure that our Discord channel evolves with us. In all honesty, it’s something I’ve been meaning to fix up for quite some time… So, in the new year, we’ll introduce a few new changes to our server. Join us as we look at what we’re going to do in 2019.

Our Discord server has been active for nearly 2 years now, which is a mad amount of time. I really thought it was only made within the past year, but it turns out we started to use it on May 17th 2016. As such, I figured it’s only fair to revamp the system a little bit. I started making a few changes late in this year, which I’ll talk briefly about, then we’ll talk about what’ll happen in the new year.

Already Implemented Changes

First of all, our chatroom was just one really big chatroom for everyone to talk about everything. It didn’t matter what it was; if they wanted to chat about it, users could share it. However, this meant that people were able to share links to their work and projects and it sorta gets lost in translation. It becomes a halfway battle between showing off bloggers articles, streamers links and then some people just wanting to chat.

Just over a week ago, I introduced some new text rooms, so those streamers and bloggers can share their links. Thanks to NekoJonez for being the first to use the share-my-blog room. If more people are interested in sharing their work, their skills and more, then I have set up a whole “Share My” section on the Discord channel, in hopes that we can see some diversity in what we post on the server.

Previously, I’ve mentioned that we have our own emoji’s on the channel, known as GOMoji’s. Naturally, these will be staying as they are on the channel. They’re not used nearly enough, which makes me think they might need better names, such as simply “GOHappy, GOSad” etc, but at the moment they are available by typing in “gordon[happy, sad, etc]”. We’ll see what happens with those.

Upcoming Changes

The colour scheme of people’s names are currently based on fruits; which is fine and all, but it doesn’t truly represent us as a group. It was a silly, funny way to try and get people to get a bit of colour. However, these will likely disappear, as we’ll be setting it up based on interests that people belong to, along with their location. After all, how else can we tell where our users are around? Naturally, as ever, all of this will be optional.

With the interests, we’ll have different niches that GeekOut covers; anime, literature, video games etc. A user chooses the one they associate to the most. Moderators and GeekOut Staff will remain with their colours and names, as it’ll make them easier to locate, but all in all, we needed to create a more meaningful system for our colours. When we go to the new year, expect this new system to come in quite quickly.

We’ve got over 110 users, which is a ridiculous number for a small community. We want to keep growing our channel and introduce new features as and when we can. Expect the Discord Bot to come back and to actually be up full-time in between Q1/Q2 of 2019. I want that server to be pretty well automated and, depending on the new website, there’ll be a level of interaction between the Discord group and the website.

Naturally, the only other thing that’s been missing is our gaming nights. I’ve been saying for a while that I want to get that back up and running and I really do mean that. It’s just finding the right time – But I think we’re there now. Hang tight, 2019 is going to be a big year for our community – So thanks to everyone who has stuck with us all the way. Naturally, if you’re not part of our Discord community, come join us by clicking this link. As ever, share any feedback you have in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter, or send me a private message on Discord. I will always listen to your feedback, as we can’t grow without listening to you.


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