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It’s far too cold outside, but I’m still feeling warm from adrenaline – That’s probably because we’re being chased by hordes of ice and snow monsters! People fear the cold, but it is somewhat beautiful. There’s something about the seductive allure of the snow that makes you want to venture out into it… What am I talking about? I don’t wanna go out there! You never know what manner of cold creature will kill you; but we’ve created a Top 10 compendium for these Ice and Snow monsters.

Wrap up warm, folks!

Top 10

10) Thing in the Ice – Magic: the Gathering

Blue mana centric cards do a number of things well. They tend to be fairly geared towards the casting of spells en masse rather than building monstrous and horrifying creatures, and what creatures the colour does support tend to be fairly light on the damage output, focusing instead on being able to circumvent any effort to defend against them. There are exceptions of course, gigantic winged terrors, powerful mages, and sea monsters. Oh those sea monsters.

Let’s tick a few boxes here. Thing In The Ice benefits from a deck that can cast a lot of spells – specifically instant or sorcery spells – in order to become fully empowered. Once awakened, it’s most often the only gigantic horror on the field, and with very little effort will remain that way. In keeping with the Lovecraftian theme of the block (Shadows Over Innistrad) the creature is an apparently ancient terror dredged from the deeps of both the sea, and time itself.

9) Hoth Wampa – Star Wars

The Wampa, or the Ice Wampa if you really want to get technical, is a white-furred creature who was a hell of a threat on planet Hoth. Indeed, Hoth was an ice-cold planet, in which the Wampa roamed, stunning its prey and killing them back in their cave. Unfortunately for some of our heroes, they also encountered Wampa’s, but thankfully they’ve mostly lived to tell the tale. The same can’t be said for the dimwitted cold weather assault Stormtroopers.

There’s not a whole lot to say about the Wampa of Hoth, but if there’s one thing, they’re a viciously dangerous species on an already dangerous planet. If you were to come across one of these guys, you’d probably not make it back alive.

=7) Vorugal, the Frigid Doom – Critical Role vs =7) Sindragosa – World of Warcraft

Ice is a terrifying prospect for most people – Slipping, sliding, being cold, having your car stuck… Or, worse still, when cold breath comes down at you from above! Which of these two fearsome icy dragons is the true matron or patron of the brood?

Vorugal, the Frigid Doom

Fan art by Thomas Brin

Among D&D’s more famous named monsters, Matthew Mercer’s creations are some of the best contemporary examples, and among the Chroma Conclave – his council of allied dragons – the mad dog Vorugal was one of the most overtly terrifying. Ancient, and obsessed with the hunting of bigger, more “entertaining” prey, through strength, cunning, and powerful allies, he became the tyrant of a nation of dragonborn, forcing them to find him more and more dangerous creatures to hunt, because his boredom was far more threatening than his sport.

Vorugal died at the hands of Vox Machina, but only with the aid of an unwilling but immensely powerful demon, a second dragon, and the fist of a god. He did not go quietly, the fight was hard, won more through outsmarting Vorugal than through any equality in strengths. The monster’s hoarded treasures were buried deep in ice of his own creation, the wealth of the nation whose former rulers he forcefully usurped. He is a destroyer of nations, but a lousy ally to the Conclave, far too quick to give in to jealousy of smarter, stronger dragons.


Forget Deathwing; Sindragosa is as powerful a dragon in Warcraft needs to be. Once part of the legendary 40-man (and later 25-man) raid, Naxxramas, Sindragosa is powerful, crafty and a loyal minion of the Lich King, Arthas Menethil. Don’t get me wrong, there did come stronger, such as the dragon aspects, but Sindragosa is a one-of-a-kind monster boasting terrible power and a terrifying domain.

Sindragosa, as seen above, is not only an ice-cold killer, but also a bone dragon. Between spreading plagues, freezing villages and its inhabitants to death and being a menace to all mortals, Sindragosa likes to slumber in her lair. All in all, whilst Frostmourne hungers, Sindragosa roams. Who dares step into the mighty Naxxramas 40, as it was back in Vanilla World of Warcraft? You’ll get that chance very soon!

6) Ymir – Norse Mythology

Ymir – Smite

My apologies to Tim, I had to probe a little deeper into Norse mythology, but he was absolutely right. I was ready to give this spot to the Jötunn, but they are representations of nature as a whole, Ymir was the truest frost giant, upon whose body we now dwell. Having been slain by Odin, his blood is the oceans, his bones are the mountains, the sky is the inside of his skull. He is the father of all giants who war with the gods.

An easy mistake to make, the jötunn are depicted as ice giants in so much, most famously Marvel’s universes. There are distinct fire giants dwelling in Muspelheim, but the jötunn themselves are more deeply naturalistic, incredibly beautiful or terribly monstrous, tremendously strong and powerful, but given that their progenitor was a creature of rime, and that the source of their mythology is a place of near-constant snow, one could easily be forgiven for the confusion.

5) Vanilluxe – Pokemon

You may be wondering why we didn’t put Abomnasnow, Alolan Vulpix or Lapras here. The answer is: typing. Alolan Vulpix evolves into a dual type Ninetales, Lapras is a better Sea Creature and Abomnasnow is just a really angry tree. With that in mind, the only Pokémon remaining is clearly Vanilluxe, which we’re putting over the other pure ice-types, just because of how important to the meta this silly ice cream was. Finally, an ice-type that could break a team.

Also, think of the connotations of being frozen to unconsciousness by an ice cream? You’d feel pretty crappy about it, wouldn’t you? “So how did your Pokémon faint?” “Brain freeze”. The stats are good, albeit part of the squishy-est typing in the game, which made Vanilluxe a huge part of dragon killing. The range of moves were commendable, but not mind-blowing, which helped this mon surpass pure ice-type legendary, Regice. Be warned, as Vanilluxe isn’t the delicious vanilla cone we wanted, but a ruthless dragon-type stomper.

