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By Poseidon’s beard, it’s time for another Top 10 and this week, we’re going to be diving deep into the world of water. These picks are all going to make a splash, as we are going to be analysing what we consider to be the best of the best Water-Wielding Characters. These individuals have command over water, or have abilities to conjure, manipulate or otherwise use water in a capacity to give them an advantage.

Top 10

10) Hydroid – Warframe

Hydroid Prime

Hydroid is a master of water manipulation, outright drowning it’s foes out in a sea of pain. Oof, that sounds good. This wet Warframe will outright wash away the opposition, or trap them in whirlpools. Hydroid was also the first Warframe to ignore it’s targets armour, doing true damage. It’s true that this dangerous Warframe of the deep will send its foes to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Lowest on our list, but not lowest in our hearts, Hydroid doesn’t have much of a story about it. In a similar capacity to all Warframes, the Hydroid Warframe is effectively a suit for a space ninja, which effectively has a personality of its own. It’s definitely fair to say this water-controlling monstrosity is a great example of a character with powerful water-wielding powers.

9) Splash Woman – Mega Man 9

Splash Woman

Giving off siren-esque vibes, Splash Woman is making a splash in this week’s Top 10 (Hah)! Whilst her powers of water are questionable, she certainly does use water to her advantage. She may not throw water bolts, but in all fairness, we don’t see her outside of water either, meaning that you never know, perhaps she can do even more than just launching tridents at her enemies.

Either way, Splash Woman is a worthy adversary for Mega Man. She is elusive, cunning and incredibly quick. Her stage is entirely under water, making jumping and navigating trickier than many other levels. Mega Man’s bullets do 2x damage to her, but it’s just as well, as she moves so fast in water, you’d be hard pressed to get many bullets at her in the first place. A slippery foe, but she at least has a beautiful voice for karaoke!

8) Fjord – Critical Role

A half-orc sailor who was lost at sea. For most people that would be the end of the story, but the sea spat Fjord out, gave him a sword and strange new abilities, and sent him on his way, to go find his way in the world, to find his old crewmates, and to find out what happened to him. Over the last few months, Travis Willingham (Fjord’s player) has revealed parts of his story and discovered even more.

He owes his life to the “benevolence” of an ancient destructive power, a great serpent who can grant control over the oceans, starting simply like being able to create waves that can topple ships, but with the promise of absolute dominion over the waves later. The deeper Fjord delves into his pact the darker his character becomes, and the more truths we uncover… like why does he have a british accent when no one else is around?

7) Mia – Golden Sun

Mia Golden Sun

The first Mercury Adept that we get introduced to in the Golden Sun series, Mia is an incredibly powerful water user. Drawing on the powers of Mercury, the planet most aligned to the alchemy element of water, Mia is equal parts a fighter and a supporter, able to alleviate and inflict copious amounts of pain. With the power of the tides crashing down on her foes, Mia is a great asset.

I would have chosen Piers, who is also an amazing Mercury adept, but when I thought hard about it, Mia had to be the choice. She’s the first we get introduced to, is playable in two games and is overall a charming character. This oft-forgotten RPG deserves the spotlight, especially when you collect the power of many Djinn, causing catastrophic tsunamis to wreak havoc.

Speaking of wreaking havoc…

6) Leviathan – Final Fantasy


If Mia needs multiple Djinn to create tsunamis, then Leviathan would be equal to having every Mercury Djinn in Golden Sun. Leviathan is a massive snake-like beast of the sea, able to command and manipulate the seas as it sees fit – Or as the wielder of Leviathan sees fit. We could have mentioned individual characters of Final Fantasy, but as all of the Eidolons/Summons of the franchise have huge lore behind them.

With moves like tsunami, tidal wave and more, Leviathan has impressive command over water. Much like many of the summons in Final Fantasy, Leviathan does have its weaknesses, however it’s such a powerful summon, able to wash away the enemies with an impressive display of the raw power of the seas.

5) Kiora – Magic: the Gathering

Given that blue mana is almost exclusively drawn from sources of water, shockingly few of the blue-oriented planeswalkers possess water powers. I mean, we know Jace is a mind-manipulator, but there are so many other Planeswalkers who use the moon, time, and artifice. Not until we add green mana and a divine weapon do we find a true master of the ocean, Kiora, a merfolk from Zendikar, looking for a way to save her world from the monsters awakening and destroying it.

She arrives on the plane Theros, full of mythical monsters, the tremendous krakens, that would make fine weapons against the alien devastators, the Eldrazi. To bring them home she “borrows” the bident of Thassa, goddess of the ocean, and she raises a host of monsters to protect the coasts of Zendikar from destruction. She fails, but she’s still incredibly powerful! While she wasn’t strong enough to topple an Eldrazi titan, she still took out a hefty chunk of the swarming host. And she’s young, she’ll get more powerful in time.

4) Nami – League of Legends

Nami LoL

Nami is the first of the Marai tribe to leave the waves and go onto dry land, taking with her an incredible command of the seas. Her abilities are all water focused, showing off her knowledge of her race and their habitat. Her abilities are really well rounded to the point where she is legitimately an excellent control-type champion for any team. If you’re looking for someone to hit hard, but disrupt the enemies more, this is her.

Nami can give her allies a buff, making them move faster with the waves behind them. Alternatively, if that’s not enough, she can suspend enemies in an aqua prison. What about waters that can heal her allies, but hurt her enemies? When all’s said and done though, nothing is quite as powerful as her Tidal Wave, which knocks enemies up, before slowing and hurting the enemies. She can legitimately claim to turn the tide of battle.

