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Robots: Providing Services and Your Amazon Parcels

Article title is as good as I can get for this, as it’ll be covered in this article. Amazon are pushing the boat for delivery technologies once again, but they’re not the only company in the world who looks to make delivering your goods and services in a convenient way. However, Amazon recently have been working on some little robots called ‘Scout’, which are currently undergoing an experimental delivery service in the Washington State area. Are robots the future for delivery, or is this doomed to fail? Let’s check out Amazon’s newest venture, but also existing delivery ventures via technology.

Amazon Scout

Starting with the newest contender to the block, Amazon Scout is a teeny tiny little robot which moves around on six wheels. Currently there will be six of them going around, moving at no faster than a human’s walking pace, to deliver parcels and goods to people who order via Amazon. As this is a new technology, there may be teething problems, so for now they will be accompanied by an Amazon employee, who will help to make sure the parcels are actually delivered and not just chucked itself in the nearest body of water out of despair, as we know robots sometimes have a tendancy to do.

The creators of Scout claims that it can “safely and efficiently navigate around pets, pedestrians and anything else in their path”, as told by the Amazon blog. This type of technology is hugely important for the future of this type of delivery method – and I’m really keen to see how well this goes… Or if it’ll just drive itself into the nearest body of water out of despair. Please, someone save the robots…

Domino’s Pizza Delivery Car

A robot technically, but this is one really cool robot. It’s a car that drives itself up to your house, finds a safe place to quickly pull up, delivers your pizzas and then off it goes. Okay, so we’ve had self-driving cars for a while, but I think it’s always great to remember that they’re out there. They’re not that common yet, but with companies like Domino’s actually making a drive to get robots like this out there, you can only hope that your next Dominos delivery is a car that’ll come zipping down to come and find you. So long as they don’t stick around for too long, as I don’t think other road users will like that.

Starship Technologies Delivery Robots

This one’s a bit more local to us. This little bot does everything Scout claims it can do, but it hasn’t really seen a massive amount of exposure. These bots have been in London, Milton Keynes and various places across the world. They were made originally for delivering pizza, because who doesn’t want robots to deliver them pizza? Now, you’ll notice they look strikingly similar to the Amazon Scout – And that’s probably because this is a workable design. Who knows why they look so similar, but hey, it seems Starship Technologies are quite happy with Amazon entering their space. After all, competition is always a good thing!

The future is within our grasp, but don’t worry – These robots just want to do their jobs. I’m sure there are plenty more examples of robots fulfilling jobs and services like these, but I wonder what you think about all of these innovations. Are these robots going too far, or are they moving just fast enough to keep up with? Are you interested in robotics yourself? What do make of the technologies used in these robots? As ever, share your thoughts and opinions below, or over on our Facebook or Twitter channels.


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