Top 10 Fairy-Type Pokemon

Pokemon to start 2019? Don’t mind if we do!

The Fairy type is the latest type to be added to Pokemon, making it the eighteenth type to be added to the list. Fairies changed the meta by being strong against dragons, which really helped change teams up. Now, these little sprites like to Play Rough, as they look to be making an impact in the most recent titles. From the classic Clefairy, through to the more recent Gen VII Pokemon, these little puffs are surely going to pack a punch. Join us as we check out our Top 10 Fairy Type Pokemon.

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Pokemon to start 2019? Don’t mind if we do!

The Fairy type is the latest type to be added to Pokemon, making it the eighteenth type to be added to the list. Fairies changed the meta by being strong against dragons, which really helped change teams up. Now, these little sprites like to Play Rough, as they look to be making an impact in the most recent titles. From the classic Clefairy, through to the more recent Gen VII Pokemon, these little puffs are surely going to pack a punch. Join us as we check out our Top 10 Fairy Type Pokemon.

Before we get into this list, our selection method were based on a few criteria: Popularity, Representation Of Type and Usefulness In Battle.

Top 10

10) Snubbull/Granbull (Fairy)

Shoved to the bottom of the list because… well… I mean, c’mon, seriously? I know there are people who love their pugs, but who can justify making captain underbite, number 7 on our Top 10 ugly Pokémon, a fairy type? Oh, and the chunky fight-dog that it evolves into remains a fairy!

Most of their moveset draws from biting your opponent in various forms, lots of Dark and normal attacks. Well I guess if you wanted a tooth fairy? The idea of a fairy, gossamer, capricious, graceful, none of it embodied here… the rest of the list is pure twinkle, no tusks.

9) Igglybuff/Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff (Normal/Fairy)

Among the most infamous Pokémon, thanks in no small part to the anime representation, a Jigglypuff whose belief in its own talents was thwarted by her (his?) audience’s tendency to fall asleep mid-song. Forget your Mewtwos and Arceus, the Pokémon you should fear is a Jigglypuff set loose with a marker pen, worse yet when depicted in super-fluffy CGI.

Igglybuff is potentially a perpetual motion bubble, impossible to stop; Wigglytuff is so fluffy it runs the risk of people becoming addicted to touching it; and all three are inflatable, with Wigglytuff seeming have no limits on cubic volume. Jigglypuff uses that impossible lung capacity to sing without inhaling, but I find myself imagining a Wigglytuff going full Akira except people are tearing each other apart to feel the ever expanding wall of fur…

8) Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy)

I think it’s fair to assume that you’ll probably think of Gardevoir more of a Psychic type than a Fairy, which is absolutely understandable. Afterall, before Gen VII, Gardevoir was pure psychic and it packed a punch. It was a fan favourite with its beautifully elegant design, along with all of that terrible fan art, you know the type I’m on about. No, I definitely will not put any links of that variety here on this PG-13 website, thank you very much.

So back to business, Gardevoir is arguably one of the best on this list in terms of its usability. Couple this with the fact that it looks fantastic, a true fairy-esque image, this Pokemon is arguably one of the better choices full stop. The fairy typing was a buff, insofar as it now wasn’t weak to dragons, but hey, a ghost will still mess this graceful lady up, but now so will poison and steel types. Speaking of Steel types…

7) Magearna (Mythical, Steel/Fairy)

Say what you want about Magearna, this is one amazing looking mythical with a strong typing. Steel/Fairy is an oddly common typing, which you’ll see again very soon. The typing eliminates one of the weaknesses of Fairy – Poison. In fact, it outright makes it immune to poison and dragon. The only weaknesses this typing suffers with are a 2x weakness to Fire and Ground which, okay whilst Ground is fairly common in competitive, the fact is that it resists or is immune to everything else.

So Magearna is also one of only two mythical fairy Pokemon, with the other being Diancie. With the stronger typing and the fact that the design of Magearna is elegant and beautiful to look at, we couldn’t help but put Magearna into our list. Furthermore, there’s a second form of Magearna, which is known as the Original Colour Magearna, which turns it from the metallic colour, into a more vibrant gold.

6) Klefki (Steel/Fairy)

This one broke so many people, it’s actually quite funny. If Gen V had an ice cream cone for a Pokemon, what could be next? A set of keys? Oh, right, that’s exactly what happened – and some people embraced Klefki for being a sentient set of keys, whilst others absolutely panned it for being such an unoriginal design. Or at least, that’s what they said, until people rightly pointed out something about Pokemon design overall.

One of the weird elements of Pokemon design appears to be the use of items; a Pokeball is a Pokemon, a magnet is a Pokemon, even a pink transforming blob. Ultimately, Pokemon designs have always been janky and Klefki ate a lot of criticism for being a lazy design. Klefki is everything about this type – It’s sentient, it’s tiny and it’s polarising, much like the typing in the first place (sorry Dragon-trainers!)

5) Primarina (Water/Fairy)

A starter Pokemon who eventually turns into this majestic beast of the sea? It’s got to be Gen VII, doesn’t it? Primarina, the final form of the water starter Popplio, the Sea Lion Pokemon. Primarina is everything that’s right with the Fairy typing – An elegant looking creature with a high special attack stat. Couple this with a strong typing with Water/Fairy, this is a powerful starter, even if it’s not the top pick (Litten’s evolution tree is just far too awesome).