4) Shiva – Final Fantasy Series

How could we forget Final Fantasy’s resident cold Queen?

Shiva has been present in most games in the main-series of Final Fantasy, from Final Fantasy III through to the most recent XV at the time of writing. She’s had a serious change in her design over the years, in a similar capacity to how many of the eidolons of the franchise have, but I think Shiva’s is among the most dramatic; from a lady in blue who is uh, pretty exposed – Through to the most recent incarnations.

Shiva’s main ability, Diamond Dust, is bound to wreak havoc upon the enemies. It’s just as well she’s typically on your side. My favourite incarnation of Shiva is from Final Fantasy VIII, where you can go to your desk at the start of the game and get yourself Shiva before you even go to fight Ifrit. Trust me, she makes that first fight a walk in the park. All in all, this ice-cold deity is one cold-killer Queen.

3) The White Walkers – Game of Thrones

The epitome of ice-zombies, these creatures from the great frozen north are slowly making their way south, sending snow ahead of them, and leaving death behind. The blue-eyed hordes of the dead, the shambling corpses of once free-men, giants, and dragons, walk mindlessly to the whims of the semi-demonic entities on their lifeless horses, wielding blades of pure ice.

They are the antithesis of life, horrors of the dark and cold driven to by the desire to exterminate everything that breathes. And yet, the good people of Westeros have been blindly ignoring them to fight over a chair, concerning themselves who has been sleeping with who, and what that means for the offspring. Sounds familiar… almost… analogous…

2) Yeti – Ski Free

Rumours abound that the beast can be bested, but I know of no one who triumphed, or even survived when that grey giant emerged from the pines to devour the fastest moving morsel on those pixelated slopes.

Ski Free was a game that came in the Microsoft Entertainment pack, alongside classics like Mahjong and Rodent’s Revenge. A simple downhill skiing game with obstacles like trees, snowmounds, and dogs that could really mess up your day, but none were so horrifying as the yellow-toothed horror that awaited those who surpassed two thousand points. The snow monster of Ski Free shall remain forever in infamy.

1) Nunu and Willump – League of Legends

You know, when we first saw the results from last week, which gave us this week’s vote, I knew what should have been here. I knew we had to choose Nunu and Willump. Both Joel and I are not League of Legends players, but we can 100% get behind the backstories the world has crafted. Nunu and Willump might sound like it’s cheating as it’s two individuals, but one is a little boy, Nunu, from a nomadic tribe within the Freljord, the other?

The other is Willump. Willump, in story, was implied to be a dangerous ice monster of legend. Nunu stumbled across the monstrous creature one day and, to his surprise, the monster only wanted to have a snowball fight! This was the start of a beautiful friendship which, unbeknownst to them, would end up affecting their entire world – Even though they’re certain they’re just having the most extreme snowball fight ever!

The other week, in our Top 10 Christmas Trees in Pop Culture, we put the Twisted Trent, Maokai in the list because of a skin. This week, we’re putting a character in as it’s a perfect representation of what this list is. Unique, heartwarming and has powers that complements its types. Oh sure, Vanilluxe is the mightiest of Pokemon, but other ice-type Pokemon can get access to its powers. Willump is one of a kind – and he’s going to snowball his way through the opposition.

Let’s go Nunu & Willump!

Honourable Mentions

What a frosty reception we just got from them monsters! Well, only a little more to go before we’re home free. So get a fire stoked, we’re about to check out two more ice and snow monsters who we feel just don’t get the recognition that they deserve. After all, they’re really running after us as they want us to warm up in the cold.


If you’ve never had the surreal experience of playing a Yetisports game, then you’re in for a treat. Yetisports is a website that’s been around at least since I was a teen. In fact, according to a quick Wikipedia search, Yetisports has been around since 2004, slowly building upon their vast array of Flash games. Each Yetisports game features the titular yeti, in a variety of yeti-mastered sports, such as “Pingu Throw”, “Orca Slap” and “Seal Bounce”.

Yetisports featured a yeti who would effectively act as your avatar in the games. The games are all pretty barbaric, as you’d expect with names like Pingu Throw and Orca Slap, but that’s partly what makes them so lovable. They’re silly, they’re exactly what you’d want from a daft Christmas-period game. But hey, the fun doesn’t have to end around Christmas; the site is available all year round!


Made far more notable lately by Until Dawn’s fame, the Wendigo has captured attention for horror writers for over a century, including Algernon Blackwood and H.P Lovecraft. Once human, cannibalism has turned once civilised folk into twisted and bestial reflections of their former selves, commonly depicted with wide sharp-toothed mouths and/or antlers.

There are reports that the cold of pre-colonial Canada and the northernmost states of America may have sincerely driven some to acts of cannibalism, and presumed by the Algonquian people to have become possessed by the spirit of the beast.

Time to put our feet up besides the fire, as we’ve triumphed over these cold-blooded beasties. Whilst it’s fair to point out that they’re not all bad, these creatures sure could beat you at whatever game of ice hockey or curling they choose! Nevertheless, next week is the last Top 10 before Christmas, so naturally we’ve had to pull out all of the stops. We’re going to do something different: We’ve got three topics as a present in mind for you… And you get to choose which present to open!

That’s it for another Top 10 this week, thanks for keeping us warm with your presence! Right, I guess it’s over to you now. Once you’ve chosen a present from the list above, feel free to let us know – What are YOUR favourite ice and snow monsters from anything? Did we get the right ones in this list? Is the order right, or did we give your favourites the cold shoulder? Share your thoughts below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

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