3) Moana

Moana must take the spot of the most original source of power on this list. No magic, or divine inheritance, or water-driving technology, Moana is simply friends with the ocean. She cannot drown, because the South Pacific will put her back somewhere safe, she can’t get lost because the ocean knows where she needs to be, she can’t lose anything because… you guessed it, the ocean delivers. Appearing to her as a single, very emotive wave, the ocean answers her call wherever it can, but doesn’t always act according to her wishes when her wishes aren’t in her best interest.

She is particularly unique in that her power requires that she ask and communicate with them, not politely, necessarily, the ocean is her friend, friends are under no obligation to be polite. It also has a destiny in mind for her that it is entirely determined that she will follow whether she likes it or not, but her desire to travel, and determination to save her paradise home make her the ideal champion.

2) Aquaman – DC Comics vs Percy Jackson – Percy Jackson & The Olympians

Battle of the water gods now, or at least those whose powers are akin to a god. These next two entries are completely different, yet somehow incredibly alike. Which is the true water-wielder of the seas?


Via the trident of Neptune, Aquaman basically commands the oceans and weather as he pleases. Tidal waves, water spouts, tsunamis, whirlpools, and bolstering his access to incredible strength, swimming speed, magic, and all of his other powers. There’s a reason why it takes the Amazons to drive him back from the land in that unpleasant otherworld where the two are at war, because the King of Atlantis requires a host of demigods to keep the ocean from swallowing continents.

Percy Jackson


Aimed at a younger audience, Percy Jackson isn’t one we thought of immediately. However, when you see just how successful the books and indeed the films were, there’s no doubt he deserved to be mentioned. Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon, a demigod in his realm. If you want anything done with the power of the sea, Percy can do it. He’s not infallible, but he’s certainly got unknown reserves of power we’ve yet to see.

1) Katara – Avatar: the Last Airbender

And here’s the real reason for the list. There aren’t all that many hydrokinetics in fiction, not without slipping into ice or weather based powers. But waterbending has its posterchild in Katara, one of the most versatile and potent waterbenders in the world, falling just shy of Avatars in her ability to bend water, and she may have even given Korra a run for her money in her prime.

No form of waterbending is outside of her range, having been trained to heal, but also being an adept with rapid-freezing, and mastering the dark power of bloodbending in a very short space of time, even managing to out-do the woman who created the form (citation needed, not sure Hama was the first, but she strongly implies that no one has done it before) and spearheading all efforts to prevent anyone using it again.

She can use water as a blade able to cut metal, shape mud, and has the power control massive quantities of water, on par with several waterbenders working in tandem. She was a war hero as a teenager, and faded into legend in her own lifetime.

Honourable Mentions

These characters are keeping us well hydrated, but rather than being a drip, let’s check out some more characters who we just had to mention. These next two are definitely powerful in their respective worlds.

Misty – Pokemon


When you think about water-wielding characters, in the world of Pokemon there is no water master better than Misty. The youngest of a trio of sisters, Misty is something of an ace when it comes to her beloved water types. Depending on how you’re first introduced to Misty, if you played the game, she is an energetic water-user who can easily wipe your team if you’re unprepared, or if you saw her in the anime first, she was a perfect road companion to Ash, as well as occasional rival figure.

Misty doesn’t get into our main list under a technicality; she doesn’t have any real powers of her own. Indeed, she’d be nothing more than an enthusiastic swimmer, or cyclist if she had no Pokemon. However, she dedicates herself to the craft of being a water-type specialist, which to us makes her the ultimate water-wielding character of Pokemon. With her trust Starmie and some even more powerful Pokemon by her side, Misty is no slouch.

Olhydra – Dungeons & Dragons

The water elemental, the dark princess of all oceans, the Crushing Wave, Olhydra is something of a deity, an immensely powerful entity of pure water and malice. Her form is a mountain of flowing water, with the mockery of animal shape, and a pair of glowing eyes, but she can be depicted as a monstrous collaboration of aquatic parts. She is one of the four principal Archomentals, embodiments of the four classical elements, and godlike figures at the heads of destructive cults that spread across the cosmos of planes, Olhydra herself commanding worship from mortals, demons, and ancient horrors beyond reckoning.

Your bog-standard water elemental is a bestial creature, a slow-witted mass of water with enough will to be commanded to simple tasks like “guard this”, “drown that”, or “be a fountain until I get bored”, and Olhydra herself might be indistinguishable from them in form, but in size and in intent she is very far removed. She takes a starring role in Egg of the Phoenix and Princes of the Apocalypse, alongside hated brothers Ogrémoch, Imix, and Yan-C-Bin.

Another week and another of the seas have been conquered. But don’t mind us, we’re just surfing on by these lists recently. If you don’t want to end up washed up along with the landlubbers we’ve left behind, then I suggest you pay attention and help us out with our Top 10 for next week’s list. As ever, choose wisely, as we’re paying attention to what you choose – We’re always paying attention… Ooh, a piece of candy!

Wait, you’re done? Damn it, I didn’t sea what you did. Ocean me for these puns, why don’t you? I’m crashing now, so it’s over to you before I make any more puns. What did you make of this week’s list? Did we forget an important entrant for this list? Did we get the order right, or does it need a shake-up? As ever, share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

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