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Lasers and Liches – Kickstarter

This article has a weird back story so bear with me! I was just relaxing one evening and looking through my notifications and noticed I had a new follower on Twitter. Now I usually am quite curious about people who follow me on Twitter. I wonder if they don’t know me personally then I wonder which bit of random content bought them to me. So I begin to head down the so-called rabbit hole which led me to somewhere rather interesting.

Allow me to introduce you to my new Twitter follower who goes by the name of @LordAldaris. Now Twitter tells me that LordAldaris lives in Germany somewhere and at least a fan of, if not heavily involved with D&D. From here I found concept artist @LluisAbadias who is currently doing the art for something called the Retroverse and working on a project called Lasers and Liches which is an add on for D&D 5e currently on Kickstarter.

My thought process here was, “oh this must be why they followed me, they saw that I sometimes write for GeekOut and they might try to get in touch.” At the time of writing that has yet to happen and it’s here that I considered handing over this story to our resident D&D expert Joel but there is one more small twist to this story.

Looking through the Kickstarter I see a name I recognise “Chris Lock”. What…? Wait… Did I just read that right? Yes, I did. One of the creators of this D&D expansion has the same name as me, what are the chances of that? My brain went into overdrive. Has @LordAldaris now got a case of mistaken identity and thought that I am the same person who runs the Kickstarter? Do I have a doppelganger out there with the same name? I’m not sure what the actual story is but I am amused that it has come to my attention through some sort of serendipitous nature.

The story of Lasers and Liches has a bit of a rocky start, where the creators pulled the original Kickstarter. At the time, the product itself was approximately 75% complete and it seems as though the creators had a grand set of ideas and almost literally bit off more than they could chew. In their own words:

Inexperience and miscalculations led me to believe we could do things we had no chance of doing. If we can not deliver everything that we promised and create a super cool project at the same time, then we need to go back to the Kickstarter drawing board and come up with a better plan. We are doing that.

As someone who has invested in a fair few Kickstarter projects, I really appreciate the level of honesty here. They detail the full reasons in an article on their website for those interested. However, their project has now been re-released and they are already 200%+ funded. Now for a $50 investment, you will receive two PDF’s which might sound a lot of cash for digital books but there is a lot of content in them.

  • The Players Mix will be everything a player needs to bring their Retroverse character to life in their own world. It will feature at least 4 new classes, 4 new playable species, 4 new backgrounds, 40 new spells, 8 new feats, new sub-classes and sub-species for classic 5E, and a few other surprises!
  • The Game Master’s Beats will dive deep into the lore of The Retroverse. It will offer new rules, a full campaign, 40 new magic items, 40 new monsters, a world map, and rules for adapting and creating your own settings in the Retroverse!

If you’re unsure about investing that much the then how about dropping $5 (or less) on the First Test Wave available on DriveThruRPG

I tend to think of add-ons for D&D 5e in the same vein as mods for Doom or Half-Life. Essentially it’s the same game engine with a new batch of skins and maybe a few tweaks to the weapons. This add on contains all this and what looks like a whole lot more. I’m all for taking what is usually a medieval styled world and covering it in neon. Cue the big hair, shoulder pads and lasers – lots and lots of lasers.

Why not give another Chris Lock your love by hitting up snickelsox on Twitter. Or go invest some money in this crazy D&D 5e add on? What is your take on the Retroverse? Do you think that this has a place in D&D 5e? How do you feel about the rewards being offered for investment? Let us know your thoughts via the comments section or over on Facebook and Twitter.

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