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GeekOut Meetups in 2019

All of the GeekOut Meetups for 2018 are over with. That’s it, there’s no more this year. We’re not doing a New Years Eve special this year in Bristol, so we’ll be back in 2019! Joel and I have been hard at work to try and get the perfect meets arranged for the new year. As ever, we want to make sure we deliver the best monthly geeky events and we will stay free to attend. There are some changes coming for the Shrewsbury folk, with some changes to Monty’s Tower, but other than that we’re going to be having another awesome year of events. Read on to find out when our events for next year are and what the general themes are.

Before you read on, please remember all of these events are subject to change!

GeekOut Bristol Meets in 2019

GeekOut Cosplay Competition 1302 23

Friday 11th January: New Years Resolutions

Starting the new year off easily, we’re going to ease everyone into 2019 by sharing what our resolutions for the year is. The geekier, the better; although we’ll be judging how realistic these resolutions are! No flying to the moon without sufficient evidence that you have the technology or the ability to do so, damn it!

Saturday 9th February: Stay A While and Tell Us A Story

We love literature, but we equally love a good bit of short storytelling. Join us, tell us a fun short story and be in with a chance to win!

Friday 8th March: Mash The Keypad

Don’t you hate it when you’re playing a game and suddenly, you’re just failing? Yeah, be prepared, as this’ll be a button-bashers worst nightmare as we’re gonna get gaming again!

Saturday 13th April: Superheroes Assembly

With Avengers: Endgame coming, it’s time for us to assemble a new set of superheroes.

Friday 10th May: To Be A Pokemon Master

I wanna be the very best, so we might as well make a start at it in 2019. To celebrate the release of Detective Pikachu, we’re holding a Pokemon themed event.

Saturday 8th June: Newbies Guide to Board Gaming

Do you like the idea of board gaming? Want to get some information on the latest and greatest games? Do you want to play some new board games for yourself? Join us for this month’s board game themed event!

Friday 12th July: Convention Compilation

The UK is filled with lots of amazing conventions, but a lot of people haven’t heard of them

Saturday 10th August: All The Anime

We’ll be celebrating all that is anime in August, as we’ll talk about our favourite anime and come up with a tough anime themed sheet for you to complete.

Friday 13th September: Knights Assembly

I’ve heard that over in Shrewsbury, the dastardly Sir Joel is planning an invasion with a bunch of pointy stick men. Knights of GeekOut Bristol, we must throw down the gauntlet before they start their invasion!

Saturday 12th October: Ghoulish Cosplay Club

Get ready to get Halloween started early, as we’re going to don our most ghoulist outfits for a chance to be declared the most ghastly of all cosplayers.

Friday 8th November: Boldly Going To GeekOut

Space, the final frontier. Boldly going to GeekOut, like many geeks have gone before – and hopefully we’ll explore strange new worlds, seek out new geeks and geek fandoms.

Saturday 7th December: The Secretest Santa

As if Super Secret Santa wasn’t good enough; next year, we’ll be back with even more festivities! Now, how on Earth are we going to improve upon our Super Secret Santa event, I genuinely have no idea yet.

GeekOut Shrewsbury Meets in 2019

January 31st: The Frigid North

Christmas is over, so come and join us for another fun event at the Montgomery’s Tower for a fun filled evening – and get over those post-Christmas blues.

February 28th: Meme Your Own Adventure

Yo dawg, I heard you like memes, so I put a meme in yo GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet so you can Meet while you Meme.

March 28th: Vidya Gaming

We’re all a bunch of gamers, so it’s time to throw down the gauntlet and take to the virtual world with a bunch of video games!

April 25th: GeekOut Infinity

Get yourself a squad of Avengers, as we’re going to set you up for a night of superheroics!

May 30th: Who’s That Pokémon?

I wanna be the very best, so we might as well make a start at it in 2019. To celebrate the release of Detective Pikachu, we’re holding a Pokemon themed event.

June 27th: Board Game Beginners

Are you a beginner to board games? Don’t worry, we’ll look to ease you into the wonderful world of board gaming!

July 25th: Convention Season

Sharing with you the best in the UK Convention scene, we’ll share with you some amazingly useful information about events across the country.

August 29th: Netflix and GeekOut

Seen an amazing Netflix series recently? Great! Come and share them all with us here at this event!

September 26th: Wizard Club

Wizards don’t get enough air time these days, unless they’re in the Harry Potter universe. As such, we’re going to celebrate all that is wizard-y, so don your largest grey beard and your finest robes!

October 31st: Bad Cosplay Party

The best kinds of parties are a bad cosplay party; where you can show off your cosplay skills in a more unique way. Be it intentionally bad or genuine, join us for a bad cosplay party!

November 21st: Away Team

Inspired by the isometric Star Trek game, this November, join us for a Star Trek themed event where we’ll Klingon to any shred of sanity we have left by this time in the year.

December 19th: Pre-Packaged Christmas

Ending the year with another fun-filled Christmas event, where we’re going to celebrate, share gifts and have a merry, festive Christmas.

That’s it for another year for us, so hopefully the above meets are of interest to you. As ever, our events are subject to change, because you never know what life throws out at you. If your favourite theme isn’t listed here, I.E if you are an attendee of one of the Bristol or Shrewsbury events and you have a better idea for a month, then share your thoughts below. As ever, all of your comments and responses mean a lot to us, so share your thoughts below or over on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll catch you all in 2019.

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