So Primarina is an excellent special attacker, making it prime picking for the Smogon UnderUsed (UU) tier. There are so many good Pokemon here as well, that it’s not surprising that a Primarina would be featured as an excellent sweeper. But, if one thing’s for certain, the sea lion/mermaid combination is beautiful to look at… Even if the vast majority of Popplio are male, as opposed to female. Still, if they want to be a mermaid, I say let them swim!

4) Xerneas (Pure fairy, legendary)

Xerneas has probably one of the most impressive displays in the game. The antlers are simply stunning to look at, especially when you consider that it’s likely based off Cernunnos, a god of life – Just like how Xerneas itself is the Life Pokemon. There are lots of fascinating facts about the potential origins for Xerneas, but all in all, I personally think Xerneas is one of the most interesting legendary Pokemon designs.

This quadruped boasts a massive attack and special attack stat, making it pretty ideal for wiping out the opposition. When you get to the point to capture Xerneas, they make it feel like a big deal (in a similar fashion to Yveltal and Zygarde). The legendaries of X & Y felt massive and hey, this was technically the first Fairy type legendary, unless you count Arceus with a Fairy plate, but that’s simply cheating.

3) Cleffa/Clefairy/Clefable (Fairy)

The original, and maybe no longer the best after decades of generations and the addition of an actual, and perhaps overdue “Fairy” type. The adorable dancing alien creatures are lunar powered recluses, secluding themselves in quiet places where they can be free from prying eyes and loud noises, so a mountaintop frequently bombarded by meteor strikes makes sense.

Their fascination with the stars and the moon and fallen meteoric rock build no small case for the idea that these little fey have come from outer space, certainly better evidence than the star-shaped outline on little baby Cleffa. They are certainly potently mythical creatures, and the fully evolved Clefable does cast a very long shadow through its generation…

2) Sylveon (Eevee-lution, Fairy)

One of the many Eeveelutions, Sylveon is arguably the prettiest of them all – At least, I say it is. With it’s massive eyes, it’s beautiful pink fur and those ribbons, honestly, Sylveon is a stunning looking Pokemon. Naturally with Sylveon being part of the Eevee evolution line, it keeps its characteristic quadruped form, with large ears and big eyes. Sleak, elegant and actually a pretty decent Pokemon all around!

Sylveon is actually pretty good; with its pure Fairy typing, it only has two weaknesses in Poison and Steel. Couple this with some decent stats all round, Sylveon is almost the very definition of what the type is all about. Elegant, beautiful, powerful and with great accessibility to moves. It’s not the tankiest Pokemon, however, but it’s probably a safe bet to pull in against a Dragon if you needed a decent Fairy to stand against it.

1) Mimikyu (Ghost/Fairy)

The breakout star of generation 7, the tricksy little sprite that considers itself so unlovable that it must craft disguises that makes it in some way more appealing, so that it can worm its way into your heart before revealing the horror beneath the mask, and hope you can still love it just the same. How did this resonate with modern generations?

Mimikyu is depicted as living in a badly crafted costume of the Pokemon posterchild, Pikachu! A sock puppet with a hastily drawn-on face, and a wavy stick held in one hand. The form underneath can kill with a look, and hope you’re weak of heart if you glimpse one, because death seems inevitable, better it be quick. Mimikyu doesn’t mean to though, it just wants to be loved. Here’s some love for Mimikyu, number 1 slot.

Honourable Mentions

Whilst we’re comfortable with the above, we had to make two more mentions, both of which comes from Generation VII. The next two picks are worth looking at, but one’s a variation on an existing Pokemon and the other – Well, the other is a four-for-one special on fairies, so take your pick!

Alolan Ninetales (Ice/fairy)

As a variant of the original, we felt it necessary that Alolan Ninetales should be relegated to honourables, but it has a pokedex entry that is inherently fairy-like in Ultra Sun:

The reason it guides people all the way down to the mountain’s base is that it wants them to hurry up and leave.

It’s perfect. Ninetales, fire and ice, are both known for bestowing curses and carrying fearful but beautiful reputations, highly fey in their own right. But this idea of politely but stubbornly protecting an area of natural beauty so they can retain their solitude is about as “fairy” as behaviour can be.

The Tapu Guardians (Legendary)

These four guardians are all part-fairy, introduced in Gen VII as part of the Alola region. Needless to say, not a single one of them necessarily stands out over the others, although there could be some form of argument about each of the Tapu’s and their own individual merits – But no matter what, there’ll always be a better Pokemon than them out there. Nevertheless, all four of them are pretty striking.

They look like island guardians, they act like them too. The Tapu’s are exactly what the island of Alola needed – They’re fierce, they look the part and there is an air of the magical about them all. They may not be the strongest legendaries out there, but they certainly will protect their home with everything they’ve got. They’ll also look to join a mighty trainer on their quest to be part of the greatest team.

And with that, the legends of the Fairy-type Pokemon were written. Gen VI really did bring in a massive world of differences by introducing new Pokemon and giving old Pokemon a much needed makeover. In a couple more years, who knows how many Fairy Pokemon we’re going to get, but one thing’s for certain – We can do away with any more Steel Fairy Pokemon for a little. Well, now it’s over for you to work your magic, so please help us decide what next week’s Top 10 is:

With a sparkling of Fairy dust, we’re done for another week. Thanks for joining us for our Top 10 Fairy Type Pokemon list, but we wonder what you thought of our list? Did you agree with our choices? Should we have only stuck to the “strong” Fairy types? Let us know your thoughts and opinions down in the comments below, or drop us a comment over on Facebook and Twitter.

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