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Our Reflection on 2018

2018 has been a year in which Joel and I have worked exceptionally hard – And I think every single one of you will have had a similar experience. You’ve all likely done something, or something happened to you in this year, which has changed you or changed the way you do something. This year hasn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs all the time, but it’s also not exactly been a bad year for us. I’ve got some fond memories from this year, which I hope to use to propel us as a website, us as a group and even myself as a creator further. Today, we’re just going to share what we think we’ve achieved this year – and hopefully you’ll be as proud of us as we are of the work we’ve put in.

Timlah’s 2018

Hey so, one thing I haven’t mentioned on this website before is that I’ve been ill a lot this year. It’s ridiculous, I’m even ending the year with a stupid problem with my throat, so that’s always nice. Having said that, illness rarely (if ever) stops me from carrying on with what I want to do. Don’t get me wrong, I know when to sit back and chill out, but I have been pushing on with my ideas and with getting the website and social group to a better state. Oh, couple this with the fact that I moved into my own flat with Jake, which has been simply awesome.

One problem we’re running into, something I’ve had to manage a lot over the past year, is our web server space. isn’t equipped to handle an extreme amount of media, which we’ve built up over the years. I’ve been successful in keeping us afloat, but Article 13 is going to change how the new website is released. There’s so much uncertainty right now, that I might need to change the scope of the website again thanks to legislation (thanks GDPR). We’ll see, I’ll chat to you all more about this tomorrow.

Oh, so let me talk to you about the thing I was most happy with this year – AmeCon 2018. It was amazing, it was funny, it was filled with great friends, new friendships and it helped fill me with new-found inspiration. AmeCon, to me, was the best part of my year in terms of content we’ve provided here on the website, as well as things I’ve done overall. All in all, I’m really looking forward to hopefully returning to AmeCon in 2020, so long as it goes ahead (venue permitting). I don’t think I’ve ever had such a fun convention experience.

Next year, I have no major convention to go to, for the first time in the past five years. That has actually helped inspire me do better with my cosplays, as opposed to resting on my laurels. Keep an eye out for my cosplay challenge – Looks like I’m going to be making the Beads of Subjugation and writing a full article on it late in January. 2019 will not be filled with conventions for me, but it’ll be filled with fun cosplay creation, which excites me just as much.

Joel’s 2018

My most heavily shared photo of 2018.

I’ve been pretty unreserved on this site about how busy this year has been. GeekOut every month, starting a business, events to attend all year, and so much planning, planning all the time. My efforts of 2017 to play some video games for a change have helped me relax a little, but it has been no less insane trying to keep on top of the workload I’ve given myself. I’ve finally hit the point at which all of the joy and excitement I’ve been filling my life with (in order to ignore the major problems) have finally started to exhaust me. Already I’ve noticed to my chagrin that there have been a few things I have neglected, people I haven’t seen in too long, friends made and then barely spoken to…

So if you’ve met me this year, do not think yourselves forgotten. If I haven’t seen you all year, do not think yourselves forgotten. It sounds like poor excuse to say “I’ve been busy” but it’s entirely true. Days don’t pass without Word and/or Google Docs open in front of me, alongside a dozen pdfs and a few other D&D supplements on the bed behind me. I’m starting to wear a little thin (mentally, not physically), and yet it has been so much fun.

2018 has been a mess, a living mess. There are horrifying diseases more pleasant than 2018 in politics, and if there’s not a war by the end of the decade I will be shocked. Me though, I’ve had a great time. Sure I’m worn out, but it has been so good, and I feel almost like I need to give one of those indulgently long “thank you” speeches, like I’ve won something. It has been a long rush of achievements for sure, I just need to take some kind of rest at some point. Maybe a holiday, or hibernate or something.

Here’s to 2019. See you all then.

This has been a heck of a busy year for us. We’re happy it’s over, we’re happy we’re going to move onto another year filled with more challenges. We’re also happy with how a lot of things went this year. It has been, all in all, a varied year. From conventions, meetups and business formations, all in all, 2018 is going to be a year for us both to remember. Let’s keep our heads high now and let’s venture forth into 2019, where hopefully it’ll be even better. How was your 2018? Did you get a lot of stuff done, or was this a bit of a flounder of a year for you? Let us know how you did this year in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Happy new year folks, get ready to say goodbye to 2018.


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