Thors-Kin Podcast Guest Spot

About a year or so after meeting Alex from Thors-Kin Podcast, inviting him to a GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet, even having him join us at a couple, and repeated invitations to join in the podcast and talk about GeekOut, who we are an what we do, I finally got time and opportunity together to join in with Alex and Tom to talk GeekOut, Shropshire Dungeon Master, and… other subjects.

Thors-Kin is a podcast of talking life, love and nerdity without reserve or shame. Alex, Tom, Shane and Garrett get together (to varying degrees, rarely all four of them) to talk about recent geeky news, break into topics and share their passions in a way that we at GeekOut can truly empathise with, it’s what brought us together, and it’s what we want to see in everyone.

Guest judge Alex tries to look cool… B-

In the episode we talked about upcoming games, and films, and Skyrim (a lot of Skyrim talk), I explain Dungeons & Dragons in no small amount of detail, and the ongoing progress of The Shropshire Dungeon Master. Alex kindly sings the praises of the GeekOut Shrewsbury Meets from his own experiences, we discuss the possibility of a recorded game with the Thors-Kin gang, and we broadly talk a little of everything, life, grief, celebrity, gaming, intercontinental culture shocks, philosophy, and nudity!

Oh yeah, on the subject, a little warning before you click play:

Not Safe For Work Content – I Used Rude Words



Sitting and recording with Alex and Tom was a lovely experience, it was so relaxing just to kick back with geeks like me, and while for the other guys it may have felt like another day of work – it is what they do constantly – for me it was a break to talk on a level with people who are as busy with life as I am, and trying their hardest to carve a life out of their geeky passions, to the point of sacrificing free time and much of their energy.

A couple of other important shout-outs from the show, you’ll hear Alex talk about his other project, The Shrewsbury Biscuit Podcast, a local interest series covering the crazy amount of festivals and events around town including (second shout out) the upcoming comic festival in town, Comics Salopia, a celebration of the large number of local comic artists, amongst whom I will shamelessly be self-promoting in the grounds of the Castle.

Alex and Tom were great hosts, and I’d join them again in a heartbeat (so long as that heartbeat is free at the time and booked a month or two in advance) and I highly recommend taking the time to listen, just be prepared for a lot of bad language, “adult themes” and a whole bunch of other terrible things.

Check Thors-Kin out at Podbean, Facebook, and various other sources that can be found here.