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If you’re looking for an event on a day out in the centre of Bristol, I really must talk to you about Bristol’s own escape room experience, Locked in a Room. This weekend, Joel came down from Shrewsbury to join us for the weekend. Meanwhile Kim and Pete from Later Levels travelled from even further afield, so when they joined us as well, we had a team of genuinely excellent people. We may not have been the fastest in the building, but we certainly had fun. Whilst I won’t be spoiling what the story or puzzles were, I’ll share what I learned with you about the what, why and where.

If you haven’t seen a form of escape room before, then you’ve probably got no idea why on earth we would willingly just get locked in together, aside from the fantastic company everyone provides. With it being Jake, Joel, Kim, Pete and myself in one team, we were nervous for the experience but also hugely excited. We wanted to see how hard this could be… And we wanted to not be last. Fortunately, we were not the last team to beat their room, but that really didn’t matter too much either way. What mattered was the laughs, as well as all of the genuinely fun and interesting puzzles presented to us.

The venue is situated nicely at Millennium Square, which is where We The Curious (formerly @Bristol) is situated. What I found odd was how weird the introduction was. Not the formal game introduction, but rather what happened when we walked up to the door. A man waited outside and as we went up, he asked if we were booked. Naturally we had booked in advance, so they found us on their booking and away you go. Another quick but strange aside, whilst I had a payment reference on my statement, there wasn’t any confirmation email, but I had my proof just in case. At least a fair warning, unless the email magically went elsewhere, but it wasn’t in my spam filter. No harm done though, we were found and taken upstairs.

This room was the briefing room and the ONLY picture you’ll see of inside. Hopefully they don’t mind me publishing this, but considering it’s also like this in the last picture, eh, I figure we’re good. In this room you’re pointed to your locker and you can put all your stuff in. Larger teams may begin to struggle, but no one seemed to have too much stuff, even including a much larger team than our five. Once packed away, they explain the story and lead you to your room which you are locked into.

CCTV becomes your friend, as the rooms are monitored the whole time. Sometimes, the person watching has to give a gentle helping hand, so you’re never outright stuck. Having said this, we got to go into one of the harder rooms they had, meaning we genuinely had brainfart moments. We’ll say nothing about the types of puzzles, nor the story, but the room was well themed throughout. The entire time, I felt like I was solving the problem of the story, which was genuinely fun.

Joel really wants to tell you about the best thing of Locked in a Room; the boot! Exquisite craftsmanship!

If you’re thinking about getting your friends together for a fun, unique experience, then I’d highly recommend Locked in a Room. The staff are exceptionally helpful and polite, the place is amazingly well themed and the atmosphere is fantastic. All in all, if you and your friends can throw in £20 each, for an hour, then I’d say it’s money well spent. Bravo, Locked in a Room. Bravo indeed.

Now it’s over to you; have you ever heard of an escape room before? Is this the sort of thing you’d enjoy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or over on our Facebook or Twitter pages. Also, send your love to Later Levels whilst you’re at it!

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