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Pokemon Sword & Shield: Gen 8 Is Coming

Well Nintendo Direct has done it again, it’s announced another blockbuster title, making the Nintendo Switch look ever sweeter. This time around, for the first time, you’ll be able to get a main series Pokemon title on your TVs, thanks to the power of the portable machine. There are numerous great things about Gen 8 and numerous questionable aspects, so here’s all that everyone knows so far (and indeed, my take on it all).

The Region

So, I think we’re having a Pokemon region which mirror’s the UK? Awesome.

If that’s true, then what can we take away from the new place to adventure? Well, for starters, we’re going to see things like sport stadiums. No really, that was in the advert as far as I could see, so that’s something. Whether or not our Pokemon are all going to take up some leisurely sporting activities remains to be seen, but the advert heavily implied that was a thing that was coming to the game.

Other than that, there seems to be some pretty cool urban areas to explore. As well as that, there are some lush lands, so fingers crossed it manages to get the balance between the urban culture and the rural areas right. All in all, the region looks pretty interesting, so I’m happy about this aspect.

Oh yeah, it’s called Galar. Pretty cool name.

The Three Starters

Nothing too groundbreaking with these three, they are the usual Fire, Grass and Water combination which works beautifully well (so there’s no issues here). Typings are going to be hard to guess later down the evolution paths, which is usually where the starters start to make some form of headway into competitive Pokemon battling, but so far my odds-on-favourite is Scorbunny who has hopped its way into my heart. I just hope it’s not another fire/fighting combo.

No, I don’t want a Sobble, no I don’t want a Grookey. Those names sound terrible to me, I’m sorry. I also am not a huge fan of their designs. Considering how I mentioned the region is seemingly that of the UK, I’m very confused as to why we have wild monkeys, but as someone on our Discord channel rightly pointed out to me “when did Japan become known for western dragons?” – Touche, sir, well played.

Oh yeah, don’t forget, we already know one of the legendaries that we’re likely going to see is called Meltan and evolves into Melmetal.

The Console Choice

This game will be, seemingly, exclusive to the Switch. This means my little 3DS is going to run out of things to buy. This has made me a bit sad. I really loved my 3DS for games like the Pokemon main series and I’ve noticed that, as time’s gone on, the love for the 3DS has also gone on. It’s time for the Switch to take over, but then that means Nintendo’s portable and home console is all wrapped up into one… And for me, I don’t know how comfortable I’d be with that.

I look at the Switch and, personally, I feel carrying it around it a bit cumbersome (for the same reason why I only take my tablet out if I know I’m going to be somewhere I can sit down with it). My 3DS I used to take in my pocket, play it on the bus and not feel like I was going to be playing elbow tennis with the person sat next to me.

Either way, at least the Switch is a powerful console with a lot going for it right now.

The Memes

There have been an overwhelming amount of memes in a short space of time. All I can say is that the starters do indeed look like the Powerpuff Girls; I fully expect someone hear someone challenge someone else to a Pokemon battle with a full Bristolian accent now… And I want to see even more of these memes come out over time. Good show, internet, you’ve made this funnier than I expected.


Because it’s so early, I’m reserving my judgement as best I can, but as a long-term Pokemon fan, I have to admit the initial advert somewhat underwhelmed me. I think Let’s Go may have been a lot more exciting than I initially thought, all things considered. The gameplay style, for this day and age, seems a lot more appealing – But even then, to get a Switch for that? I can’t bring myself to do it – But, if we see more interesting stuff out of Sword and Shield, perhaps I’ll be getting that Switch after all!

What do you think of gen 8’s announcements though? Are you smitten, or do you think it’s a little bit underwhelming? Are you excited, or are you going to wait to see more information? Have/Are you bought/buying a Switch just because of this announcement, or did you invest in a Switch ages ago, making this a welcome addition? All thoughts and opinions in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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